Saturday, February 27, 2010


Freddy George Twyman

Arrived on Thursday 25th Feb 2010 at 3.14am,

in a very quick! and natural labour.

Weighing 3.1kg / 7lb and 49cm long

Me and Freddy - 20 seconds old

Dad and Bub

Big Sister

Big Brother

Our moment


What an amazing few days it has been and will continue to be.

We are all over the moon that Freddy is here safe and sound with us and of course all besotted by this little man that is just so perfect.

As you may or may not know I was only two days over but more than ready to have this bubba, I was just so keen to meet him. My last post late Wednesday night I posted I was having what I thought could be slight contractions for about 4-5 hours.

Well I went to bed and don't remember being woken by them, I did wake up to go to the toilet and realised that I hadn't felt anything significant so presumed they had gone away and I was either imagining the earlier ones or it had just stopped.

Anyway, after getting back into bed after the loo, I noticed my i phone glowing so I rolled over to see why. After rolling over I felt a distinct leaking feeling so immediately jumped out of bed to save the mattress!! then all of a sudden once upright.........GUSH, then just a flowing of my waters followed, luckily all caught by towels that Paul basically threw at my feet in a daze as he was awoken suddenly by me.

This was 2.05am, strong 'proper' contractions came immediately at only 2 minutes apart, called the Birth Centre told them the situation and they said they would call the yellow team in, I then stated I would sit it out at home as long as possible and call when I was leaving.

It took two more contractions for Paul and my mum, then me, to realise we didn't need to sit this out at home for any longer!!! Contractions were intensifying and I had a strange feeling coming on, woke Bryce to say bye, said bye to mum and in the car we were for the 20 min drive to the birth centre.

I soon started to panic a little and so did Paul, I got to the point I had to hold myself up off the seat as I couldn't sit down and wasn't really coping with the pain to well, a few red lights and a bit of excess speed later (was very careful of course and luckily the roads were empty at 2.20am in the morning) we arrived at the Birth centre.

Once in our room after 2 contractions, one in reception and one just in the corridor it wasn't long before the midwife told me the baby was on its way...........very soon. Maybe the clue was my saying 'I really need to poo'!!! and my voice and groan deepening when in contraction.

Anyway, once she 'had a look' there was a flurry of activity from her, I was down on the matting on the floor, up against the bean bag, gas and air in one hand, Paul and a flannel in the other and she indicated the babies head was crowning and I can push anytime I like!!!

WHAT!!!!! 'I want to go in the birthing pool' I kept saying and she laugh and try and explain it takes a long time to fill it and I really wont be long.

About 2 contractions later 'the stinging 'came............OMG!! that meant the head was coming out right??? right said Paul and the midwife!! 2 more and he was born!!

3.14am - 1 hour 9 mins after my water broke and contractions started. Initially I was in shock, then amazement my body and mind had coped with the intensity and pain, then happiness and then of course absolute unconditional love.

No stitches, no tears due to slowing down the pushes when told to, baby just perfect, feeding well (yep my boobs operate even after implants) I was all well and after pead checks and obs done on me and bubs regularly we were up and out of the birthing centre 12 hours later, what an amazing experience.

Baby Freddy is truly amazing, he doesn't cry, he is sleeping, having awake time and feeding well, I am under no illusion that all can change but all is good right now and its the right now we should live in.

My two other babies are besotted with him and Paul just stares at him with the same love as I feel. My Mum and step dad are all over him too of course.

Hope your all well, see you soon with more pics and updates no doubt!! :)

Shar xx

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hoping this is the beginning............

So it seems the next few days may see us joined by our bubba boy.

Been having what I would call minor contractions, been logging them in my i phone app - 'Contraction master' :) and there is some pattern to them so its a good sign.
Don't want to get excited but at least we are on the move.

See ya soon xx

Monday, February 22, 2010

Let the show begin!!

My mum and dad have arrived safe and sound from the UK, time for bubba to make an appearance!!!

Come on baby boy, come see your wonderful siblings, mumma, dadda and Grandparents!

Due date is here, will we be in the 5% that come on 'THE DAY'???
Highly unlikely but I can hope :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gavin & Stacey

Any pommies or non pommies out there watch and love GAVIN & STACEY??
Its on UKTV on foxtel and also can get all the Boxsets.

Series 2 was, in my opinion the best.

Just wondering if I 'get it' and find it funny cause its a UK comedy and I know the types of people (Welsh and Essex) they are portreying or whether anyone else has watched it and like it.

