Friday, October 10, 2008


Yep that's me!
I got my New Releases from Les Mills for my next presentation stint.
They are both great and I now have to get down to learning, scripting, practicing, re-scripting, adding some magic and then presenting on the day.

Talking of the day I present, ties in with what I mentioned in my last post........ having a goal.

So my next goal is to not only be ready physically by ensuring I am in tip top shape, I am healthy, I am fit but to be ready mentally as well.
For me this includes being confident that I have prepared the best presentation possible with regards to my teaching, instructing and coaching and being comfortable, in a place that I am accepting of where I am at with my appearance.

I can control both of those. I can control the preparation I put in to ensure I deliver a top class presentation and I can control bringing the role model, both in mind and body to the stage.

So in true Shar fashion, coz as stated previously :) I love a goal/date/event to focus on, I have put up my countdown thingy.
So I have daily goals of putting a little work each day at this stage to start my preparation process - learning chorie, scripting my class etc and also my daily physical goals of eating well and training hard to regain that role model bod I want (and need to have, they have sent me a very small outfit to wear for my BB presentation!!).

I needed to take the over thinking out of my food and training so I decided to ask Di for help again. It really works for me to have a coach (a boss!) longer term than 12 weeks a year.
I click with Di and to me it is so important to not only trust who you work with, but get on with them, respect them and both be heading in the same direction, which I do with Di.

So I jumped back on board last Saturday, with 4 and 5 weeks until I sit in on a Bodyattack Training Module and a Bodybalance Training Module and with 8 weeks to go until I present.

The first week is done and dusted. Trained hard and ate well. Simple really ;)
I will be able to see if progress has been made this week, when Paul is home from Sydders to do my skinfolds and measurements.
My mini/interim goal is the 2 training modules I have to sit in on and my presentation, my longer term aim is to shift about 10kg and reduce skinfolds.
I hope to be sitting pretty again in time for my LM QW of course and will be pushing hard to make sure I am, then it will be a re-assess with the boss and aiming at the next target.

It will be great to have Paul back tomorrow, he is my bestest friend and I miss him terribly when we are apart, the kids have missed him so will be nice to spend Sunday and Monday together before they go back to school on Tuesday.

I have lots to get through this weekend, lots of what I call personal admin/paperwork stuff to complete and sort, 2 classes to teach, a weights session and a couple of cardio sessions.

Have a great weekend everyone
Shar x


ss2306 said...

Hi Shar

Isn't it funny how we know what to do and how to do it but we spend so much time thinking about it that it becomes destructive. I, too, needed someone else to do the thinking for me. Coach Liz to the rescue again. Not only is she my coach but also a very good friend whom I respect and get on with very well so I know exactly where you are.

Go for gold. Do it your way. And let nothing stop you from having/achieving your goals.

Luv Shelley

( . )( . ) said...

Having someone keep you accountible is always a good motivator. I have personal trainers because I find the same thing. They keep me on track and focused, if left to my own devices I find I sometimes fall to the wayside and neglect the important things.

RaeC said...

Way to go Shar!! Great to see you excited about your goals. I always say that not having a goal is like setting out on a journey but not knowing where you are headed. I also need to have a goal in my life all the time... I am definitely not a "meanderer"!! Couldn't agree with you more on how great it is to have a Coach you click with and trust either. Keep up the awesome work xxx