Friday, May 23, 2008

I can't wait..............

to teach ........................
I LOVE IT!!!!!
I have one of my favourite classes to teach tomorrow - 9.30am Bodyattack at my own club - Subiaco.
That one, my 5.30pm at Subiaco and my Sunday 9.30am at our Innaloo club are my fav's of the week. Don't get me wrong I love all of them but you do tend to have ones you look forward too more, CG and Liz will probably agree.
Also skinfolds, scale weight, measurements and photos to do in the morning. I have to get up early so my Personal trainer ;) can do them before he heads off for his first session at 7am. So a 6.20am start for me.
Not sure about scale weight this week but I feel smaller and clothes are fitting that I couldn't get into at all 7 weeks ago.
There are the odd days when I am doubting I will make it in in time for the comp, Di's visual for me is so different than last year though, with me coming in fuller and not so lean ( I do look back at the pictures and I'm amazed as to how lean I actually was!) and she says I will be able to do it, so I just have to believe and keep on keeping on!!
I will do everything I can to make this as I do really want it, but I am at a place in my head that if I'm not happy with my condition, then so be it, I have lost nothing by trying to get there, in fact I will have gained a great bod back and a great base to work from for whatever I choose to do next.
So for now, my new motto - 'Giving Everything I've Got'
Sunday see's Perth's Quarterly Les Mills Workshop!! My idea of heaven, a chance to just do classes all day, in particular the ones I teach and of course pick up our new release music and choreography.
We have Kylie Gates presenting Bodyattack and Bodybalance, those that teach will probably know her.
Will update my results sometime this weekend when I'm not excessively
exercising :) or enjoying myself in my idea of heaven.
Have a fantastic weekend and 'Give it everything you got' :)
Shar x

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Combat Girl said...

Hi Shar,

Yes I do have my favourites and I think they are the ones that keep us going!!

Enjoy your weekend, we both have the same idea of heaven.