Thursday, October 30, 2008

For the 'truefings'......

For Nic my sis and best friend....


For my mumma......
My favourite from my wonderful gift...

My Star
The star that I follow is the one in my heart
it can never be extinguished,
dimmed only in others perceptions of its light.
What care what others see,
if I hold to my truth then I will stay free from
the bindings of human endeavour, to fly in the
heavens, a star of great light.
The one I follow will lead me home.

Miss you both everyday xx

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

'If you really want something,
and really work hard,
and take advantage of opportunities,
and never give up,
you will find a way........
Follow your Dreams.
~ Jane Goodall

I'm off in the morning to take advantage of an opportunity and follow my dreams!!

Back Sunday,
Keep following your dream,
Have a great weekend
Shar x

Friday, October 17, 2008

Daily Report - Thursday

So Thursday 16th October's Planned Training was all achieved as per last post, it was a heavy day of teaching and although physically it wasn't so stressful it is mentally draining to teach 4 classes in a day.
I only got through 5 meals as I was late having breakkie and that put me out for the rest of the day and also inbetween classes and having an afternoon nap :) I was trying to fit them all in.
Water and supplements all good.

Have a great day everyone
Shar x

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Had some progress this week, since back with Di, having that accountability and 'coach' again has helped.

I lost the 'bloat', skinfold and cm's so all good and heading in the right direction....... DOWN!

Although the first week totally back on track was easier than I thought, had a 'mishap' on Sunday and Monday and both Di and I made a discovery that will help me both now in my Les Mills Countdown quest and moving forward.

I like to diarize (I think thats a word?) things and log my food and training so I'm thinking that was initially what I started this blog for 3 years ago in December and haven't ever really done that, so may give it a whirl now.


Thursday 16th October

Planned Training
Interval Run - Treadmill
Teach Bodyvive
Teach Bodybalance
Teach Bodyvive
Teach Bodybalance

Planned Nutrition
Meals 1-6 Clean
Take supplements
Drink 3 litres Water

Friday, October 10, 2008


Yep that's me!
I got my New Releases from Les Mills for my next presentation stint.
They are both great and I now have to get down to learning, scripting, practicing, re-scripting, adding some magic and then presenting on the day.

Talking of the day I present, ties in with what I mentioned in my last post........ having a goal.

So my next goal is to not only be ready physically by ensuring I am in tip top shape, I am healthy, I am fit but to be ready mentally as well.
For me this includes being confident that I have prepared the best presentation possible with regards to my teaching, instructing and coaching and being comfortable, in a place that I am accepting of where I am at with my appearance.

I can control both of those. I can control the preparation I put in to ensure I deliver a top class presentation and I can control bringing the role model, both in mind and body to the stage.

So in true Shar fashion, coz as stated previously :) I love a goal/date/event to focus on, I have put up my countdown thingy.
So I have daily goals of putting a little work each day at this stage to start my preparation process - learning chorie, scripting my class etc and also my daily physical goals of eating well and training hard to regain that role model bod I want (and need to have, they have sent me a very small outfit to wear for my BB presentation!!).

I needed to take the over thinking out of my food and training so I decided to ask Di for help again. It really works for me to have a coach (a boss!) longer term than 12 weeks a year.
I click with Di and to me it is so important to not only trust who you work with, but get on with them, respect them and both be heading in the same direction, which I do with Di.

So I jumped back on board last Saturday, with 4 and 5 weeks until I sit in on a Bodyattack Training Module and a Bodybalance Training Module and with 8 weeks to go until I present.

The first week is done and dusted. Trained hard and ate well. Simple really ;)
I will be able to see if progress has been made this week, when Paul is home from Sydders to do my skinfolds and measurements.
My mini/interim goal is the 2 training modules I have to sit in on and my presentation, my longer term aim is to shift about 10kg and reduce skinfolds.
I hope to be sitting pretty again in time for my LM QW of course and will be pushing hard to make sure I am, then it will be a re-assess with the boss and aiming at the next target.

It will be great to have Paul back tomorrow, he is my bestest friend and I miss him terribly when we are apart, the kids have missed him so will be nice to spend Sunday and Monday together before they go back to school on Tuesday.

