Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mummy Guilt

Motherhood is amazing, no two days are the same.......hard for me the control freak, kids teach you something new everyday, they do something new everyday, When you think you got it all aorted you are thrown a curve ball, but the main thing I'm finding is that i feel guilty alot as a mum.

For example, Freddy has been quite poorly and I have taken that on board as my fault, as I write that I know it sounds stupid but still could it have been prevented? Did he get sick from going swimming in a cool pool? Did he pick it up from daycare? (probably! he goes one day a week but more than likely he will pick up all sorts) am I feeding him a good enough diet to help him stay strong? I could go on and on.

Another example......last night I was home alone with the two babies, Freddy got upset and was more than likely in a bit of pain, so I was trying to resettle him and Archie started crying, it was feed time.
I basically had to run between the two of them trying to make right for both, neither of whom understood why mummy kept running away into another room, my heart was wrenching for the other bub whom I wasnt with at that moment, I felt guilty.

When I was working And I couldn't attend some of the school events etc I felt guilty then.

Any mums out there, do you get the attack of the guilts for whatever reason?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Adapting to being mum of 4, new blog thanks and grateful in April

Hi all, so I was taking a break from blogging here but now Ive decided I have 2 blogs this one will as it says in the description more about my day to day mummy adventures and my other one, see right sidebar, is training / getting back into shape focused.

Firstly, Thanks to all those who e mailed me that wanted to read the other blog, its great to have your bloggy support :) Anyone else that wants to read, just e mail me at the address to the right.

So anyway, I'm slowly adapting to being a mum again, this time its very different for me in that theres not the big gap as is between the first 3 and Freddy and Archie are back to back.
It has been a tough week or so and Paul went back to work on Monday but actually since then I seem to have got into the swing of things and all is good so far.
Freddy is adapting well and has gone from not liking Archie crying and being a bit put out to giving him kisses and stroking gently, which is amazing for a just 1 year old that really doesn't understand what a new baby is. I must say I am glad the gap is no bigger as I wont get the jealousy or any of the behaviour changes that can sometimes come with that.

Archie is great, breastfeeding well and sleeping lots of course, he is back at birth weight already and is a very calm baby.

So with all the above said it is obvious what I'm grateful in April for, a healthy and happy family, a wonderful husband who is a wonderful dad.

Have a great day all.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

If you want to read..........

.......My 'your not the boss of me' blog, Please let me know by e mail and ill invite You.

Before you decide, here's what will be going on in that blog.

- My journey in 2011 to regaining fitness to allow me to teach my fav group fitness classes, including my beloved Bodyattack.
- attempting to train for a 1/2 marathon
- other training / exercise related chat

For those not wanting to read or trying to remove themselves from 'dieting / weight loss ' maybe not for you because eventually it
will include (once I can ensure breastfeeding is established etc)
- 'weight loss' talk, numbers including exercise stats and maybe food stats,
- me dealing with / learning from whats going on in my head relating to the above areas

So if you wanna follow or be around to give feedback, in a constructive manner, then please drop me an e mail to and when i get in there (within the week) I can send out an invite.

Hope your all having a great weekend