Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another week passes........

Where is the time going??? I can't believe I have been prepping for 8 weeks now and only have 6 to go. (Weekly stats are posted up on the right)

I also can't believe its June tomorrow! WOW.
So as I set some goals for myself for the year that is 2008, which posted in January on my old blog I thought I would have a look through and see how I'm tracking.

Shar's 2008 Goals
To become a strong and positive woman by working on my thought processes and behaviours.
Ok the positive bit has gotten better, but this positive thought process has been a little damaged in the last 8 weeks during prep and the occasional moment of negativity has slipped in, but I will let myself off that as prep is hard at the best of times let alone if you add other elements of life in. CHECK :)

Take on board the opinions and advice of those I value and love only.
Again this is still a work in progress but definitely on the up. I refused to waste my energy on worrying let alone worrying about what people that do not matter to me think. CHECK :)

Spend quality time with my husband and children.
Ok, I spend time with them, but is it true quality all the time? NO :(
Paul and I have more time together in the day due to our jobs but I still need to action some plans I had for making our time together more one on one. I picked up some great stuff from the Fitness First conference and will look at putting it in place starting this week. WORK IN PROGRESS

Continue to achieve at work.
I am still achieving and my new club is getting to the established stage. My Group Fitness timetable is the best it has been, my CPH, Targets etc are all on track and getting better every week. I am doing my job well and I will continue to do so but that is as far as it can go at the moment as my kids and Paul are too important to give more time to work, it has to be home that's the focus. CHECK :)

Train and eat consistently to help me find a place physically I like to be at.
To be judged when not in prep.

Compete in Figure again, having made improvements on last time I stepped on Stage.
We will see in 6 weeks!! I have a totally different aim and look that I want to present this comp so it will be hard to compare the two comps.

Consistently blog, using the fantastic support network that I have found you all to be.
Have been blogging and I love to catch up with everyone, hear your stories, everyones achievements etc. CHECK :)

So I don't think I'm doing that bad with 5 months down and 7 to go, I can continue to improve on the work in progress ones and really get some new habits formed to help me blow these goals away by December and beyond.

So what else has been happening?

Work - we have our new choreography to learn and launch on the 10th & 11th June. I love to launch and we generally get to team teach (2/3 instructors do the class together all doing 3-4 tracks each).

Training and Nutrition - My next programme arrived from Di!!! There were tears to Paul, swearing at Di, via the computer screen, (Love ya really Di), feelings of can I do this etc.
All I can say is thank god I have a great supportive hubby, the want to do this and a treadmill at home :)
I also must say that I really try not to moan as it is my choice to do this and I was in shocking condition when I started so I made it hard for myself but Di has been great with my two meltdowns I had!
Training has been good this week and I can really feel and see the changes starting to happen daily, I think the next 3 weeks are going to be great for progress.

General - Paul and I watched - 'What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas' tonight ans it was a great film. Maddi is really enjoying her gymnastics and want to go everyday and is even practicing at home.
Bryce is still playing AFL really well and often gets one of the weekly awards - goal of the match, mark of the match or man of the match etc.

Anyway, no more news and its late, Bodyattack in the morning!! YAY!!
Have a great weekend everyone
Shar x

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Your feedback.......

Please can those who have competed with the WNBF or experienced one of their comps give me their thought on the federation?

WA has a WNBF this year in September!!
Bev and her husband is the WA rep and it is the first year for Perth.

I would love to hear anyone feedback as I am considereing going onto this comp after the All Females.
If you have too much to say in a comment please feel free to e mail me direct.
THANKS IN ADVANCE, Hope your week has been good so far.

Shar x
PS - I am only just recovering from my 'idea of heaven' at the weekend!! THE NEW BODYATTACK ROCKS!!! Now all I have to do is learn it :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

I can't wait..............

to teach ........................
I LOVE IT!!!!!
I have one of my favourite classes to teach tomorrow - 9.30am Bodyattack at my own club - Subiaco.
That one, my 5.30pm at Subiaco and my Sunday 9.30am at our Innaloo club are my fav's of the week. Don't get me wrong I love all of them but you do tend to have ones you look forward too more, CG and Liz will probably agree.
Also skinfolds, scale weight, measurements and photos to do in the morning. I have to get up early so my Personal trainer ;) can do them before he heads off for his first session at 7am. So a 6.20am start for me.
Not sure about scale weight this week but I feel smaller and clothes are fitting that I couldn't get into at all 7 weeks ago.
There are the odd days when I am doubting I will make it in in time for the comp, Di's visual for me is so different than last year though, with me coming in fuller and not so lean ( I do look back at the pictures and I'm amazed as to how lean I actually was!) and she says I will be able to do it, so I just have to believe and keep on keeping on!!
I will do everything I can to make this as I do really want it, but I am at a place in my head that if I'm not happy with my condition, then so be it, I have lost nothing by trying to get there, in fact I will have gained a great bod back and a great base to work from for whatever I choose to do next.
So for now, my new motto - 'Giving Everything I've Got'
Sunday see's Perth's Quarterly Les Mills Workshop!! My idea of heaven, a chance to just do classes all day, in particular the ones I teach and of course pick up our new release music and choreography.
We have Kylie Gates presenting Bodyattack and Bodybalance, those that teach will probably know her.
Will update my results sometime this weekend when I'm not excessively
exercising :) or enjoying myself in my idea of heaven.
Have a fantastic weekend and 'Give it everything you got' :)
Shar x

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

GO GIRLS!! & 52 Days Out

Want to start by saying what a great comp it looked at the weekend!
All the pics are great!! Everyone looked awesome.
Carolyn, Michelle, Lyndsay, Shelly - WOW!! Just inspirational.

