Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another week passes........

Where is the time going??? I can't believe I have been prepping for 8 weeks now and only have 6 to go. (Weekly stats are posted up on the right)

I also can't believe its June tomorrow! WOW.
So as I set some goals for myself for the year that is 2008, which posted in January on my old blog I thought I would have a look through and see how I'm tracking.

Shar's 2008 Goals
To become a strong and positive woman by working on my thought processes and behaviours.
Ok the positive bit has gotten better, but this positive thought process has been a little damaged in the last 8 weeks during prep and the occasional moment of negativity has slipped in, but I will let myself off that as prep is hard at the best of times let alone if you add other elements of life in. CHECK :)

Take on board the opinions and advice of those I value and love only.
Again this is still a work in progress but definitely on the up. I refused to waste my energy on worrying let alone worrying about what people that do not matter to me think. CHECK :)

Spend quality time with my husband and children.
Ok, I spend time with them, but is it true quality all the time? NO :(
Paul and I have more time together in the day due to our jobs but I still need to action some plans I had for making our time together more one on one. I picked up some great stuff from the Fitness First conference and will look at putting it in place starting this week. WORK IN PROGRESS

Continue to achieve at work.
I am still achieving and my new club is getting to the established stage. My Group Fitness timetable is the best it has been, my CPH, Targets etc are all on track and getting better every week. I am doing my job well and I will continue to do so but that is as far as it can go at the moment as my kids and Paul are too important to give more time to work, it has to be home that's the focus. CHECK :)

Train and eat consistently to help me find a place physically I like to be at.
To be judged when not in prep.

Compete in Figure again, having made improvements on last time I stepped on Stage.
We will see in 6 weeks!! I have a totally different aim and look that I want to present this comp so it will be hard to compare the two comps.

Consistently blog, using the fantastic support network that I have found you all to be.
Have been blogging and I love to catch up with everyone, hear your stories, everyones achievements etc. CHECK :)

So I don't think I'm doing that bad with 5 months down and 7 to go, I can continue to improve on the work in progress ones and really get some new habits formed to help me blow these goals away by December and beyond.

So what else has been happening?

Work - we have our new choreography to learn and launch on the 10th & 11th June. I love to launch and we generally get to team teach (2/3 instructors do the class together all doing 3-4 tracks each).

Training and Nutrition - My next programme arrived from Di!!! There were tears to Paul, swearing at Di, via the computer screen, (Love ya really Di), feelings of can I do this etc.
All I can say is thank god I have a great supportive hubby, the want to do this and a treadmill at home :)
I also must say that I really try not to moan as it is my choice to do this and I was in shocking condition when I started so I made it hard for myself but Di has been great with my two meltdowns I had!
Training has been good this week and I can really feel and see the changes starting to happen daily, I think the next 3 weeks are going to be great for progress.

General - Paul and I watched - 'What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas' tonight ans it was a great film. Maddi is really enjoying her gymnastics and want to go everyday and is even practicing at home.
Bryce is still playing AFL really well and often gets one of the weekly awards - goal of the match, mark of the match or man of the match etc.

Anyway, no more news and its late, Bodyattack in the morning!! YAY!!
Have a great weekend everyone
Shar x


Antigone said...

Your doing so well hun :)
You should be proud of yourself, not long to go now so keep up the good work :)
Have a great week hun:)

Charlotte Orr said...

Glad things are going well. Great quote!

Irene said...

Your have got great plans, success will follow :)