Friday, November 4, 2011

Nothing really..........just dropping by....

I dont really have one thing to write about or a focus to this post, just felt like I hadn't been here for ages so Id drop in.

Im fighting to get everything into a day, some days I dont stop, literally up at 5.15am and bed at 11pm, other days I have a bit of quiet time in the evening once the kids are in bed and the next day things are done but then I seem to waste it doing shit on my i pad or laptop............mmmm.....note to self stop wasting that time, its valuable.

The babies are growing up 7 months and 20 months now!! its starting to get interesting :o
the big kids are growing up too, 8 in a few weeks and 16 in Feb!!

I'm currently trying to decide what it is I really want to do, be involved in and experience and happened to be catching up on a few blogs and Katie over at head, heart, health has a great exercise that I'm going to sit and do tonight in my unwasted time, it might shed some light.

Anyway, that's 10 mins I didn't really have as I need to get dinner ready for my little gymnast who has just done 3 hours of training, get the boys ready for bed and then go out and do the food shopping before they shut at 9pm.

Catcha xx