Thursday, October 16, 2008


Had some progress this week, since back with Di, having that accountability and 'coach' again has helped.

I lost the 'bloat', skinfold and cm's so all good and heading in the right direction....... DOWN!

Although the first week totally back on track was easier than I thought, had a 'mishap' on Sunday and Monday and both Di and I made a discovery that will help me both now in my Les Mills Countdown quest and moving forward.

I like to diarize (I think thats a word?) things and log my food and training so I'm thinking that was initially what I started this blog for 3 years ago in December and haven't ever really done that, so may give it a whirl now.


Thursday 16th October

Planned Training
Interval Run - Treadmill
Teach Bodyvive
Teach Bodybalance
Teach Bodyvive
Teach Bodybalance

Planned Nutrition
Meals 1-6 Clean
Take supplements
Drink 3 litres Water


Splice said...

Well done on the positive progress Shar :-)
I'm so like you when it comes to needing to be accountable to someone, it makes all the difference.
I can't believe how long some of us have been blogging, it's fabulous!
Deb xx

Hilds Health & Fitness Journey! said...

Well Done Shar, sounds like you are back on track, but more importantly learning what triggers you and what you can do to change it! Keep going, one day at a time!