I have lots to get through this weekend, lots of what I call personal admin/paperwork stuff to complete and sort, 2 classes to teach, a weights session and a couple of cardio sessions.

Have a great weekend everyone
Shar x

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Long time - AGAIN!

OK so my plan to post more often didn't eventuate.
Been busy, as usual. I prefer to check in on everyone else than write on mine! :)

Anyway, get comfy this may be a long one and may be in no logical order.

Post Comp / 'Normal' / Being Judged & My way
So having competed in the ALL FEMALES in July I have definitely made progress with certain things post comp.
Such as:
- maintaining my interest in training and my classes etc.
- I had absolutely no ill-effects like post comp 2007, my legs didn't swell, not sleeping, hot sweats etc (thanks Di)
- no total and all out binges continuously, weeks on end, for example.

In saying that......... In an effort to force myself to try and find 'normal' and 'eating in moderation' I have allowed myself too much food of the not so healthy type and found that I am beating myself up because I feel I will never be 'normal' as I am obviously not able to maintain a balanced approach to eating, therefore have a little post comp weight with me.

Also been struggling with being a person that likes to have a goal and trying not to focus on it to much, so that I 'want to do this for me', trying to focus on the internal without having any external motivating factors, I have been struggling because:
- I feel I should just be able to do this day in day out 'just for me', coz that's what others say,
- because that's how others think it should be,
- because others will judge me for always wanting to focus on a goal, a date, a event for my motivating factor.

Well you know what, I have come to the conclusion that if I'm happy having a date, a goal to strive for, an event to focus on, something to be better version of me for, not just physically but mentally, then I say JUDGE AWAY.

Everyone is different, who says - if it works, I can't do it my way?
If I am healthier, happier, not under any mental struggle and I enjoy completing a challenge then looking for the next....................... then let me be.

Phew.....sorry that got a little tense, feels good though!! Here's to my next goal :)
which I will blog soon in another post.

Mum's Bragging Moment
I know not everyone is interested so please scroll down if you aren't as I'm posting it anyway :)

BRYCE - Bryce had his School Sports carnival and won all events he was in, got Champion boy and was super duper excited to go to the Interschool Sports Carnival, where the best runner from each school enter, 8 schools from the district competed.
He won the 400m, placed 2nd in Long Jump, won 200m, 100m, 2nd in the relay and can't remember in the Grand relay 3rd I think.
I had absolutely no idea how fast he had got over the last year! hence I have made contact with an athletics club.
Here is the montage we put together, he is in red, running in the 2nd lane from inside of track. You know how it is with You Tube, better to let it run through and buffer then watch without the interuptions.
WARNING - I AM A VERY VOCAL MOTHER!!!! (I'm also a Group Fitness Instructor and a Pommie) You may want to turn the volume off :) as after 4 races my voice is very irritating :)

Maddison - Maddi has been attending Gymnastics for about 6 months now and loving it. We got a letter inviting her to attend trials/assessment for 4-5 year olds to become part of WAIS (WA Institute of Sport) Gymnastic Squad as they are setting up the squads to develop for 2020!!
So we went today and of course she loved it. It is very interesting to Paul and I as we are into training etc.
They tested them on the trampoline for agility and control I think, the beam for balance - on a full height beam, she had to walk backwards on her own the length of the beam, turn then do a star jump and land it. Then strength, Chin Ups and hold them chin above bar, then for abdominal strength hanging leg holds. Also tested there guts!! they got them to stand up on a high bar to see if they would jump into the pit from a height, then again on a higher bar.
We should hear next week, I'm unsure as to whether they will take her further, I think she is a bit of a loose cannon and they may have picked that up!! :) what ever the outcome it really doesn't matter as she will continue on regardless.

Other stuff
I can't wait to catch up on all the comp news from this weekend, just been onto Tara's blog and seen her results from the INBA, how cool 'You made the nationals girl' WELL DONE.

Paul is away next week to do his CHEK Exercise Coach qualification, he's looking forward upskilling and learning. Doing really well now at his new gym.

I'm still GFM for FF and teaching my classes. Les mills development starting and next round of QW to focus on.

Hope your all well, back sooner than last time!
Shar x