Thursday, June 19, 2008

What the.....???? & Strange things are happening :)

- 22 days left on my ticker!! WHAT THE.......??????? Has someone changed that, surely its not 22 days ?

- I am REALLY enjoying my 'shar will make it to comp......just' eating plan from Di!! WHAT THE...??

- managed to drag my sorry ass out of bed at 5.30am this morning to get on the treadmill after 5 hours sleep!! WHAT THE......????

ALSO ITS OFFICIALLY STARTED - I am fuzzy brained and the slightest things are cracking me up!

1) I am still giggling about a post from Lia and response from Rae on the LO forum, I am so sorry Lia!! VERY IMMATURE and I'm fully aware that the joke has passed now but it tickled me.

2) I unpacked a bag of freezer food from my weekly shop, it has to go to the freezer out in the garage but I put it in the tumble dryer not the freezer!!

3) I put my car keys in the freezer whilst unpacking shopping and then was running around like a crazy woman possessed trying to find them as I had to go an pick Maddi up.

4) Had a total blank in class yesterday, not a good look, sort of like a deer in headlights look, when the panic sets in.

Other stuff
I have been stressed a little this week as I have been asked to record a few tracks from 2 of the Les mills programmes I teach by the training Manager at Les Mills Asia Pacific, they held auditions to become a Les Mills presenter in Perth about 5 weeks ago and I missed them, I didn't put my application in in time as I was umm-ming and arr-ring (and nervous).
Anyway we spoke at our Quarterly workshop and they had a look at my technique, I was then asked to submit my tracks via dvd.
The classes I originally tee'd up to record were a disaster the camera tilted down and I wasn't even in the shot, then something happened on my next attempt. Then I had a email and text chasing me just as we were launching the new release and that's really not a great time to be recording.
So I have been doing a few tracks at every class I could and finalised it last night as they wanted it from me by tomorrow. So Paul sat with me late last night and we put together the DVD, I posted it this morning and feel a great sense of release as they have been waiting for it.
Fingers crossed, worse case I get some 'feedback' and that is only ever a positive as I can then progress as an instructor.

I have just re-read that and it seems very long, rambled and I have no idea if anyone will get what I was saying but you know what I haven't got the energy to re-type it :)

Paul has started his new job and is pleased he has made the change.

We are in the process of getting things finalised for the move into dads house.

We are going to sit our Australian Citizen test at 9am tomorrow and have to study hard tonight :)

Must eat my last meal and get to bed, cardio to be done in the morning.

Will update on Saturday with stats etc.

Have a great Friday
Shar x


Claudine said...

Hey Shar!
I have 9 days left :)

I was thinking about you this morning (weird, I know) when I was on the treadmills at 5h30am! ehehe

It looks like everything is going well for you, I am very happy to read that :)

Talk to you soon XXXX

Combat Girl said...

Wow you are super busy.

GOOD LUCK WITH LES MILLS!! What a privilege to be in that position Shar. That is so totally AWESOME!! Oh I hope you get the position. I am going to have to do one of your classes one day!!!

I know I put the date in my diary yesterday and I was surprised to see how fast the comp is coming up. I am excited just to meet you all wonderful ladies.

Good luck with your test today.


RaeC said...

Oh dear... I don't think anyone wants me to even describe what mental picture I go when I read Lia's comment in the forum... LMAO!!

I had to laugh at your post... I am so doing the strangest things to!! My sis thinks it's hilarious because I am just like her when she is pregnant. You should have seen the comedy of errors last comp prep (Nationals last year) where I was dieting and she was pregnant!!

We're in the 'teens now!! Not long to go... WOO HOO!! xxx

Anonymous said...

You're so funny Shar. Maybe I should've left it up to your immagination then. LOL!!