Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekly Stats - 4 Weeks Out

10 Weeks down, 4 to go! Where is the time going!

I have updated my weekly stats in the section on right hand side. I am slightly disappointed in the weight loss BUT :) TOTM could have something to do with that, it will right itself next week if that's the case.

My pictures are definitely showing changes, I do comparison pics each week, so for example, for each pose I join the weeks before picture and this weeks picture together and its really useful, that's what I send Di. She asked for a 14 weeks out pic and 5 weeks out comparison last week and yes there is a huge change BUT still alot of work to do in the last 4 weeks!
I'm chasing my tail a bit!! :(

Had a great chat today via phone, we had to discuss my last 4 week plan I had just received via e mail!! Put it this way I wasn't really keen to talk to 'The Boss' having opened the documents and studied them.
BUT all is good really and more often than not when things get tough I thrive, I am one for wanting things to be done all or nothing and I will do it all, right to the end, to the letter.

We had to laugh as Di said I'll be OK if I keep busy and just do it. This was funny as a 'few' things are definitely going to test my commitment, determination and drive over the next our weeks!

Here's what I have to do whilst prepping for the last 4 weeks -

1) Say goodbye to our only family member here in OZ - My dad. He is heading to the UK for 6-9 months having reunited with an old girlfriend. He looks after the kids for me twice a week whilst Paul is at work so I can teach classes. The kids will miss him immensely.

2) Paul has decided after 18 months with Fitness First to move his PT business to another facility, only taking a small number of clients with him, so hard work ahead to build his business again, so a little financial uncertainty ahead.

3) We have to MOVE HOUSE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somebody help me!!!!!! we have moved 5 times this will be 6 in 3 1/2 years, I hate it with a passion. Anyway on the positive, we are moving into my dads house, with the view that we are settling there and buying it in 3 years when he can sell it (he's split his block and built a small unit for himself, can't sell for 3 years!). rent is a little lower and better location for schools, beach and my job.

4) My in-laws arrive in 3 weeks, this isn't a major problem and does allow Paul and I our mini holiday in Melbourne for Comp, But just getting the house sorted ready for them will stress me.

All the above plus Cardio my ass off (literally), train, teach classes, be mummy, be wifey, work, DIET............I do remember however - ITS MY CHOICE TO COMP AND I WILL NOT COMPLAIN this last bit was typed in jest people, in the words of Rae (LO Forum).........

BRING IT!..................ALL OF IT!!

Other stuff :)
My little man played AFL in the pouring, and I mean pouring rain today, got mark of the match!! he played his little sprinters ass off! I soooo love that boy he is just an angel, my heart melts every time I look at him.

I got to watch the whole match today as the start time was later by and hour, got soaked but there was no way I was standing up by the coffee and hot dogs, I was on the side line giving it all I had in encouragement. Paul was a gem as he looked after Maddi alot so I could watch properly.

Talking of pouring rain I have learnt the difference between aussie summer rain and winter rain today!! I set out this morning in a gentle rain, thinking 'oh it never rains for long in OZ, big down pours then it clears' except it didn't pass and the whole hour it poured, yes I was cold wet and tired, but hey, cardio was complete :)

All the Les mills launches went well and I had 40 at my Bodyattack on Tuesday, the studio was rocking!! I had a ball team teaching with Clare. I am so pleased all my chorie is learnt, with the next four weeks I've got coming theres no way I could do that aswell, I have 3 programmes to learn and teach and I have to get it 100%.

Well I think that's about it for now, food to prep as the plan has changed -

Have a fantastic week all, be the best you can be
Shar x


Combat Girl said...

Hi Shar,

Well you do have heaps to get through over the next 4 weeks, so butt down and just get through it. I know you will do everything gracefully and step on stage proud of all your achievements.

Take care of yourself.


Hilds said...

Hey Shar, YOU CAN DO THIS & YOU KNOW IT! If it wasn't a BIG challenge you know you would lose interest! Only 4 short weeks and you'll will have reached your goals. Stay strong and just take it day by day!

Keep Running (he he, coz I'm sure you've got lots of it in your plan!) Luv Hilds

Splice said...

You are super human to be able to handle all that, plus you prep :-)

I'm really looking forward to seeing your pictures!!!


Hilary said...

25 days to go!! Sounds like you are super busy, but also sounds like you are so focused and ready!

Hilary xx

Antigone said...

Can you believe its nearly time to step on stage again!
I only just noticed LOL

Sounds like you have alot ahead of you and you are so positive how wonderful :)

Hope your having a great week :)

little rene said...

WOW! I hope when you step on that stage you are wearing a "Wonder Woman" outfit Shar!

You make her look positively lazy!

You are truly amazing girl :)