Thursday, October 29, 2009

Loving this book!

I'm reading a really great book right now and even if your not pregnant if you are

a Personal Trainer it would make interesting Reading for you or even as a recommendation for any clients that are pregnant that just want more info than -' don't take your heart rate over 140', 'don't do any impact', 'just swim, walk and do yoga', 'don't start exercising during pregnancy if you weren't' etc etc.

Exercising Through Your Pregnancy - James F.Clapp III. M.D.

I am Pre and Post Natal qualified but I know how much the guidelines have changed since I did my qually and how much they continue to change.

As this is an area I want to move into more professionally and for obvious personal reasons I have been doing lots of research on the WWW but still had some questions, every site I can across (apart from the Medical ones, which still took a stand back stance really!) were just sticking to the old 'yes exercise is good, but keep it to swimming, yoga and walking' 'keep your heart rate here.....' etc etc and yes these are great guidelines for the general population but for those who were regularly active before its not really applicable or what we want to hear.

This is rightly so according to this book.

Chapter 1 starts with - CLARIFYING THE DEBATE OVER EXERCISE AND PREGNANCY, Dr Clapp received a call back in 1970 that was an inquiry about the effects of Mountain Climbing on a woman and her fetus during early pregnancy, the questions were such things as - would the decreased oxygen in the air induce malformations in the fetus? would the intense effort on climbing reduce blood flow to the womb and cause a miscarriage?

He states he had no answers, so went to the library and found nothing there!

Only finding that that pregnancy was a time for moderation, and women should not introduce new activity or attempt anything physically challenging.

This was clearly showing the traditional approach - if the risk is unknown just avoid it.

He was shocked by the lack of information and so in 1976 he embarked on his quest to answer any related questions to exercising in pregnancy and the effects on both t he mother and baby.

Then book then details all studies, tests and experiments with results, looking at benefits of exercising on different body systems, how it benefits mother and baby, exercise effects on placentae growth, labour, breastfeeding etc.

They studied two groups of women, an EXERCISE GROUP and a CONTROL GROUP. To be part of the exercise group the women had to maintain her exercise regimen above 50% of her pre-pregnancy level, secondly her level of exercise had to remain above that required to maintain basic fitness (3 x per week, 20 minutes at a mod to hard level).

Some of the EXERCISE GROUP exercised vigorously to within a week of delivery. The CONTROL GROUP was made up of women that rarely engaged in sustained exercise but occasionally played tennis, went for a walk or did the gardening and so on.

Then he shows in graphs and charts the result of areas studied of these two groups, the results are really interesting (to me anyway!). They cover week of delivery, effects of regular exercise on fetal growth, birth stats of the bubs, placentae growth, maternal weight gain of each group, skinfolds to show fat deposition, effects on labour - including pain relief, intervention, C-sec outcome, length of labour, I could go on and on, but I'm sure you get the idea.

I am very focused on another natural birth, free of drugs and intervention, this time it will be even more so than Maddi was, as I am hoping to be accepted to the Family Birth centre and change from the hospital.

From reading and researching, knowing my body and how I feel, exercising at a mod to hard level from the outset and hopefully until the end will/has given myself and bubs the best opportunity to have the pregnancy, labour and delivery that is best for both of us.

I am actually looking forward to labour!!!!!!! a bit stunned by that myself :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Over Halfway!!

I'm just over 23 weeks preggers now and the time is flying!!
Feeling great apart from a little lull in energy in the afternoon, but I used to get that anyway!! :)

Baby now weighs a little over 500 grams and measures about 29 centimetres from crown to heel. WOW, nearly as long as a ruler!!
He can hear me so I am singing a sequence of three songs/rhymes daily. I used to sing to the first two kids which used to settle them at sleep time or any time they were upset, also good as Paul and the kids can do that too.

Having a few thoughts about names, a bit stuck, only one has grabbed me and I'm finding I'm a little reserved on using it for a few reasons. I like unusual or not common but not to out there. So got any you like and your done with your kids, throw me a comment and I can run it past the jury! :)

Got some other stuff to update on will try and get back soon, Shar x

Monday, October 19, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes........


My dad took Maddi and Bryce out for a milkshake after school today, they stop at a junction and Maddi looks at this road sign.................

then asks my dad......... ''Pops, does that mean no boomerangs''

Monday, October 12, 2009


Obviously I have lots of change on the horizon, becoming a mum of 3 not 2 is a major change, but alongside that is the change to my career/job/work situation.

My new career is that I will become a FULL TIME MUMMA!!! I have always wanted this to be the case with my first two but due to money, migrating to Australia etc I didn't have that opportunity. NOW I DO and I feel very blessed.

Jan 31st see's me finish up as Group Fitness Manager, I have chosen to take my 12 months unpaid maternity instead of just resign, this gives me scope should there be any unplanned financial change in our situation or maybe just maybe at a year old and Paul and I can work it I may (not likely!) want to return.

So in a little under 16 weeks I will be on my new journey, a couple of weeks at Christmeas thats quiet, a couple of weeks holiday will help this figure reduce a little!! YES I AM COUNTING!

I have changed my blog to show this change, I'm a mum on a mission, a mission of living a fit and healthy lifestyle and being the best I can be for myself and my precious family.