Sunday, June 29, 2008

update from hubbys phone!

so u prob guessed, we have no internet since we are moving. Weekly stats r down, weight took a little drop, skinfolds down and measurements down. I did end up sick, trying to carry on but di has ordered rest. Getting excited now, very focussed on pushing to the end. Hope to be back online soon. Shar x

Thursday, June 26, 2008

This ships sinking.....

....... or it was until two minutes ago!! I just need to Focus the mind the body will follow!! (this is a line I use in my classes when I can see my members ready to give it up)

I had just written a long post about how I feel a little overwhelmed by everything I have happening for me right now (on top of prep that is) but I just re-read it and you know what I hit DELETE and wiped the post.

Who wants to read a winging, moaning post?? no-one. In fact who cares??

Am I healthy? YES. Are my family healthy and safe and with me? YES.

Then I can just toughen the ^*#k up and get on with it.
Nothing is that bad that I can't just keep on keeping on.
I am worth more than giving up, crumbling etc, I will just have to step over the potholes in my path this week and I'll get to the newly laid path soon enough.


Keep on Keeping on,
Shar x

1) May be offline til Tuesday, see you then if not before.

2) CLAUDINE - GOOD LUCK HONEY!!!! I have lost the link to translate your blog so just keep checking and try and guess what your saying!! Post pics asap and enjoy your Snickers :)

3) Paul - I love you and I couldn't do any of this without you, Thank you for your unconditional love and support.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Stats Updated

Weekly Stats -
So as I thought a good week this week! Stats have been updated on the right.
A combination of the 'new plan' and the come down of period stuff
has seen big drops across all measures this week.

My pictures are starting to show it as well which is good. I must stay focused on the job at hand though as the legs still have some to give up and I'll be damned if I'm not getting on that stage after all this hard work and commitment, I'll push it to the wire and then what will be will be.

One thing is for sure I will never be doing it this long and hard again! Lesson learnt, I am totally aware of the feelings and behaviours that got me into trouble after my first comp and Paul and I have been chatting and making plans for afterwards, call it damage limitation.

After Comp -
A weight gain is expected and accepted but there will be a ceiling as to where I sit out of comp.
I love the way I feel, look and how my body functions whilst eating clean food and drinking water, (my Pepsi Max addiction under control at last!) I am a role model to so many, firstly my kids, secondly a ton of members that attend my classes, I have the focus now of truly being that role model and walking the walk, long term not just for 10 weeks a year!

I had my eye on the WNBF comp that was to be in Perth for the first time this year, 27th September, went to the website last night and it had disappeared off the competition calender, e mail WNBF, Danny got back to me and it has been postponed...................... until next year! I am so disappointed as I wanted to try a different federation and the date sat perfect for me.

I have a few other things I want to blog about but I really just have to stop now and head to bed, its geting late and sleep is priority.

I'll be back in the next few days.
Have a great week
Shar x

Thursday, June 19, 2008

What the.....???? & Strange things are happening :)

- 22 days left on my ticker!! WHAT THE.......??????? Has someone changed that, surely its not 22 days ?

- I am REALLY enjoying my 'shar will make it to comp......just' eating plan from Di!! WHAT THE...??

- managed to drag my sorry ass out of bed at 5.30am this morning to get on the treadmill after 5 hours sleep!! WHAT THE......????

ALSO ITS OFFICIALLY STARTED - I am fuzzy brained and the slightest things are cracking me up!

1) I am still giggling about a post from Lia and response from Rae on the LO forum, I am so sorry Lia!! VERY IMMATURE and I'm fully aware that the joke has passed now but it tickled me.

2) I unpacked a bag of freezer food from my weekly shop, it has to go to the freezer out in the garage but I put it in the tumble dryer not the freezer!!

3) I put my car keys in the freezer whilst unpacking shopping and then was running around like a crazy woman possessed trying to find them as I had to go an pick Maddi up.

4) Had a total blank in class yesterday, not a good look, sort of like a deer in headlights look, when the panic sets in.

Other stuff
I have been stressed a little this week as I have been asked to record a few tracks from 2 of the Les mills programmes I teach by the training Manager at Les Mills Asia Pacific, they held auditions to become a Les Mills presenter in Perth about 5 weeks ago and I missed them, I didn't put my application in in time as I was umm-ming and arr-ring (and nervous).
Anyway we spoke at our Quarterly workshop and they had a look at my technique, I was then asked to submit my tracks via dvd.
The classes I originally tee'd up to record were a disaster the camera tilted down and I wasn't even in the shot, then something happened on my next attempt. Then I had a email and text chasing me just as we were launching the new release and that's really not a great time to be recording.
So I have been doing a few tracks at every class I could and finalised it last night as they wanted it from me by tomorrow. So Paul sat with me late last night and we put together the DVD, I posted it this morning and feel a great sense of release as they have been waiting for it.
Fingers crossed, worse case I get some 'feedback' and that is only ever a positive as I can then progress as an instructor.

