Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Days to go, Excitment, Kids back at School and Weekly Update

DAYS TO GO!!! (classed as Full Term and can have baby at the Birth centre even if he came now.......phew!!)

OMG!! I am sooooo excited to meet my new bubba boy!!! Had my first real dream about him last night, a nice one, not a horrid one like I have had in my other pregnancies.

A few things still to do, some cleaning, household organising etc. A few more items to buy but they are only small things and if I didn't end up getting them Paul can dash out in the first few days and get for us.

One thing I really should do...................pack my hospital bag soon!

I am also excited of course that I am 18 days away from picking my mumma and step dad up from the airport, 2 years is toooooooo long!!


The kids went back to school on Monday. Bryce went into year 9 at high school and Maddi into Yr 1 at Primary. Bryce didn't want to go back and Maddi couldn't wait. She seems so much older now than a pre-primary! they have their own desks, she just says goodbye and goes in sits down and gets on with it all.


Week 36-37 Preggers (Tuesday 26th Jan – Monday 1st Feb 2010 )


Tuesday – Bodyvive / Wednesday – Rest Day / Thursday – Bodyvive / Friday – Outdoor Powerwalk – 38 Mins / Saturday – Bodyvive / Sunday – Outdoor Powerwalk – 47 mins
Monday – Bodyvive

6 Cardio based sessions
Approx 20 mins of Functional strength work included in each Bodyvive class

Nutrition - I dropped the ball a bit this week on the calcium serves, only getting 1 per day some days 2, still from Raw Milk , Organic Cheese and Bio-Dynamic Organic Natural Yoghurt, need to re-focus on this again.
Raised my total calories again this week and got a loss staring back at me on the scales??? Awaiting response from nutritionist regarding the way to go this week with food, bubba measuring ok so not affecting him.

Feeling / Emotions - Still been tired so made the effort and made sure I went to bed a lot earlier last night and I haven’t woken up so fresh and lasted into the day so well in weeks. Lesson learnt, bed early every night, this bubba needs me to feel like this everyday and thats that.

So another good week, feeling tired a bit more now but gettingt o bed early will help this and its probably to be expected at this stage of pregnancy.

Have a great week all, Shar.

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Trudi said...

Hi Shar,
Days to go...cant believe it. Its been great watching your growing bundle of joy.
Cheers Trudx