Saturday, June 25, 2011

Accepting, Taking Responsibility and moving on

So the title says it all really, in relation to where I was at with my self esteem, body image, weight and fitness level.

You first have to be open to accepting where you are at. Whats the point in fighting it, it only causes more inner turmoil.
Paul has a saying that he uses a lot - 'we/you are where you are, what can we/you do to make better or improve the situation', I have been trying to adopt that.
I accept my body, my lumps and bumps, my aches and pains.
It has carried and birthed 4 beautiful children, that process alone, never mind what else we do day in day out, is such a precious & amazing thing.
Having the last two very close together put a lot of stress on my body, physical stress that I haven't felt before and emotional and mental stress too.

I then have taken responsibility for how I got to where I am. No-one stopped me from doing exercise, no-one made the choices for me or put food into my mouth.
My choices, my decisions, my responsibility.

Moving on - learn from the past, don't repeat things that cause you pain, adopt a positive outlook on every situation (this is still a work in progress for me) and try and be in the now.
Now is all we have, we have to enjoy every moment, there may not be a tomorrow.

Have a great 'Right NOW'

Friday, June 10, 2011

To the point......

Couldn't think of a post title so just thought Id get to the point :)

So my mission to get fit and healthy had been going ok for the first 4 weeks then I had a few slips with nutrition over a weekend. Had been struggling to get back to better choices but managed to string a few days together to get back on track.

I was feeling the need to work towards something or have a goal etc so when I got offered a few classes back in 8 weeks I decided now was the time to say yes, jump in and kick things into gear a bit.
I also decided I would do a 12 week challenge to lead me to my birthday and the next lot of Les Mills quarterly workshops which I cant wait to go to.

Theres no way I will achieve all I want to achieve in 12 weeks but its a realistic amount of time to get a chunk of KG's off and help me focus on pushing my fitness levels up.

I will be writing a journal of the 12 weeks so I can keep track/record of everything as I do intend on pushing hard and it will be cool to read back over the journey.
I may post a few bits in this blog too, we'll see.

In other news, Archie is 11 weeeks on Sunday! need to move to months soon as the weeks are ticking by! He is a good boy, and amazing sleeper and has just done 5 of the last 6 nights right through from 8/9pm to 6am.

Freddy is teething his incisors, his gums are red and swollen where they are pushing through so he hasn't had the best of nights recently but my gorgeous hubby has been seeing to him!

My little girl has her comp season approaching for gymnastics. It will be very interesting this year to compare to her first comps from last year, her training increased up to 4 sessions per week (3 sessions of 3 1/2 hours and 1 session of 4 hours) this year and she will go up a level.

Big boy decided he was going to play footy this year and has had 2 great games since going back, watching his game is the highlight of my week.

Apart from going back to classes I am also hoping to return to Group Fitness Management. We have a new Fitness First club opening in October so I will apply for that when applications open, it looks like it will be a great club and I would love to get the job, not holding my breath though.

So that's about it for now, Day 1 of the challenge is tomorrow :) Ill let you know how its going.