Wednesday, May 21, 2008

GO GIRLS!! & 52 Days Out

Want to start by saying what a great comp it looked at the weekend!
All the pics are great!! Everyone looked awesome.
Carolyn, Michelle, Lyndsay, Shelly - WOW!! Just inspirational.

Now onto the rest of my title today !!
52 days!! WHAT!!!??????????

Oh crap this ass better start melting away soon!!! :)
with the amount of cardio I'm doing its got to go somewhere right???

Have been busy working, training, cardio-ing, being a mum, wife etc etc.
I love being busy, having lots to do in a day but I'm starting to get a little tired,
will get back on top of my sleep again it made all the difference not last week but the week before when we were consciously getting to bed earlier.
My work trip stuffed it all up a bit.

Training -
2 Weights sessions down for the week already, 3rd tomorrow. Hubby has been pushing me a bit harder and I have been sore which I love.
Cardio - can't even go into the cardio I'm doing. I actually don't mind it though, weird?, I guess I'm lucky I get paid to do some of it and the other is running which I LOVE!!!

We have our Quarterly workshops on Saturday and Sunday, I can't wait!!
I love getting the new releases, then we have 2 weeks to learn and we are
having a big launch on Tuesday June 10th and Wednesday June 11th in all
the different clubs.

Anyway, best get some sleep :) back for another update soon.

Have a great week
Shar x


Dianna Broeren said...

Wow! I'm feeling lots of energy from this post!

Keep up the great work :)

Splice said...

This busy lady is on fire! You go girl :-)

Shar thanks so much for your response to my post, it means so very much to me.

All the best with you prep.