Friday, October 17, 2008

Daily Report - Thursday

So Thursday 16th October's Planned Training was all achieved as per last post, it was a heavy day of teaching and although physically it wasn't so stressful it is mentally draining to teach 4 classes in a day.
I only got through 5 meals as I was late having breakkie and that put me out for the rest of the day and also inbetween classes and having an afternoon nap :) I was trying to fit them all in.
Water and supplements all good.

Have a great day everyone
Shar x


( . )( . ) said...

Hey babe!!

Wondering if you were going to be at the Oxygen Sports Model search tonight. If so if I see you I might pop over and say hi!

Take care

Olivia said...

Hey Shar,
thanks for your comment, your right, I do have to start now, cos I have a long road ahead. I remember you at the Female classics, your green bikini was the best on the day, you looked awesome! Thanks again xx

( . )( . ) said...


I saw you there last night girl, I didnt know you were competing, when you walked on stage I was like omg its her hey I know her... even though I dont reallllly know you.

You did great! I was so impressed with your routine, half those girls just walked around on stage, not very sporty, seemed more like they were just trying to look sexy. Whats with that.

You truly looked stunning. Good work babe, you were on fire!