Wednesday, December 30, 2009

55 Days & Weekly Training/Nutrition Update


Week 31-32 Preggers (Tuesday 22nd Dec – Monday 28th Dec )

Tuesday – 40 Mins Outdoor Walk (On Holiday)
Wednesday – Rest day
Thursday – Rest day

Friday – Rest Day
Saturday – 60 mins Outdoor walk (with inclines)
Sunday – 60 mins Outdoor walk

Monday – Bodyvive

4 days training this week, decided to allow the bod to chill and relax over Christmas day and Boxing day also choosing to spend that time with the kids and Paul etc.
Weather has been hot in Perth 32-35 ish over Christmas and a 40 degrees on Monday so pleased I was teaching Bodyvive in a A/C studio!!

Treats over Christmas Day and Boxing day, choccies mainly, I had some Quality Street and Roses from the UK J and before you ask yes they are different and I absolutely enjoyed them, guilt free.

We went for a lovely Christmas breakfast that my dad organised as a treat, then he gets gastro and can’t come with us!! Felt the difference in my body from having a few foods that aren’t a part of my daily nutrition anymore and also ate un-organic food, so a combination of that left me feeling a but groggy/sluggish for a day or so, back to normal now though and feeling good.

Feeling / Emotions
Feeling great from a few days off exercise and am ready to get back to my classes and see the final stages of this pregnancy finish in the best way I can, eating well, exercising, resting and enjoying the whole wonderful process.


Loving all the yearly reviews, the new year reso's, the regular posts and the normal inspirational stuff you can get from others blogs.

I am wondering how Hils is doing?? Anyone know? she is about a week and a bit overdue now, Ive dropped past her blog and left a comment but I bet blogging is the last thing on her mind!

Anyway, must dash, dinner to prepare and cook for when Paul gets home, kids will be chewing their fingers off soon :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Live everyday being the best you can be.............

Thats my message for 2010. As for 2009, I had a wonderful Christmas with my precious family and bubba in belly.

I love all the round ups that everyone is doing but I'm not going to try not to do a big lengthy one this year. I'm gonna try and keep it short and sweet and sum up as saying - I have had a great year!! lets see how I go.........
Personally - I have had alot of growth from within and cannot wait to continue this.
Professionally - I have exceeded my dreams to be a Les Mills Presenter and was signed off as a Bodyvive trainer, I continue to teach my group Fitness classes which I LOVE and I am looking forward to stepping out of the GFM role I have held for over 3 years now, this path has to change for me to progress and develop further in other aspects.
Family - I am truly blessed to have my husband and have such gorgeous kids. I also cannot put into words what an amazing journey it has been since Paul and I decided to add to our family further and I am sooooooooo thankful to have the opportunity to have another bubba.
What an exciting 2010 for us all.
Health and Fitness - this has been my year of really finding my way nutrition wise, my way to just be and I can honestly say I have, I am at peace with what to eat, how to eat, why we eat, the quality of what to eat. I have been working with someone especially focusing on pregnancy nutrition and also a holistic approach to eating, which has and still is invaluable, it has been so very interesting and stimulating to me and a direction I would love to go in.
With regards to training, I have some goals I want to achieve in 2010 and one of them is to get back to consistent training other than teaching my classes.
Well that kinda got lengthy!! :) anyway I'll finish with some of my Fav pictures of from this year then some Christmas ones (I love the pics everyone else has been posting up so thought I'd follow the lead).

My babies - One starting High School, one starting Pre-Primary!!

Me and My Big Boy

THE most important people in my life

Me and Bump ready to go to our Buffet Breakfast at Kings Park Restaurant, Perth.

Closer look at the 'new do'

Me, Bump and Princess on the beach Christmas day
(stretch marks from previous pregnancy!)

Have a great new year and remember live everyday being the best you can be
Shar x

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Days left, hospital appt, Weekly Training Update and HAIRCUT!!

62 Days to go!!
Went to the Family Birth Centre for my ante natal appt on Thursday before we left for holiday.
All good, bloods came back fine, Glucose challenge test all good, baby is head down already and his back laying in a great place (not against mine!!) BP still low, no swelling etc I also love hearing bubba boy on the heart rate doppler at each appt.
Midwife even looked at me and said 'hi, you look well!' with a surprised tone in her voice!!
What is it, are you supposed to look and feel like shite when your pregnant???
My other 2 pregnancies weren't as good as this one but if I feel good now I will not hide it nor will I look for something to be wrong, feel crap or even succumb to some symptom the 'book' states you should/might be feeling for the sake of it.
All is well, bubba boy and I are healthy and doing great so far, so I'm gonna enjoy it while it lasts :)

Week 30-31 Preggers (Tuesday 15th Dec – Monday 21st Dec )
Tuesday – Bodyvive
Wednesday – 30 min Outdoor Walk
Thursday – Rest Day
Friday – Rest Day
Saturday – 40 Mins Outdoor Walk (On Holiday)
Sunday – 35 mins Outdoor Walk (On Holiday)
Monday – 45 Mins Outdoor Walk (On Holiday)

5 days training. Please I kept up on Holiday, would have been easy to not do as weather was hot, flys were pissing me off and I got into chill out mode, but ensured we went early on in the day when cool, brought a fly net and decided chill out mode was an excuse and I’m not prepared to use excuses for anything.

