Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weekly Going Ons......

Firstly - Love and all my thoughts to Sam. I feel bad blogging about my day to day stuff when Sam and her family are going through this time.

Well, its Saturday again and it seems my time where I get 10 mins to sit and chill before Paul gets back and I have to get ready to go teach.
I have had quite a challenging week on the energy & focus front due to the fantastic TOTM.I get VERY tired the 2-3 days before, like literally I could fall asleep 1 hour after getting up and anywhere. I also get very low on patience sort have to 'grit my teeth' to stop myself just flying of the handle!! Anyone else get like this?
As soon as period hits I feel better with the tiredness and patience thing but then crap physically with aches, pains and heavy bleeding. These only last one day though so that's one thing to be thankful for.
Over the last few weeks my Les Mills journey has gotten a little clearer and I have a clearer Path of where I'm heading with regards to my two programmes.

I also got to work with Kylie Gates - Training Director of Les Mill Asia Pacific and International Master Trainer and Presenter for Les Mills. WOW, talk about gain some knowledge.
I got to do some musicality work, coaching development, went through some module delivery development, then I got to team teach with her!! for Bodyattack. OMG, I nearly crap my pants everytime. All went well and I am so excited.
I am doing the self doubt, I'm not worth it thing in my head daily, but I suppose with a lifetime of doing that in all aspects of my life I will continue to do that to myself and I am aware of it and trying so hard to correct not only the physical habits but the mental as well.

Had to re-adjust plans on the run yesterday. I set out to run 10km but when I started running, the legs felt like lead, the heart rate was up and it was 33 degrees and I was running at 12.30pm in the heat.
I soon realised I was feeling it so hard due to the heat and the amount of Bodyattacks and runs I had already done so far this week, which was 5 Bodyattacks and 2 runs, still with 2 Bodyattacks to go this weekend and possibly 1-2 runs. So I made the decision to do 5km, which my body and mind was grateful for.

Maddi is still training with WAIS (WA Institute of Sport) for Gymnastics, since she moved up a group, the extra training and length of session does seem to affect her, shes shattered. She has to officially wear the Squad leotard now, she looks so cute, we will look back at this pic when shes representing Australia in 2020!!

Bryce goes to Tennis today and has just started back to pre-season footy training.Paul ran the Beep test for the boys on Thursday night, the coach wanted to do it now and then again in 6 weeks to see some fitness improvements.
Bryce and Paul also went to an adults Gymnastic session together on Wednesday. They both did it when younger, Bryce wants to do more free running style stuff and Paul wants to perfect his back flip and learn to hold handstand on one hand!! They had great fun and both pulled up sore on Thursday.
Anyway, Pauls home, I have to leave in 25 minutes to go teach Bodyattack !!! YEEEAAAHHH!!
So in the Bodyattack essence I'll leave you with another cool poster......

Have a great Weeeknd
Shar x

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Stats, Headspace and Goals

I have been wanting to do a check in for a while but haven't really had time.
Saturday's are a great day for me, so I thought I would use my bit of chill time to update.
Paul goes to do 1 client at 7am so generally I'm up at 6.30 - 6.40am, I normally just chill, have my white tea whilst on the laptop just flicking on the web, blogs etc.
Then about 7.45am I start to get the kids breakfasts ready, get Bryce up, help Mads get ready etc, Paul is back about 8am, then I can get ready properly to go to teach one of my favourite classes (I keep saying that but really all my Bodyattacks are my Favourites!!) at my own club - Subiaco, 9.30am Bodyattack.
Also this morning we set alarms a little earlier to do my skinfolds and measurements.

I have only been weighing on the scales and I haven't had skinfolds taken since my start point skinfolds when I brought some serious focus to my training and nutrition 8 weeks ago.
So eight weeks has passed, Eight weeks ago I started running training to head towards my goal of running the Perth Marathon in June, you can see the distances I have covered per week in my sidebar and taught my usual classes.
Eight weeks ago I started to log my food again, calories in, calories out, eating a protien at every meal, coming from, fish, chicken, beef, WPI if needed. Carbs generally at each meal in a small portion generally coming from carbs that are listed for my metabolic type.
I have had at least one meal per weekend that is relaxed, maybe a meal out, last weekend we had thai, one weekend we went to my fav cafe and I had pancakes, I had Bryce's Birthday in there and enjoyed some cake, I had my work trip to Sydney etc.
My stats are showing results from living my life in a balanced way, still able to indulge (and savour) in a few things I enjoy, there is not a moment I have struggled (apart from when I have PMT!!) not a moment I have beaten myself up, not a moment I have binged uncontrollably like I used to.