Here's a clip that has been labelled a classic from the Christmas Special, you would need to know the characters maybe?

Anyway would love to know if anyone else has watched?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Comments, Weekly Update and Getting close now!!!

Hey all, thanks for my comments to my last post girls ....................

Chelle – I am really pleased I carried on teaching and training, it has and will impact a lot of things from pregnancy, labour and after the birth and all in a positive way.

Liz – Thanks Liz!! Yes I’m with ya on the easy, fast and timely delivery!! Fingers crossed J

Hils – Yes I am so excited! I am longing to meet him so bad. Reading your blog is making me impatient, in a good way of course, I can feel the love oooozing out in your words, its just beautiful.

Frankie – I have worked hard and probably should have finished both my GFM position and teaching classes before 39 weeks but hey, all is good and I will enjoy the down time now.
Oh…and yes, I get the whole bowling ball thing, especially now the Braxton Hicks are coming in force.

Shelley – Thanks for the compliments, right now I don’t feel any of those things but I feel a damn sight better than my last 2 pregnancies that’s for sure!!

Nicole – The waiting game is horrid hey? Not long for you now either and you have that wonderful glow about you, very fit and healthy.

Tara – I am trying hard not to be impatient and enjoy the last bit of pregnancy as it may be the last one! And yes I will put my feet up now all but one class is done and I have finished my other job.

Bec – Thanks fro dropping by. I have really worked hard this pregnancy to stay fit and well, obviously trying to do the best for bubs and the bonus is I feel great too.

Kek – Poster girl!? Thanks J I am just pleased to have had an easy and blessed pregnancy and can only hope the labour, birth and beyond is so good.

Miss Tank - Thanks for the love and hugs I’ll use um up in Labour!! I so can’t wait to meet him!!! Will post you a pic asap.


Weekly Nutrition and Exercise Update -
Week 38-39 Preggers
(Tuesday 9th Feb – Monday 15th Feb 2010)

Tuesday – Bodyvive
Wednesday – Rest Day
Thursday – Bodyvive
Friday – Rest Day
Saturday – Rest Day
Sunday – Outdoor Powerwalk 45 mins
Monday – Bodyvive

4 Cardio based sessions
Approx 20 mins of Functional strength work included in each Bodyvive class

Had a few lunches this week and I did overindulge a little, other than that eating very well.

Feeling / Emotions
After finishing up GF Management role on Friday I have to admit I have felt a little lost? I have been doing it for nearly 4 years and set up ‘my’ club from opening which took a lot of work, my fav classes are there and I do truly appreciate each and every instructor that were a part of the team. I have been wanting to leave for a while due to various reasons so I have to remember those things and I’m sure its just the initial feelings.

Taught my last class yesterday (Tuesday ) and I am pleased that I found a cover to teach my Thursday class, tomorrow is probably pushing it 6 days from due date let alone 4 days!

Although I just got a call to cover a class tomorrow and was tempted!! WTF!!! I remained strong and said no as chilling in these last few days is way more important for me and bubba boy.

I am pleased I carried on teaching to this point, I feel the pro’s far outweigh the con’s and both me and the baby have gained numerous benefits from me staying active, I will continue to walk as much as poss until I have him too.


So I am starting to get a little fidgety as we approach Saturday (due date No.1) and them Tuesday (due date No.2), I am just bursting to meet him and Paul and the kids are very excited too.
My mumma and step dad arrive from the UK on Monday - 4 Days, 4 freakin days !!!!! YEEHHHAAAAA!!!
The big question is will it be the four of us picking them up at the airport or will we be five?????
or the other option will they need to get a taxi as I'm actually in labour!! :)

ONLY TIME WILL TELL, send labour vibes everyone!!
Shar x

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Days to go, Latest Belly Pic, Weekly Exercise and Nutrition Update, Other stuff


Latest belly pic -

Me at 38 weeks, don't think there been alot of growth in the last 3 weeks although he is definitely heading on down and settling in so the belly wouldn't look bigger in that case.

