Thursday, June 26, 2008

This ships sinking.....

....... or it was until two minutes ago!! I just need to Focus the mind the body will follow!! (this is a line I use in my classes when I can see my members ready to give it up)

I had just written a long post about how I feel a little overwhelmed by everything I have happening for me right now (on top of prep that is) but I just re-read it and you know what I hit DELETE and wiped the post.

Who wants to read a winging, moaning post?? no-one. In fact who cares??

Am I healthy? YES. Are my family healthy and safe and with me? YES.

Then I can just toughen the ^*#k up and get on with it.
Nothing is that bad that I can't just keep on keeping on.
I am worth more than giving up, crumbling etc, I will just have to step over the potholes in my path this week and I'll get to the newly laid path soon enough.


Keep on Keeping on,
Shar x

1) May be offline til Tuesday, see you then if not before.

2) CLAUDINE - GOOD LUCK HONEY!!!! I have lost the link to translate your blog so just keep checking and try and guess what your saying!! Post pics asap and enjoy your Snickers :)

3) Paul - I love you and I couldn't do any of this without you, Thank you for your unconditional love and support.


Hilary said...

I dont know how you fit it all in Shar - I guess all you can do is keep putting one foot in front of the other, you will get there!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Hilary xx

Shar said...

Thanks hils.

I will indeed keep on keeping on! I find if I start to think negative, this is all too much etc then the overwhelming gets worse, so all positive and I can thoughts will help.

You too have a great weekend.
Shar x

Magda said...

Great attitude Shar. Nearly there so keep on truckin.



Hilds said...

STAY STRONG SHAR! You know you can get through this, not long now and it will be all worth it and life will seem a little less out of control! Hope you are feeling ok, just take one day at a time.

Take Care, Luv Hilds

Ali said...

Have a great weekend and keep those positive I can thoughts going, your doing great!!

Ali xxx

little rene said...

Way to go Tiger!

Shar said...

thanks girls, ur comments mean alot. X

RaeC said...

Hi sweetheart, just wanted to pop in to say I hope that you are traveling well now that it's single digit countdown... EEK!! See you in Melbourne xxx