Now onto the rest of my title today !!
52 days!! WHAT!!!??????????

Oh crap this ass better start melting away soon!!! :)
with the amount of cardio I'm doing its got to go somewhere right???

Have been busy working, training, cardio-ing, being a mum, wife etc etc.
I love being busy, having lots to do in a day but I'm starting to get a little tired,
will get back on top of my sleep again it made all the difference not last week but the week before when we were consciously getting to bed earlier.
My work trip stuffed it all up a bit.

Training -
2 Weights sessions down for the week already, 3rd tomorrow. Hubby has been pushing me a bit harder and I have been sore which I love.
Cardio - can't even go into the cardio I'm doing. I actually don't mind it though, weird?, I guess I'm lucky I get paid to do some of it and the other is running which I LOVE!!!

We have our Quarterly workshops on Saturday and Sunday, I can't wait!!
I love getting the new releases, then we have 2 weeks to learn and we are
having a big launch on Tuesday June 10th and Wednesday June 11th in all
the different clubs.

Anyway, best get some sleep :) back for another update soon.

Have a great week
Shar x

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Update time

Hey all,
Thanks for all the comments and thanks for the recent ones - CG, Lia and Sam W!! checking up on me.

All is well, I have been absent due to being away on a 4 day work conference. Wednesday and Saturday were the traveling days and Thursday and Friday were the conference.

Fitness First put on an annual conference and all the Heads of Departments from tall clubs in Australia get to go. We are flown from Perth to Sydney, two day conference, gala dinner and awards then flown home.

I gained ALOT from this years Keynote speakers and have been trying out a few of the techniques already, I will sit and gather my thoughts and notes again tonight ready to implement / use these valuable tools I have been given.

Has anyone seen Terry Hawkins present? She is awesome, if you have you will know what I mean when I say I will not be visiting the pit anymore and remembering there are two times in life - NOW and TOO LATE.
We also had a guy called Dr Adam Fraser, he spoke about finding our 'FLOW' and balancing work and home life, this is something I really need to do and will be trying his techniques to get there.

Hoping to tie this all in with my NLP. I feel a calmer, more balanced, more productive, more focused & positive Shar approaching, which can only be better for all areas of my life.

I had a free meal as my conference dinner on Friday night and wasn't home to do my weight and measurements as normal on Saturday anyway, so I am waiting until next normal day, Saturday, to do them again. Hoping for a good loss as its for two weeks worth!
I feel like I have lost although I am looking puffy in the mirror, periods arrived on Friday morning and I feel I'm holding fluid.

I have a hard 54 days ahead of me.
No more free meals for the last 8 weeks, training and eating as I have been and it should all start coming together. I'm at the stage where its only going to take another week or two and the switch will click and it will be very visible as well as my small clothes starting to edge there way to the front of the line in the wardrobe, which by the way I must sort out.

Anyway tomorrows food to tub up to take to work, kids lunches to do, bags to pack, etc bed to go to as I have a 6.05am to teach!! Yuck! I hate early classes alright once I'm there though.

Hoping to get to update daily or every other day as it helps me to focus.
Shar x

'There are two times in life - NOW and TOO LATE'
Terry Hawkins

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Week That Was.......

10 weeks down to 9 weeks out from Comp.

Saturday - Thump Boxing Course (Level 1)
Learnt alot about Boxing (obviously) and also what a great workout it can be!!
did 8 hours and 5 at least was practical. Was starting to get a little sore by 3pm!!

Sunday - Thump Boxing Course (Advanced), Date with Hubby.
Ok so I could hardly bloody move! and it was back again for another 6 hours. Elbows and kicks were included today, I loved every minute of this, let go of alot of tension.
Then it was home and out on a date with my hubby as prescribed by Di. We went out and had a nice meal, was feeling really bad for having it as I had been 100% for the first 4 weeks of prep.

Monday - Work, Classes, Cardio, Weights, Short sleep - MINDGAMES!!!!!!
What a night mere, I was really struggling with the fact that I had eaten the night before and was tempted to indulge again on nuts and chocolate. I was really disappointed as I thought I had come further than to do this to myself. Anyway, with a text and e mail from Di, a re-focus and just a grit of the teeth I made it through and had no probs.

Tuesday - Cardio, classes, weights, Gymnastics.
Not me doing Gymnastics!! I have enrolled Maddison, she is loving it and even i I do say so myself, a very natural mover, jumper, dancer etc. She just keeps asking everyday when she is going again!