Had a few treats over the 5 days whilst away, a breakkie out, a lunch out, a dinner out (all different days!) and a visit to the Margaret River Chocolate factory :) felt a bit off after eating certain foods and I find this very interesting to see how my body responds now.
Ate mindfully and am please with my progress in this area.
Back to eating ‘normally’ today, my new normal that is, remember whats normal for one isn't for another.
The next time I 'indulge' will be Christmas day. Again, indulging for one is different to indulging for another, but this year indulging for me is having a bit of what I fancy when I fancy it, not fighting it to try and be 'perfect' and not binging to the point im sick cause 'I'm starting again' on New years day.

Feeling / Emotions
A bit sad we arn’t with our family in the UK for Christmas but this is a sacrifice we make to live here and have our kids live the life they do. Not long til I see my mumma anyway, she arrives the day before my due date!! 8 weeks 6 days til I pick her up from the airport.

Other stuff
- Christmas shopping done, food shopping done, last day of work before Christmas tomorrow so can’t wait to get that done.
- Maddi and Bryce had a great time on holiday at the beach, swimmng and having family time playing games watching a film or two (was better to be in air con in a few points!)
- We all saw a dolphin swimming past the bay
- Maddi and Bryce are excited about Christmas, surprise, surprise.

I'm getting my hair chopped!! Yep I have had super long hair for about 5 years, then about 5 months ago I went to about 4-5 inches below my shoulders and today I am getting it chopped, into a bob, high at the back, graduated down to just below my chin or might just tell her to do something funky.
I'm sooooooo fed up with putting it back for classes, also I just do it out of habit all other times. I will still have to clip/tie back the fringe/front section so I can see when sweaty!! but the back can be left.
Since I dropped BA and dropped from 12 plus classes to 6-8 I have found there are days when I could do something else with it but don't. sso in honour of my new stage in life, my new approach to everything, my new schedule and the new year I am taking the plunge with a haircut.( normally its a new "kill myself' diet plan I start the new year with!!)
If I like it I'll post a pic, if I don't I'll be crying!!! :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Familymoon and days left

Wow, time is flying! Im on our family holiday and having a great time.

Accomodation is great, spa bath is great :) beach is fab, chillin out is great, the omly thing thats a little dissappointing is that this area has had an influx of flies in the past two weeks and they are freakin everywhere, i HATE them with a passion so am not to happy just walking about at the mo.

Days to go .......... 66 !!!! Although i am very excited to meet bubs and the countdown is on, I am actually loving pregnancy so dont want to rush that. Anyway must dash, updating on my i phone and it takes me a little longer.

Have a great weekend

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

70 days, Weekly Update and me and my bubba's

70 DAYS TO GO!!!

Weekly report
Week 29-30 Preggers (Tuesday 8th Dec – Monday 14th Dec )

Tuesday – Bodyvive
Wednesday – Rest Day
Thursday – Bodyvive
Friday - Bodyvive
Saturday - Bodyvive
Sunday – Rest Day
Monday – Bodyvive
5 days training, all BV, mix of cardio and functional strength.
Still working hard and burning anywhere between 350-450 per class.

All good, eating well, few treats each week, another small drop on scales this week. Really pleased with weight gain in this pregnancy, HEAPS better than the previous 2!!!! On track to stay within the ‘guidelines’ for total preggers gain.
Feeling / Emotions
Very excited. I just cannot wait to see him!!!! I am sooooooo blessed to have what I have. I am so blessed to be able to have my time to become a full time mum for the first time. Bubba and my other two will be better off for it.

Other stuff- ‘familymoon’ getting closer!! 2 days til we leave!!!

Me and my bubba's
(29 weeks preggers, last week)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Can I ??????.............

.............start counting down in days???
Is it to early? there's 74 days to go to due date.

I am soooooooo excited, I have no apprehension at all this time, I am feeling so blessed and am really really really looking forward to finding what I believe is my true purpose for me right now and thats being the best mumma to my 3 bubs full time and being the best wife to Paul I can be.

Of course I do my best everyday for my kids now but having worked through (part time) with them, I can see now what will enhance my family and I and I'm hoping to embrace it with all I have and enhance what we already have.

So, hell yeah I'm gonna countdown however I want, when I want and carry on enjoying this fab journey that is pregnancy (whilst I'm still feeling good), so you know what....................

Days to go!!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Latest Belly Pic / Weekly Training Update

Some growth has occured!!!! Wow this is showing a defo change in bubba size!! it has been longer between pics this time, from 21 wks to 29 weeks so 8 weeks and in a stage where growth is quicker.

Week 28-29 Preggers (Tuesday 1st Dec – Monday 7th Dec )

Tuesday – Bodyvive / Bodyattack
Wednesday – Rest Day
Thursday – Rest Day
Friday - Bodyvive
Saturday - Bodyvive
Sunday – 35 min outdoor powerwalk
Monday – Bodyvive
Very cardio based classes and training, although BV has a functional strength section in each classes so lots of bodyweight stuff and resistance tubing used, but need to get back to so training with Paul, just been snowed under with ‘stuff’.
Not going to be too hard on myself, I’m 29 weeks preggers, training 6 times a week at a mod to hi intensity, all making labour easier, the actual birth easier and post birth recovery easier. All good.

A really good week, cals upped a bit, focus on veggies, a small treat everyday, a meal out with Paul and a loss on the scales again???? Go figure, consistency and eating wholesome nutritious baby growing food I guess.

Feeling / Emotions
need to get a bit more sleep which is getting harder and harder but have to keep on top of this for mine and bubbs sake.

Other stuff
- ‘familymoon’ getting closer!! 8 days til we leave!!!

