Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I have learnt a few things from the NLP I had and one is to remove anything that does not add value to mine or my family's life, to not allow anyone to drain my positivity from me and bring back the worthless feeling I have carried for so long.

Over the last few weeks the circumstances around someone I work with has allowed this to start happening, little by little..............UNTIL TODAY.

I will not allow this to happen and I will remove it from my life.
Positivity and Strength from within.
Thanks for listening :)


Dianna Broeren said...

Excellent Work Shar! I love seeing your strength grow :)


ss2306 said...

Hi Shar

Good on you! Positive self talk makes you strong. Hmmm, I must start this myself again.


LizN said...

Yes, so much more therapeutic to talk kindly to one's self than suck up negative energy ;)


Irene said...

Great words Shar!

Irene x

Amy said...

Hi Shar,

Thanks for your comments. You always know what to say even when I was doing the challenge before. All the best for comp prep. I love hearing what you are doing

SeLiNa said...

Hey Shar, hope the situation worked out positive for you. Your NLP sessions sound very interesting, do you find them helping you as you expected them too??

Ali said...

Its great that you are learning more about yourself through your NLP.

hope you and your family are having a great long weekend :)

Ali xxx

MISS TANK said...

Negative energy sucks the life outta you! I had made myself a promise back at the end of 2006 that NO ONE will ever break my spirit ever again, and you know, i've stuck by that and life has been unreal ever since Shar x Keep positive!!!