Saturday, July 5, 2008

Back online & 7 days out

At last we have sorted out the 'issues' we had with Telstra and bigpond. What a polava, putting it nicely! I don't think I have ever spoken to so many different people to try and get all of this sorted.
Anyway, Wednesday was a new day and I called through to try again and got a 'Gem' of a customer service representative, absolutely bloody amazing. I spoke with her manager to pass on our feedback on how professional she was and that she delivered great customer service.

So whats been happening, list form is probably best :)
  • Dad leaves the country and is now settling back into the hustle and bustle in the south of England.
  • Got sick, very sick on Sunday/Monday, not great with the last 2 weeks of prep happening but better than next week!, did as Di ordered and started to feel better on Thursday.
  • We move house - ARGGHHHH!! BUT my hubby is a absolute champion and has pretty much done it himself. Although me dealing with the phone and broadband is my bit!! :) and I have to clean it all this weekend.
  • Kids finish school, reports come home and I am so proud, they are both very ahead of their year group. Bryce's report show all above average grades and Maddi's portfolio is amazing, made me cry.
  • I finish my Group Fitness Manager position for some annual leave! (still teaching all my classes though) had half this week off, all next week off, back for 4 days after comp and then another week after that to go down south to Dunsborough.
  • My In-Laws are flying in on Monday from the UK. They are having the Kids whilst Paul and I have a fab getaway in Melbourne together.
  • Comp Prep - Great results both this week, (considering I pulled back on the training to rest) and last week, just the last few yards to travel now.
  • I heard back from Les Mills after being asked to send in my audition dvd of my classes, they want to take me on as a Trainee Presenter/Trainer, I cannot believe this, how awesome, I get to spread my passion even further than the members. Very scary though.

So that was last week Friday to Friday, a busy week, this week I get to chill a little, nails to be done, hair cut, get my waxing done etc which will be good seeing as the depletion week will more than likely drag any energy I have left out of me.

Have a few jobs / must do things, so have to sit and plan when and where i'll get those things crossed off the list.

I am very excited about the weekend, can't wait for Di to fly in on Friday and see her in person again, I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone else that is coming along to the comp and hopefully the Sunday get together.

Ok must go and get some more jobs/unpacking done!

Hope you are all well, I'm slowly doing my rounds to catch up on everyone's blogs.

Shar x


Anonymous said...

GOODNESS ME you are one busy chick!

ALL THE UNREAL BEST FOR YOUR LAST WEEK of comp prep! Sending you HUGE MASSIVE great vibes!!

No matter what, you and all the gals are going to SHINE!

Miss Tank x

Shar said...

THANKS Missy Tank!!
I am busy but deep down I hate standing still!! also need to keep busy this week, helps the weekend come around quicker :)

Thanks again for the Vibes, sending some back at ya for yourself too :)

Shar x

Raechelle said...

Congrads on the presenter thing-how exciting!
Hey-we have a property in Dunsborough-we built it up and now lease it may see it if you drive around-it's a farmstay-Dunsborough Rail Carriages & Farm Cottages.
Have fun-and Good luck with the comp! it's so close now! Can't wait to see pics! Wish I was still going to watch!

ss2306 said...

Best wishes for your last week of prep and good luck for comp day. I'll be there cheerin' for ya.

Luv Shelley

Hilds said...

Shar it sounds like you are going great! Congratulations on the Les Mills role, you'll be fantastic. Your on the home run now, I'm getting all the girly things done this week, I can't wait! Hanging out for my hair appointment on Tuesday, hope I get an extra long head massage! See ya on Friday, I'll be getting in about 2pm!

LizN said...

I know what an honour it is with the Les Mills thing - big congratulations Shar - see you Saturday :)

liz :)

Irene said...

Hope your last few days are going well, i'll be cheering for you on Saturday :)