Here's a pic of me and the most wonderful person in the world, my hubby (excuse my cheesy smile and his mouth, he was talkng as Bryce pressed the button!). xx

10 weeks 6 days to go!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Weekly Training / Nutrition Update

Week 27-28 Preggers (Tuesday 24th-Monday 30th Nov)

Tuesday – 35 min incline treadmill walk / Bodybalance
Wednesday – Bodyvive / Bodybalance / Bodyvive
Thursday - Bodyvive
Friday - Rest day
Saturday - Bodyattack
Sunday - Rest day
Monday – Bodyvive

Just incase you were wondering (probably not one bit!! but) I am burning approx 400 cals in Bodyvive with max hr of 160 ish and average of 145 ish.

Bodyattack is a bit more at 500 cals, max of 170ish and average of 150ish.

I don’t wear it for BB although all the up and down, bending, folding, standing strength poses from yoga is starting to get challenging and I do find myself breathless in parts.

My 30 min incline treadmill walks get me to about 200-250 cals, max hr of about 135, average about 120-125.

Just loving where I’m at for the first time in my life. Very consistent, very focused on feeding bubs good, wholesome food, eating a very balanced diet.
Of course I’m real, not everyday is rosy, I still crave certain foods and if I allowed them to be, certain foods could trigger me, but I’m so much more aware now.

Feeling / Emotions
Feeling great in general, tired in the afternoon which can make me feel emotional but overall doing well considering my activity level is at the higher end for someone that’s in 3rd tri of pregnancy and the fact that sleep is starting to get difficult!!

Other stuff
- little girls birthday was great, she said she had the best day ever, don’t you love kids!!
- Launched Bodyattack on Saturday and Tuesday, the more I do the new one the more I love it. Lay’s me out afterwards though!!
- I am SOOOOOO looking forward to our ‘familymoon’ that we are having before bubs arrives, 14 days to go.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Weekly Training / Nutrition Update

A bit late, should have done on Monday night once my preggy week is up, but hey, better late than never :)

Week 26 - 27 Preggers (Tuesday 17th - Monday 23rd November)

Tuesday - Bodybalance / Bodyattack
Wednesday - Bodybalance / Bodyvive
Thursday - Bodyvive
Friday - Rest day
Saturday - Bodyattack
Sunday - Rest day
Monday - 30 min Incline Treadmill walk

Consisted of mainly Organic / Free Range food.
Averaging 3 meals and 2 snacks per day, some days this week I had a 3rd snack, this was due to hunger which I put down to the amount of exercise I'm doing at this stage of pregnancy.
2.5 - 3 lts water per day, managed to get most days to 3lts
As an average I got 2 fruits per day and 2 veg this week

Feeling / Emotions
Feeling great still, very controlled with nutrition, feeling great for staying active and know that this is such a bonus for later stages of pregnancy and labour, plus the other side.
Our class rosters have been done from Dec to Feb and I have myself finishing up classes 5 days before due date.

Other stuff
- little girls birthday this weekend so we are busy sorting pressies, party etc.
- we have our new releases being launched from this weekend, I am launching Bodyattack with two of my instructors tomorrow and I can't wait the new BODYATTACK ROCKS!!! if your a BA'er and you have done the new release, what do you reckon!!??? Good or what?
- some exciting stuff happening for Paul, will have more on that next week.
- and just something random ...........I love our Guinea Pigs :)

- Rae ordered an ECO -TANKA and cool KOOLERS from us earlier in the week, she has posted here about them and also included a picture of the KOOLER we are both a bit partial too, the camo one.
We still stock, at a competitive price, a wide range of ECO-TANKAs for anyone that's interested, they would make a cool Christmas pressie, especially with a Cool Kooler :) for any friends that are exercisers or anyone that is interested in stopping drinking from plastic.
Also I had info come in yesterday that they are now making a great new size, specially for us active peeps, that like to drink lots - a 2l MEGA TANKA!!
Anyway, for info sheets, other sizes available, kooler colours and prices please feel free to e mail me on :)

Have a great weekend
Shar x

Monday, November 23, 2009

Yeah Yeah - 3rd Trimester baby!!!!

Your baby now weighs nearly 2 pounds/ and measure's 36.6 centimetres from head to toe.
His eyes open and close, he sleeps and wakes at regular intervals and he may suck a finger or thumb.
Sweet dreams, little baby! Some experts believe that babies begin to dream by the 28th week. What do they dream about? No one knows for certain but the brain is active this week as well.
The characteristic grooves on the brain's surface start to appear and more brain tissue develops. Chalk up any rhythmic movement you may be feeling to a case of the hiccups, which are common this week and throughout the pregnancy. Your baby has them but is breathing in amniotic fluid rather than air.

Since your uterus is now up near your rib cage, you may now find yourself short of breath if you haven't already. Starting now and continuing through the last three months of pregnancy, you may be plagued by leg cramps, haemorrhoid's, varicose veins and an itchy abdomen.

So thats bubs and me this week as we head into the final trimester!! I luckily am not experiencing any of the above complaints, if anything I'm just a bit tired but hey, that could be due to not getting enough sleep!! :)

I love feeling him moving and so does Paul, he kicks/punches that hard now that he moves my/Paul's hand (arm if its resting on belly).
Names are down to a select few now but free free to randomly comment if a cool, funky or classic name comes to you suddenly and you feel the need to suggest it!! :)

So 92 days to go!! talking of days to go, i have an app on my i phone called days until.