Week 37-38 Preggers
(Tuesday 2nd Feb – Monday 8th Feb 2010 )

Tuesday – Bodyvive
Wednesday – Bodypump
Thursday – Bodyvive
Friday – Outdoor Powerwalk – 45 Mins
Saturday – Bodyvive & Bodyattack
Sunday – Rest Day
Monday – Bodyvive

6 Cardio based sessions & a Bodypump
Approx 20 mins of Functional strength work included in each Bodyvive class

Still eating very well, increased fat calories to try and see an increase on the scales and this did help with a slight rise. Really happy with overall weight gain at this stage considering the gain I had with previous pregnancies, it seems the older you get the wiser you get!! J

Feeling / Emotions
Tired in the afternoons but when I’m 38 weeks pregnant and still working a part time job, teaching Group Fitness still and looking after two kids, I reckon I can feel a little tired in the arvo!
Feeling great about finishing my GF Management role on Friday at nearly 39 weeks, probably should have finished a week or so ago but hey if I am able then the extra weeks money is good.
Still teaching for a bit longer and do my last class 2 days before due date, may look to cover the last 2 classes so I finish 5 days before instead.


Other stuff

I get to see my mumma and step dad in 12 days!!!!!!! OMG I am so excited although I think I may be greeting them with babes in arms not in be!!!!

I'm sure hes coming sooner although this could be in my head and my other two have been overdue so I'm preparing for the long haul although the midwife will probably do a Stretch and sweep at my 40 week appt so if successful as with previous bubs I shouldn't go to far over.

Had to attend a random extra appt on Monday due to being called in by the family Birth Centre Doctor. They go through your notes thoroughly at 38 weeks to assess that you are still ok to birth there and not having to go to the main hospital.

Well they had record of a previous pregnancy related Heart Murmur and wanted me checked as no-one had this pregnancy.
As it turns out I do have one showing again but it isn't a concern to the doc due to the stats recorded through pregnancy, how active I am and have been and the fact bubs is all good.
BP was good at 90/50 and bubs is 3/5 engaged.

I have a few things in my hospital bag now but really should get it all sorted asap.
All bubs washing is done. Got all the little things now and just need to pack it all.

Still got a list of household jobs to get through, mainly cleaning and organising so will attempt to get stuck into those after Friday when I finish work and will see if a Marathon cleaning sesh can't bring on a few contractions!! :)

We are down to 3 names now but there is a clear leader that the kids and we love and it has been used a few times!!! so just gotta meet the little fella and see which one suits him the best. I CANNOT wait to meet him and am so excited about being a mum again and this time a full time mum to all of them.

Anyway, over and out for now, off to bed soon to lay there awake waiting to see if anything starts!!! HOW SAD!!!

Shar xx

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Days to go, Excitment, Kids back at School and Weekly Update

DAYS TO GO!!! (classed as Full Term and can have baby at the Birth centre even if he came now.......phew!!)

OMG!! I am sooooo excited to meet my new bubba boy!!! Had my first real dream about him last night, a nice one, not a horrid one like I have had in my other pregnancies.

A few things still to do, some cleaning, household organising etc. A few more items to buy but they are only small things and if I didn't end up getting them Paul can dash out in the first few days and get for us.

One thing I really should do...................pack my hospital bag soon!

I am also excited of course that I am 18 days away from picking my mumma and step dad up from the airport, 2 years is toooooooo long!!


The kids went back to school on Monday. Bryce went into year 9 at high school and Maddi into Yr 1 at Primary. Bryce didn't want to go back and Maddi couldn't wait. She seems so much older now than a pre-primary! they have their own desks, she just says goodbye and goes in sits down and gets on with it all.


Week 36-37 Preggers (Tuesday 26th Jan – Monday 1st Feb 2010 )


Tuesday – Bodyvive / Wednesday – Rest Day / Thursday – Bodyvive / Friday – Outdoor Powerwalk – 38 Mins / Saturday – Bodyvive / Sunday – Outdoor Powerwalk – 47 mins
Monday – Bodyvive

6 Cardio based sessions
Approx 20 mins of Functional strength work included in each Bodyvive class

Nutrition - I dropped the ball a bit this week on the calcium serves, only getting 1 per day some days 2, still from Raw Milk , Organic Cheese and Bio-Dynamic Organic Natural Yoghurt, need to re-focus on this again.
Raised my total calories again this week and got a loss staring back at me on the scales??? Awaiting response from nutritionist regarding the way to go this week with food, bubba measuring ok so not affecting him.

Feeling / Emotions - Still been tired so made the effort and made sure I went to bed a lot earlier last night and I haven’t woken up so fresh and lasted into the day so well in weeks. Lesson learnt, bed early every night, this bubba needs me to feel like this everyday and thats that.

So another good week, feeling tired a bit more now but gettingt o bed early will help this and its probably to be expected at this stage of pregnancy.

Have a great week all, Shar.