Monday, September 28, 2009

The week that was.........

Warning - Proud mum & family post -

What an amazing week for me as a Mum :)
I am sooooooooo looking forward to being a full time / stay at home mum, have always worked the first two and sometimes it all gets to much juggling all the time, I have always craved 'just' being a mum (a very important and under rated job in itself), I can't wait and when you have weeks like I have just had it reminds you how amazing it is to be a mum and just how much more I will be able to give when I don't have to put in energy to anything else apart from my kids and Paul. I am a very lucky lady.

- Tuesday - Bryce goes to District presentation night and gets Runner Up Fairest and Best for the district in footy. He was winning the votes up to the point he had to take some matches off due to injury, 5 in total. One match he was pulled off in the 1st 5 mins due to going up for a mark and hurting it again, then in the last 1/4 his team started to look a little shaky, the scores started to even up, coach turns to Bryce, says 'your going on', on he goes and scores 3 in 10 mins!! He got 3 votes for that match!

- Thursday - Bryce has Footy Club awards night. Gets top goal scorer for his team.

- Friday - Anatomy Scan - this was amazing, we were in there 45 mins and saw every possible bit of baby boy. Yes, got the doodle checked again, defo a BOY. Measuring good for dates, everything where it should be says the sonographer, just have to go to doctors for de-brief, check up and last appointment with her, then in 3 weeks I get handed over to the hospital and my team of midwifes that will see me through to birth.
Although I may have one more change as I am requesting to be transferred to the Birthing Centre to try and get the more natural birth experience. Birth centre is next to hospital and has all the medical options should they be needed for either me or bubs but if not needed it is more the environment I want.
Having done it twice now I have clearer views of what I want and what I DON'T want :)

Friday - Bryce gets notification of representing the school at the interschool athletics in 100m having had 2nd best time at the school athletics carnival.

- Saturday - Maddi has observation day at gymnastics. As Maddi is with the Australian Institute of Sport for Gymnastics and their job is to try and produce national and international gymnasts (Olympics) it is quite a tight run ship and we are not aloud to watch training sessions, the first 10 minutes only. So as you can imagine an observation day is really special. We went to watch on Saturday and were amazed as to the level she is at the progress she has made in a short space of time. It was fantastic, we also got to spend the last 20 minutes in the gym hall and they were showing there favourite thing on the trampoline, maddis new trick is standing and landing a front somersault, which she was very pleased to show us.

- Saturday arvo we all spent some time outdoors in the sunshine with the guinea pigs on the grass.

- Sunday - Went and had family breakfast at Hilary's boat harbour, did weekend things like going to DIY store to get things we have been meaning to get to do small jobs at home.

- Monday - PUBLIC HOLIDAY in WA. Paul got up with Maddi so I could lay in til 7.30am!! Luxury. Went and did my Organics shopping whilst Paul and kids had breakie,brunch and drinks.
Spent the afternoon in the kitchen prepping meals fro the week.
Went for a long walk with Paul and Maddi (on her bike), 65 mins of brisk walking.

So that's my week that was, kids are on holiday for 2 weeks now, got to juggle that for probably what will be the last school holidays working for a while :)
Have great week everyone, Health and fitness focus is to return to this blog shortly :) but at the end of the day the above is what makes me healthy and happy and thats that.
Shar x

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