6 days until daughter birthday
24 days until our Familymoon
32 days until Christmas
77 days until big boys birthday
91 days until my mum and stepdad arrive
92 days until bubba is due

I reakon that's a very exciting / love filled / family enjoyment time ahead!!!
......................but for now enjoy the moment that is now!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Weekly report.............

A bit late, should have reviewed on Tuesday!! Already 2/3 of the way through this week, oh well here's last weeks Weekly health and Fitness Round up......

Week 25 - 26 Preggers
(Tuesday 10th - Monday 16th November)

Tuesday - Rest day
Wednesday - Bodyvive a.m / Bodyvive p.m
- Rest day
Friday - Rest day
Saturday - Presented for Les Mills - Bodyvive
- Bodyattack
Monday - Rest day

Consisted of Organic / Free Range food.
Averaging 3 meals and 2 snacks per day
2.5 - 3 lts water per day
As an average I got 2 fruits per day but only 1 veg this week

Feelings / Emotions and then some!!!

Was a highly stressful week for me, what with preparing for the Les Mills Presentation and having Paul away.

Dealt with it all better than I would have previously so good to see trying to embrace the positive a bit more is helping.

One major break through for me is that normally I go hell for leather trying to lose as much weight as poss before a LM quarterly workshop (normally starting from the day after one, to the next scheduled date, 12 weeks just enough time right :) ???) but without success and following my lifelong habit of binge/starve/cry and cry for 'failing'/find focus/start gain/binge /starve/cry and cry......................... but I am soooooo excited to say I am finally embracing, (and succeeding) in being what I used to term 'normal' eating/training habits, although I now understand there is no normal, as whats normal for one isn't normal for another.

BUT for me, I am in a place where.....

I no longer fight,
I no longer fail,
I no longer crave,
I no longer cry (about my self image and food relationship)
I no longer punish
I no longer want to eat like others eat,
I no longer judge others for what they eat,
I no longer have good and bad foods (there are of course 'better for you' foods and 'not so good for you' foods) but nothing is right or wrong or banned
I no longer allow food to control me
I no longer binge
I no longer have an all or nothing mentality
I could probably go on and on listing destructive behaviours I have finally rid myself of.
I am also not saying that any of the above are wrong to have as behaviours, some might thrive on having food control them, some might enjoy judging others for what they eat, may really love to binge and you know what thats cool for them and I wouldn't judge but I'm just saying I don't want them in my life anymore, they have caused me to waste time, energy and emotion.

I am also not saying I will not ever have any of the above return, I'm not perfect, old habits die hard but the main thing is that I have been following a journey that feels cleansing, allows me to feel free not trapped and I am learning something everyday, I can ask for nothing more.

This is the place I have wished for, cried for ''I just wish i'' I would think as I mentally abused myself for failing again. FAILING FREAKIN WHAT!!!!!! 'the plan'?, the new diet?, the new approach?, the bust my ass for 8-12 weeks to get to 'happy' place?
You can never fail if you learn something from every situation you go through.

I still want to look great, feel great, by no means does the above mean I don't care anymore, that I don't strive to be a healthy and fit role model for my kids, to be a role model for my members that are trying to achieve an active lifestyle, it means I have found a way to do all of this in a soul nourishing way and that to me is really living it, really enjoying and embracing the process.

OMG!!! This is getting to be way more than I was going to write!!!

Goals / Try to Improve for next week
- Water to 3 lts every day, really need to focus on this a bit more, always at least 2.4 lts but want to edge it up a bit more.
- Sleep - ensure I'm getting at least 7.5 hours, aiming for 8 per night, carried over from last week need to do this sooooo bad.
- didn't achieve my 2 sessions with Paul so thats still on the list for this week.

This week (started on Tuesday) has flown by and is going very well, if anything I need to eat a bit more and also up my sleep, my energy is flagging and because I have come to know my body and its reactions a bit more, thats my judgement call.

Anyway, i'll leave you with another fav Bodyattack poster in honour of the class i did this morning.............................

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

WOW..........what a whirlwind

Well, I presented Bodyvive for Les Mills on the weekend and all went well.

Of course I have self assessed and received some on the spot feedback from the Master trainer
that heads up the WA team now and we always have stuff we can improve on, but having sat on it for a few days I'm please with how I went.

I still have the video to go to the specific Bodyvive Master Trainer for detailed feedback, then I have to implement that into next Quarterly workshop presentation (and my daily classes!).

Yes, you heard right, I'm on the line up for the first quarter in 2010!! 10 days before bub is due :) I will however have two others here presenting with me and will only be allocated 3 or so tracks, a lot different pressure wise to the whole release of 12 tracks.

Anyway, my GFM job is just coming through a heavy period of completing our 3 month roster, we had to survey members, get rid of classes that are at risk (under 30% capacity), make any timetable changes that improve our GF 'business', then we have to allocate classes to everyone for the next three months making sure we don't clash across the 7 clubs we have here in Perth, take any dates they are away, cover those classes for them, prepare the Christmas roster around opening hours, then complete the roster document to e mail out to each one, get it all double checked and then...........its set for 3 months!! PHEW.
+ and - to doing it this way but one major plus is its a heap of work over say a 2 week period then if classes need covering, instructors go away or are sick etc, they are responsible for sorting a cover for their class etc.

For me right now it is great, I pretty much just done my last roster (depending on when I decide to finish up GFM as I'm thinking of hanging on a few more weeks to get extra pay and some more holiday allocation) so I can sit back, relax and enjoy the next 3 months, which happens to be all I have left of pregnancy and it includes Maddis birthday, a 'Familymoon' holiday, the kids school holidays, new year, Bryce's birthday........... busy but great time ahead.

