Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Comments, Weekly Update and Getting close now!!!

Hey all, thanks for my comments to my last post girls ....................

Chelle – I am really pleased I carried on teaching and training, it has and will impact a lot of things from pregnancy, labour and after the birth and all in a positive way.

Liz – Thanks Liz!! Yes I’m with ya on the easy, fast and timely delivery!! Fingers crossed J

Hils – Yes I am so excited! I am longing to meet him so bad. Reading your blog is making me impatient, in a good way of course, I can feel the love oooozing out in your words, its just beautiful.

Frankie – I have worked hard and probably should have finished both my GFM position and teaching classes before 39 weeks but hey, all is good and I will enjoy the down time now.
Oh…and yes, I get the whole bowling ball thing, especially now the Braxton Hicks are coming in force.

Shelley – Thanks for the compliments, right now I don’t feel any of those things but I feel a damn sight better than my last 2 pregnancies that’s for sure!!

Nicole – The waiting game is horrid hey? Not long for you now either and you have that wonderful glow about you, very fit and healthy.

Tara – I am trying hard not to be impatient and enjoy the last bit of pregnancy as it may be the last one! And yes I will put my feet up now all but one class is done and I have finished my other job.

Bec – Thanks fro dropping by. I have really worked hard this pregnancy to stay fit and well, obviously trying to do the best for bubs and the bonus is I feel great too.

Kek – Poster girl!? Thanks J I am just pleased to have had an easy and blessed pregnancy and can only hope the labour, birth and beyond is so good.

Miss Tank - Thanks for the love and hugs I’ll use um up in Labour!! I so can’t wait to meet him!!! Will post you a pic asap.


Weekly Nutrition and Exercise Update -
Week 38-39 Preggers
(Tuesday 9th Feb – Monday 15th Feb 2010)

Tuesday – Bodyvive
Wednesday – Rest Day
Thursday – Bodyvive
Friday – Rest Day
Saturday – Rest Day
Sunday – Outdoor Powerwalk 45 mins
Monday – Bodyvive

4 Cardio based sessions
Approx 20 mins of Functional strength work included in each Bodyvive class

Had a few lunches this week and I did overindulge a little, other than that eating very well.

Feeling / Emotions
After finishing up GF Management role on Friday I have to admit I have felt a little lost? I have been doing it for nearly 4 years and set up ‘my’ club from opening which took a lot of work, my fav classes are there and I do truly appreciate each and every instructor that were a part of the team. I have been wanting to leave for a while due to various reasons so I have to remember those things and I’m sure its just the initial feelings.

Taught my last class yesterday (Tuesday ) and I am pleased that I found a cover to teach my Thursday class, tomorrow is probably pushing it 6 days from due date let alone 4 days!

Although I just got a call to cover a class tomorrow and was tempted!! WTF!!! I remained strong and said no as chilling in these last few days is way more important for me and bubba boy.

I am pleased I carried on teaching to this point, I feel the pro’s far outweigh the con’s and both me and the baby have gained numerous benefits from me staying active, I will continue to walk as much as poss until I have him too.


So I am starting to get a little fidgety as we approach Saturday (due date No.1) and them Tuesday (due date No.2), I am just bursting to meet him and Paul and the kids are very excited too.
My mumma and step dad arrive from the UK on Monday - 4 Days, 4 freakin days !!!!! YEEHHHAAAAA!!!
The big question is will it be the four of us picking them up at the airport or will we be five?????
or the other option will they need to get a taxi as I'm actually in labour!! :)

ONLY TIME WILL TELL, send labour vibes everyone!!
Shar x


Frankie said...

ahhh I remember that impatient feeling of just wanting to meet him. My girl was my first and was really just "the bump". I really got into the pregnancy but she was like a little stranger for a little while after she was born as it took a while for the reality to hit me. My boy however was a little person from the time that pregnancy test said 'positive'. I was SO impatient right up to when he came out and I was yelling at the doctor "let me see him, let me see him!!". Now I occasionally want to kill him....

Hilary said...

LOL - labour vibes coming your way! (not that I'd wish them on anyone!)

Hope he doesn't keep you waiting too much longer, cant wait to hear all about it and see pics!

Enjoy the time with your family, how awesome that they will be here to meet your new little man.

Hilary xx

Anonymous said...

I CANNOT wait to "meet" your little man Shar!

I am SO excited for you! Good luck with everything, you look absolutely beautiful in the picture below. Short hair ROCKS on you :)

Hope everything starts to happen for you soon and your birth story is everything that you want it to be xxx

Abby said...

So close now! Wishing you a quick labor and delivery and a healthy baby! :)

Flea said...

hey Shar, I popped in now and then to follow your journey.
I snorkeled also up to the end of my pregnancy it's great to have been active and healthy isnt' it!
All the best.
My bub was born in KE as well, great people and hospital, I had a very positive experience there.
Hope to "meet" bub soon via blog land.