Friday, May 2, 2008

4 down, 10 to go, bring it on!

So my first 4 week block with Di is done. I will have the 4 week results in the morning.
Have done as I'm told 100% :)

So now I head into my second 4 week block and when my eating plan and training schedule arrived on Wednesday night to let me in on whats in store for the next 4 weeks, I did have a bit of a moment!

To say this next phase is going to be tough is an understatement, but I am still focused on reaching the stage in July and this should bring some great changes in addition to what I have had already
I also feel that everyday I'm moving closer not only to the comp, but to a more controlled and stable lifestyle.

I have done and dusted ALL my cooking and food preparation for my next week. The freezer is packed full of meals, all weighed and bagged, even organised into days. (VIRGO!!)

One area I have to get under control is my recovery, relaxation and SLEEP!! I found out just how important this is this week when for a few days there, even my hubby was worried about me. Extra daytime naps and early nights has found me feeling a bit better.

So with that said, I'm of to bed to rest and recover before morning measurements, skinfolds, photos and cardio all to be done before 8am, then I'm on a Boxing Training course all day.

BRING IT ON!! *rolling up the sleeves*

Shar x


Claudine said...

How exciting Shar!!!
I can't wait to see the results :)

I'm at 8 weeks pre-comp ... What was I thinking!!! Waah!!!

Happy Week-End! xxxx

Lia Halsall said...

Funny you should mention sleep because I'm researching all about it at the moment for an article I'm writing Shar. You'd be amazed at how important sleep is for us. ;o)

Combat Girl said...

Hi Shar,

Rest Relaxation and Recovery are crucial for a healthy mind and body. I know when I don't sleep I am a nervous wreck. I now make a conscious effort to just stop and go to bed. Do you have massages? If not I think you should incorporate them into your life.

I really like the 4 week block plan. Much more realistic achieving goals in a shorter time frame for the bigger picture.

Proud of you!!


Cat said...

The 4 week block plan sounds interesting. I'm glad everything is going so well and falling into place for you. Have a fantastic week.