Friday, June 13, 2008

Quick check in....

Hey all
Seeing as I have been playing with my blog, i thought id stop in before I go to bed early.

Check out the thingy on the side!! Lia had one and it was so easy to see who had been on and updated and saved me lots of time by not having to go through each and every blog I have stored in my fav's. Just look at the top and it tells you who updated and when, perfect.

So, another week down!! My week starts on a Saturday so it all systems go to be up measured pinched and weighed before my hubby goes to work at 7am.
Then its sit and type all data into computer and photos saved before getting the weekly e mail to Di for any changes, advice, encouragement etc for the week ahead.
Had big changes and losses last week so not expecting it this week, also am the biggest, bloatiest (not a word I know!), puffiest TOTM monster right now so I'm sure that will not help!
With everything on a regular cycle since I have been eating well due to prepping it works out I will be blessed with my periods the Tuesday of comp week! oh joy!!

Training was great this week and I lifted some good weights, increasing on most things.

I am very excited about seeing everyone at the comp in 4 weeks and there appears to be a great cheer squad coming along (LISTED ON THE FORUM under competition corner at also a big get together on the Sunday arvo, so if you haven't listed yourself and you want to come along get over to the forum, its buzzing at the moment.

Will come back over the weekend to add my weekly stats.

Have a great one, NIGHT!!
Shar x

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SeLiNa said...

Your stats are unbelieveable!! U must look HOT HOT HOT!!!
I loved your last post, man you must have some energy to do all your classes as well as your stuff.

I like your ticker - I think I need one. My whole blog needs an extreme make-over actually! L-A-Z-Y.
And no, I'm not going to the all fems this year :( Its the weekend after I'm away from home on the GC for my half marathon.
I've had too many mini holidays unfortunately! And I wouldn't be silly enough to go to Melb again in winter!!! ;)
Counting down with you!!!