Skin folds - Dropped 41mm
Weight - 6.7kg loss (9kg from heaviest weight at Christmas)

I had a sticky point on the scales a few weeks back, they were just playing me, I felt tired and
was getting a little over it.
A turning point came when I had a long run scheduled - 16.09km, I had to teach in the morning so not one for excuses anymore, particularly the weather, I proceeded to run the 16.09km in the midday heat of 33 degrees!!
I made it......just and almost collapsed when I got back, Paul wondered what was going on when I walked in the back door and sprawled out on the kitchen floor!!
Anyway, that was a very tough mental run and the enjoyment factor was ZERO. At that point I decided I would not be doing the FULL marathon and would bring my focus to the HALF marathon due to the fact I want to remain in a positive place and place of enjoyment for what i do.
Also had a chat with Paul and we decided i was probably over training, what with running, classes, working etc etc.
So I had re-assess, re-tracked my training, got some more sleep and voila the scales have been playing ball ever since, I was rewarded with a kilo drop after about 4-5 days of pulling back and again this week.
My headspace is at a good place right now and it is great to be doing this just because, not because I'm competing, not because I feel I should.
If I do decide to compete it will be a real different feel coming from where i am now than previous times.
The place I want to sit all year, every year, is about 4kg above a weight/size I would like to compete at. My first comp I lost 15kg to get there and 2nd comp I had 20kg to lose!! to get there so you can see what a different experience prep would be trying to only drop 4kg!! BLISS!!!

As for my goals, I am still pursuing the Half marathon but have some other stuff going on that really excites me so if they come to the fore I may hold off on the half marathon to be able to give 110% to the other.
Talking of goals, TRUDS - if you come up with anything that needs a partner to be accountable to or something that will push us both etc give me a shout I'm always up for a extra challenge.

Anyways, this has taken way more than my chill time and I have to get ready to ATTACK!!!! YEEEEEEEEEAAAHHHHH, BRING IT!!
Have a great weekend all

PS - PERTH PEOPLE - if anyone wants to come to an Bodyattack class or Bodybalance, give me a comment and I can organise for you to come to the Subiaco club, we have 2 hours free parking available, would love to see you.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I've been MIA for a few weeks!!! but with good cause.
I have been sooooooo busy, all good stuff and one of them being my GFM role and setting up our
open weekend that we just had.
We launched all our new release and I have to say BODYATTACK 64 might have to be my all time Fave release!!! BIG statement I know, got lots of fave individual tracks but as a whole release goes, this may be it so far!!!
I love the poster above, especially apt after plyo lunges and in particular the leg conditioning track from this release.
I have still been catching everyone else but choosing to spend my 'spare' time reading instead of blogging myself. Will do a update soon though, all good in Shar's world.
Have a great Wednesday everyone........and if you get a chance get your self to a great Bodyattack Instructor and do the new release. :)
Shar x

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Loving this.....

- finally feeling like I have control,
- finally feeling not deprived,
- exercising coz I want to not coz I have to do X amount of sessions per week coz
the plan says so
- finally guilt free
- having the scales dropping, clothes fitting
- enjoying any type of food coz nothing is off limits
- working towards my goals with maximum focus but not maximum pressure
- seeing the value in logging my calories and nutrients and learning how my body responds
- being friends with the scales and understanding why they do what the do and when

Its great to have the feeling of control.
Having read so many of you ladies inspirational posts and wishing I could be where you are, now I feel like I'm heading the right way, its great to see and feel how powerful someones blog can be, even just one post can really help. So to you all, Keep blogging and THANKS!!

Have a great weekend
Shar x

Monday, March 2, 2009

Update, Excuses and the truth.

Hey all
Thought I'd drop by and do a quick update.

