Saturday, March 21, 2009

Stats, Headspace and Goals

I have been wanting to do a check in for a while but haven't really had time.
Saturday's are a great day for me, so I thought I would use my bit of chill time to update.
Paul goes to do 1 client at 7am so generally I'm up at 6.30 - 6.40am, I normally just chill, have my white tea whilst on the laptop just flicking on the web, blogs etc.
Then about 7.45am I start to get the kids breakfasts ready, get Bryce up, help Mads get ready etc, Paul is back about 8am, then I can get ready properly to go to teach one of my favourite classes (I keep saying that but really all my Bodyattacks are my Favourites!!) at my own club - Subiaco, 9.30am Bodyattack.
Also this morning we set alarms a little earlier to do my skinfolds and measurements.

I have only been weighing on the scales and I haven't had skinfolds taken since my start point skinfolds when I brought some serious focus to my training and nutrition 8 weeks ago.
So eight weeks has passed, Eight weeks ago I started running training to head towards my goal of running the Perth Marathon in June, you can see the distances I have covered per week in my sidebar and taught my usual classes.
Eight weeks ago I started to log my food again, calories in, calories out, eating a protien at every meal, coming from, fish, chicken, beef, WPI if needed. Carbs generally at each meal in a small portion generally coming from carbs that are listed for my metabolic type.
I have had at least one meal per weekend that is relaxed, maybe a meal out, last weekend we had thai, one weekend we went to my fav cafe and I had pancakes, I had Bryce's Birthday in there and enjoyed some cake, I had my work trip to Sydney etc.
My stats are showing results from living my life in a balanced way, still able to indulge (and savour) in a few things I enjoy, there is not a moment I have struggled (apart from when I have PMT!!) not a moment I have beaten myself up, not a moment I have binged uncontrollably like I used to.

Skin folds - Dropped 41mm
Weight - 6.7kg loss (9kg from heaviest weight at Christmas)

I had a sticky point on the scales a few weeks back, they were just playing me, I felt tired and
was getting a little over it.
A turning point came when I had a long run scheduled - 16.09km, I had to teach in the morning so not one for excuses anymore, particularly the weather, I proceeded to run the 16.09km in the midday heat of 33 degrees!!
I made it......just and almost collapsed when I got back, Paul wondered what was going on when I walked in the back door and sprawled out on the kitchen floor!!
Anyway, that was a very tough mental run and the enjoyment factor was ZERO. At that point I decided I would not be doing the FULL marathon and would bring my focus to the HALF marathon due to the fact I want to remain in a positive place and place of enjoyment for what i do.
Also had a chat with Paul and we decided i was probably over training, what with running, classes, working etc etc.
So I had re-assess, re-tracked my training, got some more sleep and voila the scales have been playing ball ever since, I was rewarded with a kilo drop after about 4-5 days of pulling back and again this week.
My headspace is at a good place right now and it is great to be doing this just because, not because I'm competing, not because I feel I should.
If I do decide to compete it will be a real different feel coming from where i am now than previous times.
The place I want to sit all year, every year, is about 4kg above a weight/size I would like to compete at. My first comp I lost 15kg to get there and 2nd comp I had 20kg to lose!! to get there so you can see what a different experience prep would be trying to only drop 4kg!! BLISS!!!

As for my goals, I am still pursuing the Half marathon but have some other stuff going on that really excites me so if they come to the fore I may hold off on the half marathon to be able to give 110% to the other.
Talking of goals, TRUDS - if you come up with anything that needs a partner to be accountable to or something that will push us both etc give me a shout I'm always up for a extra challenge.

Anyways, this has taken way more than my chill time and I have to get ready to ATTACK!!!! YEEEEEEEEEAAAHHHHH, BRING IT!!
Have a great weekend all

PS - PERTH PEOPLE - if anyone wants to come to an Bodyattack class or Bodybalance, give me a comment and I can organise for you to come to the Subiaco club, we have 2 hours free parking available, would love to see you.


KatieP said...

Congratulations on the fantastic results.
I am just curious as to how many calories a day you are eating to get such fantastic results?
Keep up the great work.

Trudi said...

Hi Shar, great blog!Would definately be in on doing a class! Must be over 5 years since I did anything like that...dont laugh at my unco moves!

Charlotte Orr said...

Glad it's all going so well for you Shar. Sounds like you're in a great place.

LizN said...

Shar I am so pleased that you are finding peace with everything.


Jadey 0:-) said...

Hey Shar! COngrats on the drops! That's awesome. Sounds like you do have a bit on your plate there so I am glad you are finding a way to make things happen for you without risking your own health etc.

Are you still doing PN?

ss2306 said...

How could you keep quiet about doing so well and getting such fantastic results? Well done Shar.

Isn't it a lovely place to be in?

You're living the life you imagined. Congratulations.

Em said...

Smashing work hun :)
You are coming along in leaps and bounds :)

Hilary said...

Sounds like you are making fantastic progress, everything seems to be falling into place :) gotta love that.

Hilary xx