Sunday, May 18, 2008

Update time

Hey all,
Thanks for all the comments and thanks for the recent ones - CG, Lia and Sam W!! checking up on me.

All is well, I have been absent due to being away on a 4 day work conference. Wednesday and Saturday were the traveling days and Thursday and Friday were the conference.

Fitness First put on an annual conference and all the Heads of Departments from tall clubs in Australia get to go. We are flown from Perth to Sydney, two day conference, gala dinner and awards then flown home.

I gained ALOT from this years Keynote speakers and have been trying out a few of the techniques already, I will sit and gather my thoughts and notes again tonight ready to implement / use these valuable tools I have been given.

Has anyone seen Terry Hawkins present? She is awesome, if you have you will know what I mean when I say I will not be visiting the pit anymore and remembering there are two times in life - NOW and TOO LATE.
We also had a guy called Dr Adam Fraser, he spoke about finding our 'FLOW' and balancing work and home life, this is something I really need to do and will be trying his techniques to get there.

Hoping to tie this all in with my NLP. I feel a calmer, more balanced, more productive, more focused & positive Shar approaching, which can only be better for all areas of my life.

I had a free meal as my conference dinner on Friday night and wasn't home to do my weight and measurements as normal on Saturday anyway, so I am waiting until next normal day, Saturday, to do them again. Hoping for a good loss as its for two weeks worth!
I feel like I have lost although I am looking puffy in the mirror, periods arrived on Friday morning and I feel I'm holding fluid.

I have a hard 54 days ahead of me.
No more free meals for the last 8 weeks, training and eating as I have been and it should all start coming together. I'm at the stage where its only going to take another week or two and the switch will click and it will be very visible as well as my small clothes starting to edge there way to the front of the line in the wardrobe, which by the way I must sort out.

Anyway tomorrows food to tub up to take to work, kids lunches to do, bags to pack, etc bed to go to as I have a 6.05am to teach!! Yuck! I hate early classes alright once I'm there though.

Hoping to get to update daily or every other day as it helps me to focus.
Shar x

'There are two times in life - NOW and TOO LATE'
Terry Hawkins


Combat Girl said...

Hi Shar,

Good to hear all is well for you. It sounds like you gained alot from the conference. That's great.

I love that saying"2 times in life..." I think I will use that one also.

Take care of you and keep on moving forward, it sounds like you are doing a good job.


Doris's New Beginning! said...

Hey Shar

Terry Hawkins is amazing. I read her book 'Two times in life...Now and too Late'. Yep the pitman I was, my goal to stay out of pits. After this weekend and actually meeting with Lindy, she has totally inspired me to the hilt and made me realise that I was not totally dedicated to what I want. I made up my mind last night, i am going to compete!!!

Thanks for stopping by.


Magda said...

Hey Shar,

sounds like things are going great for you. Yep the road to better will always have some bumps in it but its how we drive over them that makes the difference.
Keep up the good work



LizN said...

Terry was at last year's Ozmo too? Inspirational stuff. Keep going Shar, sounds like you have got into a nice groove with Di and I am very pleased for you :)
Liz N

Michelle said...

Hi Shar,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It was definitely a rewarding experience.