Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wow, what a day!

Firstly, Thanks for the comments girlies.

I, Thanks to my husband, have had a quite relaxed weekend leading into my Les Mills Workshop presentation today.
I present Bodyvive and have been stressing a bit as the last two presentaions I have done on a saturday alongside the RPM workshops and they are held in Normal club environment but this quarter we were put back on the Sunday line up alongside all the other programmes and on what we call the main stage.
Anyway, all went well and the Bodyvive instructors that turned up were very into it and making lots of noise and were very responsive.
Bodyvive is 10!! Its still classed as a new programme and is developing every release we get.

Bodyattack was presented by Kylie Gates, those in the LM community will know her and two other guys, Phil and Steve. It was a great presentation and the release is absolutely awesome!!
I cannot wait to teach it!!

Other highlights, I get to cathc up with alot of my instructors and I had a brief chat with Sam!! yay! and I must say she is looking super duper and a very yummy mummy. Hope she comes to one of my classes soon and then we can catch up after.

Paul has had the kids all weekend as I had rehearsals, needed to prep etc, what a gem he is!! THANKS PAULIE!!

I am shattered tonight and can't wait to get to bed and sleep deep after a few nights of restless sleeping to say the least.

Looking forward to me run in the morning and am ready to continue my work towards my 'happy place'. Next goal,apart from continuing my running training for half marathon, is to have my legs 'Bodyattack kickshort ready' for the next Les Mills Quaterley. This is a tough ask but it will be done and pics will be posted............promise!

Have a great week guys, I'm off on Wednesday to the Fitness First annual conference in Sydney, for all heads of departments.

Shar x

Friday, February 20, 2009

Flying visit!!!

Thanks to Lia for dropping by and giving me the nudge, I didn't for one minute think anyone would notice I hadn't posted my self for a bit, its been nearly 3 weeks.

Now I really should not be doing this right now I have other stuff I have to do, but will do a quickie and be back int he next few days.

Anyway, normally for me when I drop of the face of the earth (blogger) things have all gone pear shape and I'm in a mess and just don't want to blog anything.

BUT I am happy to say that this time that is not true!!!!
I had an AH-HA moment (more about that in next post) about 6 weeks ago and have been flying ever since.
Food is my friend and is fuel to do the exercise I love, classes going well, the scales are my friend (not my best friend yet but we are growing closer!)

It all seems to be coming together and not for any other reason than I want to find a balance and be happy inside and out, no comp to 'diet' down for, just putting in the hard work to get to the place I have been aiming for so long.

Have updated my run training, loving it. Doubtful I will go for the full marathon at the moment but will hope to achieve the Half.

Anyway, things to do, kids to get to school, work to do, scripting to go over, long run to do..............A DAY TO LIVE!!!

health and happiness to you all
Shar x

Monday, February 2, 2009

My Big Boy and My Big Little Girl :)

Well today was quite a unsettling day for me and Paul. I spent all day worried about both of my babies.
Maddi started school full time today and Bryce started High school!! One at the start of each school.
Here's a pic, Maddi is such a poser, don't know where she gets it from :)

All was well and nothing to worry about. Maddi was shattered after a busy day and Bryce actually talked to us about his day!
All well with me, will update tomorrow.
Shar x