Paul is back from educating himself AGAIN!! all good as it can only enhance the business but I hate him being away! :)

I have had a great week of results from nutrition and training and am getting heaps of comments when people see me, with most saying I'm 'glowing', I really don't think I went through this stage with my other two and I must say it is down to nutrition, exercise and 'thoughts'.
I will do my weekly round up again later on tomorrow but already know my focuses for this week that started Tuesday.

Have a good one, Shar x

OH YEAH - FERN - Thanks for asking and I would love to read your blog please comment me your e mail so I can send you mine. xx

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Send your positive vibes.... I am presenting for Les Mills again today and I'm feeling a little under the pump!!
I'm the type of person that puts so much pressure on myself that the negative thoughts start to edge in, this is one area I am trying to change and develop within myself.

Anyhooooooo, I'm presenting Bodyvive, I have a shadow presenter (someone who shadows the moves) as I was on my own but there are a few moves that I can't do due to having a baby belly.
A normal Quarterly Workshop I have 6 tracks to learn, script and present.........this quarter I have all 12 plus the education session!! Paul has been away since Thursday, he's away in Sydney and I'd normally have him handling the kids............. oh crap I'm starting to panic!! OK I'm going to get the last few practice runs in.....................
See you on the flipside, way less stressed and hoping to sleep well tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its gonna be OK, It gonna be OK, Its gonna be OK, just breathe Shar............


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Training and Nutrition Update - Preggers week 24-25

So the week that was - Week 24 - 25 (Tuesday 3rd - Monday 9th)

Tuesday - Bodybalance
Wednesday - Bodyvive / Bodybalance / Bodyvive
Thursday - Rest day
Friday - Incline Treaddie Walk 40 mins
Saturday - Bodyattack / Bodybalance
Sunday - Outdoor Walk 30 mins
Monday - Incline Treaddie Walk 40 mins

Consisted of Organic / Free Range food.
Averaging 3 meals and 2 snacks per day
2.5 - 3 lts water per day
At least 2 fruit and 2 veg serves per day.
(small amount of organic choc each day too!!)

I am still weighing myself, I have a total gain for this pregnancy that I am
hoping to come in under as I gained alot (25 - 30kg) with Maddi (and Bryce for that matter) and do not want that happening again for a number of reasons including health, ease of labour,
recovery after etc.

I am please to say after a quick initial gain around the morning sickness time,
when I couldn't stop eating to stop me feeling sick, my weight stabilised and I have noted small losses for the last 6 weeks.
Both my doctor and the nutritionist I have been working with online (to gain knowledge about types of foods important etc) both confirm this is ok due to the initial gain, belly growth etc etc.

So the above has been the norm for a while, but a definite shift for the better since my energy kicked back in after sickness passed.

Goals / Improvements for next week
- Water to 3 lts every day
- Sleep - ensure I'm getting at least 7.5 hours, aiming for 8 per night.
- Get back into training with Paul 2 x week

Hope everyone has a happy and healthy week, Shar

Friday, November 6, 2009

Saturday Session - Yeah bring it on!!

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, Me and bubba boy go and Bodyattack on a Saturday morning its my old class that someone has now taken on covering for me until I've had bubba boy.
I love this poster...........

Then I will teach my Bodybalance to lengthen and strengthen and to seal the workout.
Have a great Saturday morning all, Shar x

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

24 Weeks and Weekly Health and Fitness Update

24 Weeks Today
What they say - Baby Stuff - He still has little body fat and his skin is thin and fragile, he's now well-proportioned. His brain is growing rapidly, and he is starting to fill the space in your uterus. From crown to heel he could measure 30 centimetres.

What I say - I am feeling great at the moment, sleeping well, with pillow for belly and leg support now though! I am easily getting up in the mornings, I an exercising regularly, eating with control from a full range of organic and free range products for health and wellness. No complaints, I love being preggers and I love baby boy growing strong, he is soooo active and there is no other feeling quite like it when he is kicking, punching etc.

Weekly Health & Fitness report - actually my health and fitness preggers so far.................

I haven't really updated in relation to my health and fitness, which is what I started this whole blogging journey was originally for (back in 2005!!!) so decided I might just throw in so updates each week alongside my preggy updates.

So as my blog is about being a mum on a mission, that I am!

I have to admit I went through a spell back in the first stages where i was sick for about 7 weeks (weeks 7 - 14) i nibbled on not so healthy food to find my way out of sickness as nothing seemed to help, I couldn't face sitting up without the nausea getting worse, let alone exercising and basically got a bit down on myself mentally. A 'few' :) excess kilos crept on and I definitely laid down those fat stores early on, not good, I'm all for the body doing what its gotta do to support the pregnancy but excess is just that and not required.

Then the belly growth sprouted, earlier in this preggers, (3rd bub and all may have something to do with it??) and I ended up not feeling so good. If i'm honest I ended up in a place where I was starting to return to binging habits, the oh well I'll do this now and deal with it later etc, when all I really deep down wanted was to just embrace pregnancy, allow my body to do all these wonderful things and sod everything else. I put alot of thought into how the past has been, what behaviours I have, what has caused them, the list is endless, but I spent a good few weeks just in thought.

I considered stepping away from Group Fitness, meaning giving up my Les Mill Presenter / Trainer position which is my dream and that I have worked bloody hard for and continue to do so, giving up all classes, leaving my GFM job sooner rather than later, all because I was blaming 'the industry' for the pressure to look good all the time. This was one of many 'solutions' I came up with to solve everything.

