Saturday, September 24, 2011

Whats been happening........

Lots!! Here goes in list form ......

  • Had Maddi go through her 3 gymnastics comps, so proud of her. At 7 to train how she trains is amazing.

  • Had Bryce get to the preliminary finals and just miss out of the Grand Final.

  • Both Maddi and Bryce have made it to the interschool athletics so we have those coming up to watch. Maddi in the sprints and Bryce in the 100m, 200m & Long jump.

  • Finished my 12 week challenge - total losses - 20.1kg for 12 weeks (22.4kg total) / 18cm off my hips / 28cm off waist at belly button / heaps of skinfolds / lots of negative talk

  • Continued on the journey which is 3weeks since finishing the challenge - to date Ive released another 4.2kg so sitting at 26.6kg total and Ive released another 2.5cm off hips.

  • Continue to get back to teaching. Now teaching 3 Bodyattacks a week, 4 from next week, 2 bodybalance and return to Bodyvive on Tuesday for 1 a week.

  • Been asked back to present for Les Mills again, said yes and am very excited.

  • Did my CXWORX training, passed and cannot wait to teach this class, working hard on my strength at the moment though.

  • Interviewed and got a GFM job that fits in well with the Family, only 5 hours per week (which is a hard gig for a GFM) and for a different company.

  • Did a big programme launch for Sh'bam in to a centre, went well and they liked the new class.

  • Was notified I am the November Bodyblitz winner.

  • Have thrown away my clothes that are too big, don't need them anymore, you know 'just in case'. Also thrown all my maternity bras, clothing etc, no more babies here.

  • Commenced my half marathon training, going OK, still undecided if we will make the trip to run it though, but will continue to do the training, decision to be made in the next few weeks.

  • Have set my next phase of training out and getting excited to see the changes in my strength and fitness.

  • There's probably more but hey, I'm exhausted typing that lot!! :)

Babies are well, Freddy is 19 months tomorrow and Chi is 6 months on Tuesday.

Paul is amazing as usual and has been there supporting all I do, day in day out. xx

So that's a quick run down on whats been going on, no wonder I haven't had time to blog a bit more.

Have a great weekend, Shar x

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Love this and Goal check in updated

Love this's a bodybalance Twists track so have it in my mix at the moment. The lyrics are awesome, thought Id share.

All is good, great in fact, have updated my goals on the right to reflect where Im at currently.

Lyrics | Rob Thomas - Little Wonders lyrics