Sunday, June 29, 2008

update from hubbys phone!

so u prob guessed, we have no internet since we are moving. Weekly stats r down, weight took a little drop, skinfolds down and measurements down. I did end up sick, trying to carry on but di has ordered rest. Getting excited now, very focussed on pushing to the end. Hope to be back online soon. Shar x


Combat Girl said...

Hi Shar,

Stay focused and just get through that list of yours, one thing at a time (I know you have a zillion things on it).

Stay strong, and listen to your body. You don't need to get sick right now.

Sending you kisses.


Anonymous said...

Hey Shar
Keep it up and as CG says STAY STRONG and focussed! Cant wait to see your results!!

Claudine said...

I did it :) I placed 2nd in Masters Heeeeeee haw :)