Sunday, June 8, 2008

It happened..........

The switch has been flicked!!!!

5 weeks out - This week saw my biggest change in all areas - Measurements, Skinfolds and Photos. Also a good weight loss for this stage of the game. Details on my sidebar to the right. 'Boss' was pleased.

I am very pleased to say the least. I am (and I mustn't forget my only face to face support network which consists of.....PAUL) doing it hard right now with regards to time spent on training, food preparation, organisation, working full time, managing as a mum and wife etc etc, I am not complaining, I am doing this because I want to and it just helps when everything starts to come together.
This quote is very poignant for our family unit, here in Oz on our own.

Paul hears the 'I haven't got time' or 'I'm too tired' for just general lifestyle exercise all the time, so do I via members that come to my classes, I am now so aware that these people need to work at effective time management! If me and my hubby can work a comp prep into two full time jobs, kids and kids activities, people can get fit and healthy with 30 mins a day of exercise.
Anyway that's a whole other post!! :)

I have also had progress this week with regards to my last post, managed the situation and got through with self worth intact, in fact I have come out the other end with a little more due to the fact I handled it. - THANKS for all the comments on that by the way!

So, what else??
I have started to touch the surface of bits and bobs for comp.
Bikini - on order, in fact I have 2 on order!! one nearly done and the other being started.
Shoes - same as last year.
Hair - Booked, for both the comp day and my shoot on Sunday
Flights - booked.
Routine music - I think I'm decided and I've cut it

To do
Regular posing practice
Do routine - Mumma Samo - You hearing this!!? :)
Book accommodation
Get Dream tan
Pack comp bag
Start to list other stuff for our general stay in Melbourne

Work - this week see's us have to organise 3 open days in our club, these run alongside our Les Mills Group Fitness Launches and is on Tuesday , Wednesday and Thursday, is a bring a friend free thingy, lots of stuff happening across the club and a real buzz.
I am launching the new BODYATTACK on Tuesday night and am teaming with a girl called Clare, only 18 and a fab instructor. Its gonna go off I think!! I can't wait. I might remember to get some pictures.

Anyway, must get to bed, orders of the 'Boss' to get right on top of my sleep. Hope you enjoy your Public Holiday if your having it tomorrow, we had it last Monday here in WA.

Shar x

Claudine - Just to let you know I'm reading even though I can't comment. You are doing well and its not long now! xx


Amy said...

Well Done Sharleen on your fabulous week. You are one busy lady and I totally agree with you in the fact that everyone could manage 30minutes everyday of exercise. All the best for the next 5 weeks.

Ps. Thank you for your lovely comments. It really does help keep positive.

Hilary said...

I love that quote!!

Sounds like you have had a great week - great to hear you've had a good loss in all areas!

Not long to go now!!

Hilary xx

Antigone said...

Your doing a smashing job hun :)

I hope that the new week brings you more wonderful changes :)


Michelle said...

Great progress!!

I love that quote too! Definitely one to remember.

Anonymous said...

UNREAL work Shar! Keep it up and keep positive darling!

Hilds said...

Hi Shar,

Sounds like your going along fabulously! I can't wait to see how great you look in July! Keep up the great work, not long to go now.
Luv Hilds

Tara said...

Hiya Shar, holy Moley @ your loss this week!! That is sensational :o)

Sounds like you are in a really good place mentally atm. I can't believe how close you guys are to the AFC. So exciting!!

Hope the rest of your week is as good as the first half has been.

Tara xx

Claudine said...

Can I just say something? You are the best :) xxx