Of course nothing was just going to magically solve itself, I was feeling very hormonal and doing my whole 'I want this sorted now' 'all or nothing' 'I want answers' thing. I was over trying to solve 'the problem', I was over 'fighting' the same thing over and over.

Luckily my common sense and reality hit...........there is nothing to blame, there is no-one to blame, I am me, I am Shar, I have the power, strength and knowledge to live a happy, loving, wonderful, healthy life. If I do "MY' best, no-one else best, for 'ME' and my family, not for anyone else, everyday what more can you possibly want or need???? If I can lay in bed each night in the knowledge I have taken good care of me and my family, both mentally and physically what more could i possibly do.

This is just another journey, a very special one, one that cannot be taken for granted, not enjoyed, not nurtured.

I'm happy to say that as though a switch was flicked I have been living exactly that way ever since, doing what I can each day, making the most of what I have, the most of what I can bring to me and my family each day, enjoying my classes, exercising for health, eating for wellness and healing.

It has been a good couple of months now, consistency in both mind and the physical have me sat in a great place. It feels so cool, it feels right and feels like this is what I have been searching for for quite some time. Don't get me wrong I still have days where I have to work extra hard, where my energy is stretch, to be able keep the mind on an even keel, to feel great about me, to give all I can give to my family, but I'm damn sure I'd rather be doing that than killing myself with self criticism, self doubt and abusing my body with negative emotion and dead food.

I have found a way that works for me. I couldn't have done it without my rock, Paul. My beautiful children, that I only have to think about and my soul is nourished and at peace...... and of course just feel a kick from the 3rd precious gift I am looking after right now.

So from a quick update on bubs and my weekly Health and Fitness to a long post about other stuff!!! I'll have to come back later and update the week that was as we have school to get to!!!!

Thanks for listening, have the best day 'YOU' can have!! Shar x

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Loving this book!

I'm reading a really great book right now and even if your not pregnant if you are

a Personal Trainer it would make interesting Reading for you or even as a recommendation for any clients that are pregnant that just want more info than -' don't take your heart rate over 140', 'don't do any impact', 'just swim, walk and do yoga', 'don't start exercising during pregnancy if you weren't' etc etc.

Exercising Through Your Pregnancy - James F.Clapp III. M.D.

I am Pre and Post Natal qualified but I know how much the guidelines have changed since I did my qually and how much they continue to change.

As this is an area I want to move into more professionally and for obvious personal reasons I have been doing lots of research on the WWW but still had some questions, every site I can across (apart from the Medical ones, which still took a stand back stance really!) were just sticking to the old 'yes exercise is good, but keep it to swimming, yoga and walking' 'keep your heart rate here.....' etc etc and yes these are great guidelines for the general population but for those who were regularly active before its not really applicable or what we want to hear.

This is rightly so according to this book.

Chapter 1 starts with - CLARIFYING THE DEBATE OVER EXERCISE AND PREGNANCY, Dr Clapp received a call back in 1970 that was an inquiry about the effects of Mountain Climbing on a woman and her fetus during early pregnancy, the questions were such things as - would the decreased oxygen in the air induce malformations in the fetus? would the intense effort on climbing reduce blood flow to the womb and cause a miscarriage?

He states he had no answers, so went to the library and found nothing there!

Only finding that that pregnancy was a time for moderation, and women should not introduce new activity or attempt anything physically challenging.

This was clearly showing the traditional approach - if the risk is unknown just avoid it.

He was shocked by the lack of information and so in 1976 he embarked on his quest to answer any related questions to exercising in pregnancy and the effects on both t he mother and baby.

Then book then details all studies, tests and experiments with results, looking at benefits of exercising on different body systems, how it benefits mother and baby, exercise effects on placentae growth, labour, breastfeeding etc.

They studied two groups of women, an EXERCISE GROUP and a CONTROL GROUP. To be part of the exercise group the women had to maintain her exercise regimen above 50% of her pre-pregnancy level, secondly her level of exercise had to remain above that required to maintain basic fitness (3 x per week, 20 minutes at a mod to hard level).

Some of the EXERCISE GROUP exercised vigorously to within a week of delivery. The CONTROL GROUP was made up of women that rarely engaged in sustained exercise but occasionally played tennis, went for a walk or did the gardening and so on.

Then he shows in graphs and charts the result of areas studied of these two groups, the results are really interesting (to me anyway!). They cover week of delivery, effects of regular exercise on fetal growth, birth stats of the bubs, placentae growth, maternal weight gain of each group, skinfolds to show fat deposition, effects on labour - including pain relief, intervention, C-sec outcome, length of labour, I could go on and on, but I'm sure you get the idea.

I am very focused on another natural birth, free of drugs and intervention, this time it will be even more so than Maddi was, as I am hoping to be accepted to the Family Birth centre and change from the hospital.

From reading and researching, knowing my body and how I feel, exercising at a mod to hard level from the outset and hopefully until the end will/has given myself and bubs the best opportunity to have the pregnancy, labour and delivery that is best for both of us.

I am actually looking forward to labour!!!!!!! a bit stunned by that myself :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Over Halfway!!

I'm just over 23 weeks preggers now and the time is flying!!
Feeling great apart from a little lull in energy in the afternoon, but I used to get that anyway!! :)

Baby now weighs a little over 500 grams and measures about 29 centimetres from crown to heel. WOW, nearly as long as a ruler!!
He can hear me so I am singing a sequence of three songs/rhymes daily. I used to sing to the first two kids which used to settle them at sleep time or any time they were upset, also good as Paul and the kids can do that too.