Wednesday - Cardio, Classes , short sleep and some chillin time

Thursday - Classes, Weights, Work, cardio and late night shopping.

Friday - Rest day, DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE and a Bodybalance class
OMG!!! I don't think I have been in so much pain as when that masseur got hold of my legs!! My calves and tib anterior are just a mess. Must be all the Bodyattack. I will definitely be making it part of my routine. I will have just legs done every other week and then Legs and back/shoulders on the other week.

Weeks stats are on the right hand side bar, a great week considering I had a free meal and dropped a couple of cardio sessions due to the boxing course. But hey, I did say the new 4 week plan Di sent me through was looking like it would work!!

Anyway, a busy week ahead for me, Mother's Day, Work, Classes, 3 day conference in Sydney, comp prep, kids, but I'm not complaining, in fact I'm very lucky to be able to do and enjoy all of the above, making sure I make use of every day.
Have a good one people
Shar xx

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursday already!

Wow, where has this week gone?

I have had a bit of a up, down, up week. Mostly mental stuff but have been
revisiting my NLP work and I have felt on the up for the last couple of days so that's cool.
Bound to be highs and lows and you just have to ride it out I suppose.
Di has been great with e mails and texts. Thanks Di.

I am seeing small changes daily now and can't wait for that day when I look in the mirror or at my pictures and find myself appreciating the work that's going in is coming together and visually I can see the results.

I have my rest day tomorrow and have finally got my Deep tissue massage booked, I can't wait.
Shopping and food preparation to do so I am well ahead of myself for next week when I have to go on a work conference to Sydney for 3 days. Same conference as last year except the date is earlier, last year I was a week out from comp!!

My new plan seems to be fitting in with me OK and I'm positive it will bring the results on
a little quicker now.

I'm taking part in the Mother's Day Classic Run on Sunday, on all over the country and for a great cause. You can choose 3.5km walk, run or a 7km run.
We have a couple of Paul's clients running it too.

Talking of Mothers Day, my little girl is being very cute at the moment. Lots of cards and crafty things coming home from school etc. She also got me a gift from the school fundraising stall, smuggled it in the house and told me not to look only to take me in her bedroom 10 minutes later and try and get me to peek at it. :) She can't keep secrets and seems to wants to not keep it a surprise, which is fine with me as I hate surprises.

Anyway, I hope you are all travelling well this week and here's to a great weekend.

Shar x

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Weekly Stats and Sleep

Thanks for the comments Girls it great to hear from you.

So results this week are better this week, as I expected, as TTOM has passed. Have posted this weeks and totals on the right hand side also.
This Weeks........
Weight Lost - 1.5kg
Skinfold Lost - 25mm
CM's Lost - 5.5cm

I am definitely making sleep this my focus and we plan to be in bed for 9.30pm tonight that is how tired I am after cardio this morning and boxing ALL DAY!! This should give me a good solid 9 hours tonight.

I do have problems sleeping when I'm eating well as Magda posted a week or so ago, I must go back and see what everyone offered by way of comments.
It was especially apparent in the last 3-4 weeks of comp prep last year when I could easily stay up until 2am and get up at 6-7am no probs and still train etc.
My theory is one of good clean food given a better quality of energy (although not relevant for now as I'm shattered so not really!!) but at the moment I feel my sleep is disrupted by having to go to the toilet in the night, twice. So I am attempting to drink my quota a little earlier in the day, finishing earlier, therefore perhaps only having to get yup once?

CG - Great minds think alike! I have just found a deep tissue masseur so will be booking in for one next week, perhaps for Mother's Day and then make it a every other week as part of my schedule.
I have been meaning to ask Rae who she uses for ages but other stuff always seamed to take preference!

Anyway I better dash as that bedtime is approaching and after a day of boxing, cardio, leg and ab work I need to rest before going again tomorrow.

Hope your weekend has been cool so far.
Shar x

Friday, May 2, 2008

4 down, 10 to go, bring it on!

So my first 4 week block with Di is done. I will have the 4 week results in the morning.
Have done as I'm told 100% :)

So now I head into my second 4 week block and when my eating plan and training schedule arrived on Wednesday night to let me in on whats in store for the next 4 weeks, I did have a bit of a moment!

To say this next phase is going to be tough is an understatement, but I am still focused on reaching the stage in July and this should bring some great changes in addition to what I have had already
I also feel that everyday I'm moving closer not only to the comp, but to a more controlled and stable lifestyle.

I have done and dusted ALL my cooking and food preparation for my next week. The freezer is packed full of meals, all weighed and bagged, even organised into days. (VIRGO!!)

One area I have to get under control is my recovery, relaxation and SLEEP!! I found out just how important this is this week when for a few days there, even my hubby was worried about me. Extra daytime naps and early nights has found me feeling a bit better.

So with that said, I'm of to bed to rest and recover before morning measurements, skinfolds, photos and cardio all to be done before 8am, then I'm on a Boxing Training course all day.

BRING IT ON!! *rolling up the sleeves*

Shar x