So last post was the evening of my Les Mills Presentation, from there I was at work and teaching for Monday and Tuesday and on Wednesday I flew to Sydney to attend the annual Fitness First Conference for all their heads of Departments.

Had a great time, got some motivation from a speaker they had on, learnt a lot about the company and where we sit in the industry, went to the gym each morning, spent time with my Group Fitness Managers, won the Group Fitness Manager of the year for WA and did a little bit of shopping! :)

Really missed Paul and the kids and was great to get back. Came back to a Long Weekend and that's has been nice, a bit of down time at home.
We went bowling yesterday with the kids and had lunch out, was nice to have some fun together.
I taught today and Paul had 3 clients but most of the day was chillin, bit of housework, had dad round for dinner, now I'm ready for an early night and ready to hit it hard again both with my training and getting back into work and my Les Mills journey.

I have been guiltily in the past of making excuses, I've used them all, I don't have to list them, you know them as you may have either used them too or have clients/friends that use them.
I would have spells of using them, mainly when I have been lazy and not into my training, overweight and not eating well, when tired, when busy etc.
So when things weren't quite perfect, weren't going my way I would use the excuses list or try and justify my actions.

The Truth
(this section will be truthful and may read quite blunt, so if you don't want to hear it, skip to next section)
For the past 8 weeks I have following a different approach to my nutrition, training and my mental focus.
This change came when I realised that enough was enough, there is absolutely no room for excuses in my life anymore, in any area.
When I realised the truth is, that only I got myself to the place I was at, only I was responsible for what I ate, only I was responsible if I made my training sessions each day, only I was in control of me and my day to day actions.
In relation to the place I was at with my bodyweight/bodyfat, it is simple, energy in , energy out.
In relation to my training, make the time, find a way.
In relation to my mental well being, believe, remove the negative and take each day as it comes.

I just had to shut the excuses the f#*k up and get on with it.
No-one wants to hear excuses, if you really, really want to change, you really really want different to now, then shut the hell up and get on with it.

I have consistently trained, consistently eaten well balanced diet and consistent dealt with each day as it comes.
No magic 'plans', pills, fixes...........good old hard work, correct nutrition and consistency.

Knowing i can do this, on my own, with no-one else writing me a 'plan', being accountable to myself not someone else, not 'prepping' for a comp for the wrong reason, whilst working full time, presenting for Les Mills, looking after my kids,(granted I have a fantastic husband, but if I didn't I wouldn't use it as an excuse) is a very empowering feeling and unfortunately now I really do not have a lot of patience for excuses and reasons that people cannot do this.
I don't want to hear excuses when I'm getting up at 5.30am everyday to run on my treaddie before my daughter wakes up coz paul is at work already, not finishing my last class until 7.30pm, Whatever...........Just do it.

Its not rocket science and I think sometimes we make it that way, then when it all gets too hard, the plan fails etc we have something/someone to blame.
Well quit blaming and making excuses and make the change, be responsible for yourself.

The situation I find myself in now has been a long time coming for me and I still have a journey ahead, I still have work to do but it is a great road to be travelling and I am not taking any other path.

Moving on.......... I am still focusing on my running and thinking I will do the half marathon, will see how I travel with extra mileage as my long run gets longer, knees and hips are a little sore after my long run yesterday and I have to think about my classes that I teach as I will not jeopardise those.

My have blocked out my training and this week See's me get back into my resistance training consistently from this week, I have to build me some muscle.
Paul is in total charge of this which is very exciting to me as it will be a whole different way of training and a way I think will have me in great shape.

Having achieved the weight goal I wanted to for my QW presentation, I have my next mini goal set, I have a scale weight target as the last one was only an interim to help me get to a better place and also this time a skinfolds total.
This next phase will culminate with my settling at my 'holding weight' and bodyfat, with me looking lean and mean year round.
Once there I will assess what has happened on the muscle gain front and decide If I can step on stage in better shape than last time, if I can I will make the decision as to whether competing is something I want to do again, taking into account my history of after comp weight gain etc.

But for now it is full steam ahead again, getting back to my balanced nutrition, having had a few days of extra treats in the diet, which by the way, I'm fine with :))

Have a great week all, good to read about all those who's comp preps are starting to come together, keep blogging.

Shar x