Having a few thoughts about names, a bit stuck, only one has grabbed me and I'm finding I'm a little reserved on using it for a few reasons. I like unusual or not common but not to out there. So got any you like and your done with your kids, throw me a comment and I can run it past the jury! :)

Got some other stuff to update on will try and get back soon, Shar x

Monday, October 19, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes........


My dad took Maddi and Bryce out for a milkshake after school today, they stop at a junction and Maddi looks at this road sign.................

then asks my dad......... ''Pops, does that mean no boomerangs''

Monday, October 12, 2009


Obviously I have lots of change on the horizon, becoming a mum of 3 not 2 is a major change, but alongside that is the change to my career/job/work situation.

My new career is that I will become a FULL TIME MUMMA!!! I have always wanted this to be the case with my first two but due to money, migrating to Australia etc I didn't have that opportunity. NOW I DO and I feel very blessed.

Jan 31st see's me finish up as Group Fitness Manager, I have chosen to take my 12 months unpaid maternity instead of just resign, this gives me scope should there be any unplanned financial change in our situation or maybe just maybe at a year old and Paul and I can work it I may (not likely!) want to return.

So in a little under 16 weeks I will be on my new journey, a couple of weeks at Christmeas thats quiet, a couple of weeks holiday will help this figure reduce a little!! YES I AM COUNTING!

I have changed my blog to show this change, I'm a mum on a mission, a mission of living a fit and healthy lifestyle and being the best I can be for myself and my precious family.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Do you..................

Believe in your heart that something wonderful is about to happen.
Love your life.
Believe in your own powers, and your own potential, and in your own innate goodness.
Wake every morning with the awe of just being alive.
Discover each day the magnificent, awesome beauty in the world.
Explore and embrace life in yourself and in everyone you see each day.
Reach within to find your own specialness.
Amaze yourself and rouse those around you to the potential of each new day.
Don't be afraid to admit that you are less than perfect; this is the essence of your humanity.
Let those who love you help you.
Trust enough to be able to take.
Look with hope to the horizon of today, for today is all we truly have.
Live this day well.
Let a little sun out as well as in.
Create your own rainbows.
Be open to all your possibilities; all possibilities and Miracles.
Always believe in Miracles.

Have a great day xx

Monday, September 28, 2009

The week that was.........

Warning - Proud mum & family post -

What an amazing week for me as a Mum :)
I am sooooooooo looking forward to being a full time / stay at home mum, have always worked the first two and sometimes it all gets to much juggling all the time, I have always craved 'just' being a mum (a very important and under rated job in itself), I can't wait and when you have weeks like I have just had it reminds you how amazing it is to be a mum and just how much more I will be able to give when I don't have to put in energy to anything else apart from my kids and Paul. I am a very lucky lady.

- Tuesday - Bryce goes to District presentation night and gets Runner Up Fairest and Best for the district in footy. He was winning the votes up to the point he had to take some matches off due to injury, 5 in total. One match he was pulled off in the 1st 5 mins due to going up for a mark and hurting it again, then in the last 1/4 his team started to look a little shaky, the scores started to even up, coach turns to Bryce, says 'your going on', on he goes and scores 3 in 10 mins!! He got 3 votes for that match!

- Thursday - Bryce has Footy Club awards night. Gets top goal scorer for his team.

- Friday - Anatomy Scan - this was amazing, we were in there 45 mins and saw every possible bit of baby boy. Yes, got the doodle checked again, defo a BOY. Measuring good for dates, everything where it should be says the sonographer, just have to go to doctors for de-brief, check up and last appointment with her, then in 3 weeks I get handed over to the hospital and my team of midwifes that will see me through to birth.
Although I may have one more change as I am requesting to be transferred to the Birthing Centre to try and get the more natural birth experience. Birth centre is next to hospital and has all the medical options should they be needed for either me or bubs but if not needed it is more the environment I want.
Having done it twice now I have clearer views of what I want and what I DON'T want :)

Friday - Bryce gets notification of representing the school at the interschool athletics in 100m having had 2nd best time at the school athletics carnival.

- Saturday - Maddi has observation day at gymnastics. As Maddi is with the Australian Institute of Sport for Gymnastics and their job is to try and produce national and international gymnasts (Olympics) it is quite a tight run ship and we are not aloud to watch training sessions, the first 10 minutes only. So as you can imagine an observation day is really special. We went to watch on Saturday and were amazed as to the level she is at the progress she has made in a short space of time. It was fantastic, we also got to spend the last 20 minutes in the gym hall and they were showing there favourite thing on the trampoline, maddis new trick is standing and landing a front somersault, which she was very pleased to show us.

- Saturday arvo we all spent some time outdoors in the sunshine with the guinea pigs on the grass.

- Sunday - Went and had family breakfast at Hilary's boat harbour, did weekend things like going to DIY store to get things we have been meaning to get to do small jobs at home.

- Monday - PUBLIC HOLIDAY in WA. Paul got up with Maddi so I could lay in til 7.30am!! Luxury. Went and did my Organics shopping whilst Paul and kids had breakie,brunch and drinks.
Spent the afternoon in the kitchen prepping meals fro the week.
Went for a long walk with Paul and Maddi (on her bike), 65 mins of brisk walking.

