Saturday, February 27, 2010


Freddy George Twyman

Arrived on Thursday 25th Feb 2010 at 3.14am,

in a very quick! and natural labour.

Weighing 3.1kg / 7lb and 49cm long

Me and Freddy - 20 seconds old

Dad and Bub

Big Sister

Big Brother

Our moment


What an amazing few days it has been and will continue to be.

We are all over the moon that Freddy is here safe and sound with us and of course all besotted by this little man that is just so perfect.

As you may or may not know I was only two days over but more than ready to have this bubba, I was just so keen to meet him. My last post late Wednesday night I posted I was having what I thought could be slight contractions for about 4-5 hours.

Well I went to bed and don't remember being woken by them, I did wake up to go to the toilet and realised that I hadn't felt anything significant so presumed they had gone away and I was either imagining the earlier ones or it had just stopped.

Anyway, after getting back into bed after the loo, I noticed my i phone glowing so I rolled over to see why. After rolling over I felt a distinct leaking feeling so immediately jumped out of bed to save the mattress!! then all of a sudden once upright.........GUSH, then just a flowing of my waters followed, luckily all caught by towels that Paul basically threw at my feet in a daze as he was awoken suddenly by me.

This was 2.05am, strong 'proper' contractions came immediately at only 2 minutes apart, called the Birth Centre told them the situation and they said they would call the yellow team in, I then stated I would sit it out at home as long as possible and call when I was leaving.

It took two more contractions for Paul and my mum, then me, to realise we didn't need to sit this out at home for any longer!!! Contractions were intensifying and I had a strange feeling coming on, woke Bryce to say bye, said bye to mum and in the car we were for the 20 min drive to the birth centre.

I soon started to panic a little and so did Paul, I got to the point I had to hold myself up off the seat as I couldn't sit down and wasn't really coping with the pain to well, a few red lights and a bit of excess speed later (was very careful of course and luckily the roads were empty at 2.20am in the morning) we arrived at the Birth centre.

Once in our room after 2 contractions, one in reception and one just in the corridor it wasn't long before the midwife told me the baby was on its way...........very soon. Maybe the clue was my saying 'I really need to poo'!!! and my voice and groan deepening when in contraction.

Anyway, once she 'had a look' there was a flurry of activity from her, I was down on the matting on the floor, up against the bean bag, gas and air in one hand, Paul and a flannel in the other and she indicated the babies head was crowning and I can push anytime I like!!!

WHAT!!!!! 'I want to go in the birthing pool' I kept saying and she laugh and try and explain it takes a long time to fill it and I really wont be long.

About 2 contractions later 'the stinging 'came............OMG!! that meant the head was coming out right??? right said Paul and the midwife!! 2 more and he was born!!

3.14am - 1 hour 9 mins after my water broke and contractions started. Initially I was in shock, then amazement my body and mind had coped with the intensity and pain, then happiness and then of course absolute unconditional love.

No stitches, no tears due to slowing down the pushes when told to, baby just perfect, feeding well (yep my boobs operate even after implants) I was all well and after pead checks and obs done on me and bubs regularly we were up and out of the birthing centre 12 hours later, what an amazing experience.

Baby Freddy is truly amazing, he doesn't cry, he is sleeping, having awake time and feeding well, I am under no illusion that all can change but all is good right now and its the right now we should live in.

My two other babies are besotted with him and Paul just stares at him with the same love as I feel. My Mum and step dad are all over him too of course.

Hope your all well, see you soon with more pics and updates no doubt!! :)

Shar xx


Frankie said...

Hi Freddy!! *waving madly*

Congratulations to all of you!

So glad it all went so smoothly (and quickly).

Can't wait to see more photos xxx

KatieP said...

What a gorgeous little man -- congratulations. I am so glad you had a quick and relatively painless time.
Enjoy this precious time ♥

About This Blog said...

Hi Shar, glad to hear everything went well and you could welcome gorgeous Freddy! Wishing you and your family all the best for your life together!
Barbara x

ss2306 said...

Big congrats to you all Shar. Wow, what a speedy deliver. The need to "poo" always gives it away (lol). Glad you are well and enjoying Freddy immensely.

Hope he stays sleeping.

RaeC said...

Welcome to the world little Freddy.

Congratulations to you and your family, Shar.

And you are so right... he is perfect :) x

bluegirl said...

A big Congratulations Char to you and your family. So happy to hear your delivery went well. I can see little Freddy will bring much joy to you all.
Diane xxx

Esme said...

Congratulations Shar, that's a delightful story!

Anonymous said...

What a spunk! He is SO gorgeous Shar! Congratulations I am SO happy for you and totally amazed at the speed of your labour! Incredible!
Funnily enough I felt the need to "poo" for hours before my little chicken arrived (a very uncomfortable feeling too!)
I can't wait to keep hearing about all of your and Freddy's adventures :)
Take care xxx

Flea said...

Heaps on Congrats!!!!

Chelle said...

Congratulations girl, he is just beautiful x

SeLiNa said...

Congrats to you and Paul and the family Shar!!! Glad to hear everything went so well for you.
Enjoy your special time together!!

Tara said...

Oh he is adorable Shar!! Congrats on the birth of Freddy! and I agree what a great birth story.

big hugs, Tara xxx

Hilary said...

COngratulations to you and your family in the safe arrival of Freddy! How awesome that it all happened so quick and you are back home already! Enjoy getting to know your new little man!

Hilary xx

Vicki said...

Congratulations Shar!! He is absolutely adorable!! So glad it all went well for you :)

I look forward to the growing up stories ;)

Vic xx

Anonymous said...

Tears rolling down my emotional lately!!


Congrats Shar and Family xx

LizN said...

Congratulations Shar, what fantastic news. Glad he is safe and sound and arrived in good time.

xoxox Liz N

Magda said...

Hi Shar,

sending a big CONGRATS to you and your family on the safe arrival of your beautiful little boy.


XX Magda

Abby said...

Awww, congratulations!!! Beautiful pictures and what a great story! :)

Trudi said...

Happy Days!! Welcome little Freddy. You are very lucky to be surrounded by so much love from all your family. Congratulations Love Trudx

jodie said...

congrats Shar, he is gorgeous! So happy for you and your beautiful family!! xxx

Sam D-M said...

Awesome story Shar, Freddy is very cute! Congrats to you and your family :)


Nicole said...

CONGRATS Shar!!! How wonderful and our bubba's were born on the same day only a few hours apart!!!! How crazy!! So happy for you and your family - sounds like the perfect birth!! :) Nicole xx

KRISTIN said...

CONGRATULATIONS Shar, that's fabulous news! Welcome to the world Freddy... I hope you continue to enjoy motherhood as you always seem to :)

Thanks for sharing your amazing story, all the best xoxo

Maryanne said...

Congratulation Shar and family on the arrival of Freddy. He is beautiful. xxx