I have just re-read that and it seems very long, rambled and I have no idea if anyone will get what I was saying but you know what I haven't got the energy to re-type it :)

Paul has started his new job and is pleased he has made the change.

We are in the process of getting things finalised for the move into dads house.

We are going to sit our Australian Citizen test at 9am tomorrow and have to study hard tonight :)

Must eat my last meal and get to bed, cardio to be done in the morning.

Will update on Saturday with stats etc.

Have a great Friday
Shar x

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekly Stats - 4 Weeks Out

10 Weeks down, 4 to go! Where is the time going!

I have updated my weekly stats in the section on right hand side. I am slightly disappointed in the weight loss BUT :) TOTM could have something to do with that, it will right itself next week if that's the case.

My pictures are definitely showing changes, I do comparison pics each week, so for example, for each pose I join the weeks before picture and this weeks picture together and its really useful, that's what I send Di. She asked for a 14 weeks out pic and 5 weeks out comparison last week and yes there is a huge change BUT still alot of work to do in the last 4 weeks!
I'm chasing my tail a bit!! :(

Had a great chat today via phone, we had to discuss my last 4 week plan I had just received via e mail!! Put it this way I wasn't really keen to talk to 'The Boss' having opened the documents and studied them.
BUT all is good really and more often than not when things get tough I thrive, I am one for wanting things to be done all or nothing and I will do it all, right to the end, to the letter.

We had to laugh as Di said I'll be OK if I keep busy and just do it. This was funny as a 'few' things are definitely going to test my commitment, determination and drive over the next our weeks!

Here's what I have to do whilst prepping for the last 4 weeks -

1) Say goodbye to our only family member here in OZ - My dad. He is heading to the UK for 6-9 months having reunited with an old girlfriend. He looks after the kids for me twice a week whilst Paul is at work so I can teach classes. The kids will miss him immensely.

2) Paul has decided after 18 months with Fitness First to move his PT business to another facility, only taking a small number of clients with him, so hard work ahead to build his business again, so a little financial uncertainty ahead.

3) We have to MOVE HOUSE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somebody help me!!!!!! we have moved 5 times this will be 6 in 3 1/2 years, I hate it with a passion. Anyway on the positive, we are moving into my dads house, with the view that we are settling there and buying it in 3 years when he can sell it (he's split his block and built a small unit for himself, can't sell for 3 years!). rent is a little lower and better location for schools, beach and my job.

4) My in-laws arrive in 3 weeks, this isn't a major problem and does allow Paul and I our mini holiday in Melbourne for Comp, But just getting the house sorted ready for them will stress me.

All the above plus Cardio my ass off (literally), train, teach classes, be mummy, be wifey, work, DIET............I do remember however - ITS MY CHOICE TO COMP AND I WILL NOT COMPLAIN this last bit was typed in jest people, in the words of Rae (LO Forum).........

BRING IT!..................ALL OF IT!!

Other stuff :)
My little man played AFL in the pouring, and I mean pouring rain today, got mark of the match!! he played his little sprinters ass off! I soooo love that boy he is just an angel, my heart melts every time I look at him.

I got to watch the whole match today as the start time was later by and hour, got soaked but there was no way I was standing up by the coffee and hot dogs, I was on the side line giving it all I had in encouragement. Paul was a gem as he looked after Maddi alot so I could watch properly.

Talking of pouring rain I have learnt the difference between aussie summer rain and winter rain today!! I set out this morning in a gentle rain, thinking 'oh it never rains for long in OZ, big down pours then it clears' except it didn't pass and the whole hour it poured, yes I was cold wet and tired, but hey, cardio was complete :)

All the Les mills launches went well and I had 40 at my Bodyattack on Tuesday, the studio was rocking!! I had a ball team teaching with Clare. I am so pleased all my chorie is learnt, with the next four weeks I've got coming theres no way I could do that aswell, I have 3 programmes to learn and teach and I have to get it 100%.

Well I think that's about it for now, food to prep as the plan has changed -

Have a fantastic week all, be the best you can be
Shar x

Friday, June 13, 2008

Quick check in....

Hey all
Seeing as I have been playing with my blog, i thought id stop in before I go to bed early.

Check out the thingy on the side!! Lia had one and it was so easy to see who had been on and updated and saved me lots of time by not having to go through each and every blog I have stored in my fav's. Just look at the top and it tells you who updated and when, perfect.

