Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursday already!

Wow, where has this week gone?

I have had a bit of a up, down, up week. Mostly mental stuff but have been
revisiting my NLP work and I have felt on the up for the last couple of days so that's cool.
Bound to be highs and lows and you just have to ride it out I suppose.
Di has been great with e mails and texts. Thanks Di.

I am seeing small changes daily now and can't wait for that day when I look in the mirror or at my pictures and find myself appreciating the work that's going in is coming together and visually I can see the results.

I have my rest day tomorrow and have finally got my Deep tissue massage booked, I can't wait.
Shopping and food preparation to do so I am well ahead of myself for next week when I have to go on a work conference to Sydney for 3 days. Same conference as last year except the date is earlier, last year I was a week out from comp!!

My new plan seems to be fitting in with me OK and I'm positive it will bring the results on
a little quicker now.

I'm taking part in the Mother's Day Classic Run on Sunday, on all over the country and for a great cause. You can choose 3.5km walk, run or a 7km run.
We have a couple of Paul's clients running it too.

Talking of Mothers Day, my little girl is being very cute at the moment. Lots of cards and crafty things coming home from school etc. She also got me a gift from the school fundraising stall, smuggled it in the house and told me not to look only to take me in her bedroom 10 minutes later and try and get me to peek at it. :) She can't keep secrets and seems to wants to not keep it a surprise, which is fine with me as I hate surprises.

Anyway, I hope you are all travelling well this week and here's to a great weekend.

Shar x

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Anonymous said...

Hi Shar!
Your weekly stats are fab! Keep it up! You are going to be amazing again this year - you have a great little physique!! IF you are in the city when in Sydney, let me know - be nice to catch up for a quick coffee!!!! Fern :)