Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Inspiration, Honesty and no judgement

So taking a huge amount of inspiration from Lia and her recent post, where she was not happy with her skinfolds and her recent photo's etc.
She stated she is going to be totally honest whenever she writes.
She also posted about what 'we all' may be thinking/saying in response to her post, in regards to her getting on with it now, starting from scratch etc -
QUOTE Lia- 'Some of you may read this post thinking to yourself "you've done this to yourself and you've started from scratch time and time again" so what's going to be different this time?'

My response to Lia in comment form was -
QUOTE me - 'You know what Lia, I did not think that, in fact, I thought - GOOD ON YOU. Who cares if people think 'oh yeah whats going to be different this time', the mere fact that you are not giving up and you are pushing on says it all, you are a winner, whether you make it to July or not, because you are trying to make it now there come hell or high water.
You are not making excuses and you are not giving up.Yes we choose to blog about our lives but also people have the choice to read or not to read and no judgement should be passed.
You can do it, see you in July:)'

The more I have dwelled on this over the past few days and particularly after my Mind Coaching/NLP session today, the more I am realizing that I really need to focus on me and my journey, why I'm doing this, doing what I want to do, whatever that is and whenever that is.
To be totally honest (as I have decided to match Lia in her honesty) if others want to pass judgement on my life and the things I'm doing, then let them, I do not have to listen to people are not important to me and as long as I'm being true to myself and my family unit then all is good.
As I said, yes, within Blogland, we put our day to day out there, we choose to blog about our lives, but people also have the choice to read or not to read and no judgement should be passed.

So 'GO LIA' is what I say, when I check in on any blog it means I want to follow that particular journey, I will read without judgement.

Have a great day everyone
Shar x