Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Week That Was.......

10 weeks down to 9 weeks out from Comp.

Saturday - Thump Boxing Course (Level 1)
Learnt alot about Boxing (obviously) and also what a great workout it can be!!
did 8 hours and 5 at least was practical. Was starting to get a little sore by 3pm!!

Sunday - Thump Boxing Course (Advanced), Date with Hubby.
Ok so I could hardly bloody move! and it was back again for another 6 hours. Elbows and kicks were included today, I loved every minute of this, let go of alot of tension.
Then it was home and out on a date with my hubby as prescribed by Di. We went out and had a nice meal, was feeling really bad for having it as I had been 100% for the first 4 weeks of prep.

Monday - Work, Classes, Cardio, Weights, Short sleep - MINDGAMES!!!!!!
What a night mere, I was really struggling with the fact that I had eaten the night before and was tempted to indulge again on nuts and chocolate. I was really disappointed as I thought I had come further than to do this to myself. Anyway, with a text and e mail from Di, a re-focus and just a grit of the teeth I made it through and had no probs.

Tuesday - Cardio, classes, weights, Gymnastics.
Not me doing Gymnastics!! I have enrolled Maddison, she is loving it and even i I do say so myself, a very natural mover, jumper, dancer etc. She just keeps asking everyday when she is going again!

Wednesday - Cardio, Classes , short sleep and some chillin time

Thursday - Classes, Weights, Work, cardio and late night shopping.

Friday - Rest day, DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE and a Bodybalance class
OMG!!! I don't think I have been in so much pain as when that masseur got hold of my legs!! My calves and tib anterior are just a mess. Must be all the Bodyattack. I will definitely be making it part of my routine. I will have just legs done every other week and then Legs and back/shoulders on the other week.

Weeks stats are on the right hand side bar, a great week considering I had a free meal and dropped a couple of cardio sessions due to the boxing course. But hey, I did say the new 4 week plan Di sent me through was looking like it would work!!

Anyway, a busy week ahead for me, Mother's Day, Work, Classes, 3 day conference in Sydney, comp prep, kids, but I'm not complaining, in fact I'm very lucky to be able to do and enjoy all of the above, making sure I make use of every day.
Have a good one people
Shar xx


Combat Girl said...

You are a little busy beaver aren't you!!

I am planning on doin the boxing course also, just a matter of being free when they are run.

Glad to hear everything else is coming along nicely. You have come a long way Shar, the mind will always try to sabotage all the hard work one has done. Stay strong and keep on climbing that hill, because in 9 weeks you will have reached the top and you will then realise that this was only the first small hill of many bigger ones you will climb.


Alicia Negrin said...

Hey Shar! How did you find the boxing course? I've booked in to do it at the end of this month! Keep strong :) xo

Daniela Anicic said...

Hey Shar...i like your blog! Congrats on your progress...and I hope to continue watching until your completion of the All Female 2008!

Train Hard

Pip said...

WOW, how busy are you Shar!!! AWESOME work and focus! Sorry I was a bit rude and snobby on the Mothers Day Classic run, - couldn't believe you recognised me like that actually so I was really impressed!!!

But I bought some new running shoes in the arvo after the run, - those were 2 years old and very worn!

All the best the the rest of your comp prep!


little rene said...

Go for it Shar!

Well done on staying strong!

Selina said...

Go girl!!!
How sore was your bod after the course!? I did the Punchfit one in November last year, and I was sore in places that I never knew existed!! And I only did one day :)
Keep powering on baby!!!

Antigone said...

You are one busy bee hun ;)
I hope that your DOMS are starting to ease so you can enjoy your weekend :)

Combat Girl said...

Hi Shar,

Its sunday!!! I am waiting for a post!!!! Hope everything is well with you sweetie.


Anonymous said...

I haven't heard from you in a little while and was just checking in to see if you're okay? :o) xx

Sam W said...

Wow, what progress you have made since I last read your blog! What apamzing things can happen in 6 weeks! Looking forward to the next post........(hint hint)