So that's my week that was, kids are on holiday for 2 weeks now, got to juggle that for probably what will be the last school holidays working for a while :)
Have great week everyone, Health and fitness focus is to return to this blog shortly :) but at the end of the day the above is what makes me healthy and happy and thats that.
Shar x

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Learning, Growing, Remembering the basics and whats important

- Sometimes we get caught up in sweating the 'small stuff', you know shite that in the grand scheme of things does not matter.

- Sometimes we plan, plan and plan, to do this do that, to achieve this to achieve that, all of which is worth crap all if you don't execute a plan, if you don't DO the DO.

- Sometimes we allow un-important people influence our thoughts.

- Sometimes we forget what it is we have achieved and where we came from.

- Sometimes all we truly need is the basics, the important things and just keep life simple.

I personally have been guilty of this quite alot through my life and it is not good for the spirit let alone the mind and body.
Time for this chicky to remember her journey.................

Sweating the Small stuff - in the grand scheme of things money and working yourself into the ground are really not important. I could work all I like, earn lots of money but what use are these to me if I don't have my spirit nourishing family around me, if I don't have health etc etc

Always Planning ahead - I totally agree we need to know the direction we are going and also have a clear picture of what we want to achieve but these are useless if we don't even make it round the first corner because we don't (in the words of nike) 'JUST DO IT'.
We need positive action to get to our destination.

Un-important people influencing your thoughts/behaviour - you can interpret who these people are in many ways, it could be the people you work with, the people that you allow to wind you up when you are driving, gossip etc etc, its an individual thing, but for me far to many times I have let others opinions, attitudes and thoughts influence me in a negative way.
Its only now I am getting older and I'm really 'coming home' in regards to how I want to walk my path that I am starting to work through not allowing this to affect me on a daily basis.

Remembering what we have achieved and where we came from -
this is far to deep for me to go into here, but I feel we always need to remember our achievements, this could be relating to many aspects, our family, our work our health and fitness.

Some of my achievements -
Contributing to raising my gorgeous precious gifts.

Coming from this................... to this

Growing and developing with Paul, I cannot put into word what this man means to me, what he gives unconditionally to me and what a beautiful soul he is.

And finally where I came from, my precious mumma (& step dad) has taught me many things, more than I think and lessons that are still becoming clear.

For me, the basics and important things to keep life simple -

And of course not forgetting my baby boy growing strong to come and join our wonderful family!

It is a constant learning curve and battle sometimes to try and remember all this and implement it into my daily life.
- I'm a worrier so I do sweat the small stuff,
- I have a firey side to me and let others wind me up with their influences and judgement,
- I do forget what great achievements I have made as I have tended to over criticize myself and think in a negative way
- I do complicate things sometimes.............
but the above is definitely something I'm working towards because at the end of the day, life's to short to 'sweat the small stuff', to worry, to let other determine who I am and what I do and to forget what I have achieved.
All you can do each day is - Do what you can, with what you have.
Have a great day and when challenged or tested....... remember whats important.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Results are in!!!

We're expecting a BABY BOY!!!! I actually burst in to tears, like sobbing tears, of happiness of course, before the sonographer said what it was as I had figured out what she had found, A DOODLE!!

I had convinced myself that I would have another girl, I think because I would love to have another boy and didn't want to pin my hopes on it. We are all over the moon, Bryce wanted a baby brother having already got a little sis, Maddi thought it was a girl but is thrilled its a boy and says its cool to have two brothers (it actually suits her to stay the only (princess) girl!!), It been so long since Bryce was small (he's nearly 14) so I'm looking forward to having a small boy around again, Paul in his calm way was saying boy all along and just kept smiling at me when I was convincing myself it was a girl.

OMG!! how cool are the 3D scans!! We think we will book in for a full package with them when I'm further along and the baby has more fat on it, still looks a bit skeletal at the mo, but gorgeous all the same.
Got a 10 min DVD of everything we looked at, really fascinating, baby's legs were kicking around and it is soooo cool to see movement in 3D.

Anyways Thanks to all those who voted (27), well done to the 6 that voted Boy!!
Have a great Sunday, I'm off to so spend some time with my BIG baby boy, we're going to watch the FINAL footy game that he would have made has they not got knocked out in the first round. Some of Bryce's friends are playing.
Shar x

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Voting over........

So voting over!! A HUGE thank you, I had 27 people vote, how cool!
here's how we stack up -

Boy - 6 (22%)
Girl - 21 (77%)

A very definite % thinking/guessing Girl, Maddi and I - think its a girl, Paul and Bryce think Boy, although Bryce wants a boy not sure if he thinks it a boy!! :)
So in 5 hours I will know and as said before although it doesn't matter as long as all is well for bubs, I am very excited.

I have my usual Bodyattack this morning, still going although getting harder due to the intensity, impact and heat that I produce when doing it, I have rostered myself on for a few more weeks, until 21/22 weeks I think but may ask my cover instructors to step in a week or so earlier.
Then I will just do some jogging instead as I can control the intensity more than when teaching, I have to go for it as that's what the members want and expect.
All our launches are over now and the new chorie is well and truly cemented in the brain which feels good. I even did an extra Bodyattack launch this week, which was fun.

I am looking at my little calender thing on my sidebar and thinking maybe I should try and schedule a day where i do nothing!! Even Bodybalance (if done correctly!) is taxing and they are heading in a difference direction with that programme which is making it harder.

Anyways, will blog the result tomorrow maybe, all being well that the baby plays game, letting the sonographer between the legs to view!!

Have a great Saturday all
Shar xx