So, another week down!! My week starts on a Saturday so it all systems go to be up measured pinched and weighed before my hubby goes to work at 7am.
Then its sit and type all data into computer and photos saved before getting the weekly e mail to Di for any changes, advice, encouragement etc for the week ahead.
Had big changes and losses last week so not expecting it this week, also am the biggest, bloatiest (not a word I know!), puffiest TOTM monster right now so I'm sure that will not help!
With everything on a regular cycle since I have been eating well due to prepping it works out I will be blessed with my periods the Tuesday of comp week! oh joy!!

Training was great this week and I lifted some good weights, increasing on most things.

I am very excited about seeing everyone at the comp in 4 weeks and there appears to be a great cheer squad coming along (LISTED ON THE FORUM under competition corner at also a big get together on the Sunday arvo, so if you haven't listed yourself and you want to come along get over to the forum, its buzzing at the moment.

Will come back over the weekend to add my weekly stats.

Have a great one, NIGHT!!
Shar x

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

FOR HIRE............


Do you need a Cardio Machine that does yours for you??? Can't get out of bed in the cold, too tired after a day at work?, weather messing up your plans?

We have a machine that ......

Will cardio at Sunrise....

Will cardio at Sunset....

Will cardio in the rain............

Whatever your cardio requirements are,

we can help! No job to small!

Hurry, spaces are limited, Shar ('The Machine') only has room to

do another 28 cardio sessions in a week !! BOOK NOW!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Yep, that's me a Cardio Machine, or at least that's what I feel like right now! I LOVE IT!!! Sam called me 'Cardio Shardio' last year and I am definitely making a return to that name this year!!

My Bodyattacks are now not really testing my cardiovascular system, oh, apart from last nights launch where I went a little crazy :)

Like Di, I will work out the KM's I'm covering on my runs and tready sessions and let you know.

Higher carb day today, needed it to say the least and enjoyed it.

Got lots happening for 'us' right now, besides prepping that is. Some exciting stuff and some stuff bringing change in the pipeline, both Paul and I are very excited about our families future, you gotta keep moving right? no point standing still, it gets boring.

Have a great day everyone, Shar x

Sunday, June 8, 2008

It happened..........

The switch has been flicked!!!!

5 weeks out - This week saw my biggest change in all areas - Measurements, Skinfolds and Photos. Also a good weight loss for this stage of the game. Details on my sidebar to the right. 'Boss' was pleased.

I am very pleased to say the least. I am (and I mustn't forget my only face to face support network which consists of.....PAUL) doing it hard right now with regards to time spent on training, food preparation, organisation, working full time, managing as a mum and wife etc etc, I am not complaining, I am doing this because I want to and it just helps when everything starts to come together.
This quote is very poignant for our family unit, here in Oz on our own.

Paul hears the 'I haven't got time' or 'I'm too tired' for just general lifestyle exercise all the time, so do I via members that come to my classes, I am now so aware that these people need to work at effective time management! If me and my hubby can work a comp prep into two full time jobs, kids and kids activities, people can get fit and healthy with 30 mins a day of exercise.
Anyway that's a whole other post!! :)

I have also had progress this week with regards to my last post, managed the situation and got through with self worth intact, in fact I have come out the other end with a little more due to the fact I handled it. - THANKS for all the comments on that by the way!

So, what else??
I have started to touch the surface of bits and bobs for comp.
Bikini - on order, in fact I have 2 on order!! one nearly done and the other being started.
Shoes - same as last year.
Hair - Booked, for both the comp day and my shoot on Sunday
Flights - booked.
Routine music - I think I'm decided and I've cut it

To do
Regular posing practice
Do routine - Mumma Samo - You hearing this!!? :)
Book accommodation
Get Dream tan
Pack comp bag
Start to list other stuff for our general stay in Melbourne

Work - this week see's us have to organise 3 open days in our club, these run alongside our Les Mills Group Fitness Launches and is on Tuesday , Wednesday and Thursday, is a bring a friend free thingy, lots of stuff happening across the club and a real buzz.
I am launching the new BODYATTACK on Tuesday night and am teaming with a girl called Clare, only 18 and a fab instructor. Its gonna go off I think!! I can't wait. I might remember to get some pictures.

Anyway, must get to bed, orders of the 'Boss' to get right on top of my sleep. Hope you enjoy your Public Holiday if your having it tomorrow, we had it last Monday here in WA.

Shar x

Claudine - Just to let you know I'm reading even though I can't comment. You are doing well and its not long now! xx

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I have learnt a few things from the NLP I had and one is to remove anything that does not add value to mine or my family's life, to not allow anyone to drain my positivity from me and bring back the worthless feeling I have carried for so long.

Over the last few weeks the circumstances around someone I work with has allowed this to start happening, little by little..............UNTIL TODAY.

I will not allow this to happen and I will remove it from my life.
Positivity and Strength from within.
Thanks for listening :)