Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thank You!

Another quick one.........Just a few Thank You's.

Thank You to all that commented on my last post, all my prep posts etc, your support, encouragement and best wishes are more than I thought blogging would bring.

Di - I have to Thank you now for your support, belief and professionalism. I have alot more to say so that will be a whole other post.

The Girls and Guys - Hilds and Cam, Gerard, Christy & Partner, Cheryl, Jenny (& Mum), Vicki, Thanks for the few days we spent together, I had a ball (as some of the photos will show)
Hilds and Cam - Thanks for being so generous with your car! and being such a calming influence you two are a perfect couple. Christy - for being so much like Hammie the squirrel from Over the hedge, you crack me up :) Vicki - for being up super early! and poofing the hair when needed and Di & Gerard - Di, you also crack me up with the 'Gordon' habit! :) and Gerard for just saying it as it is.

CG - Thanks so much for texting back and forth, calling and meeting up! Great to meet you, speak soon!

All the bloggers - that came and introduced themselves to me either in the break or afterwards, great to put in person faces to pics on blogs etc. I want to name you all but am worried I will forget someone, wasn't really with it until the end.
Lia & Irene - Thank you for the photos you have sent through, much appreciated.

Paul - Thanks for the weekend it was amazing and your continued love and support.
I had the best Comp experience, the best time away, the best time with my hubby, spent time with some amazing people and met lots of new faces, what more could you want?
Shar x


Combat Girl said...

Sounds like you had a ball Shar!!

I am glad your trip was great. You deserved to have some fun after so much hard work.

You are welcome and it was great finally meeting you!! YAY


Kek said...

You looked awesome Shar... and you've made huge improvements on last year.

I have some photos, not great (too far away) but you might like them. I'll have to play with them to make them presentable when I get a sec.

Tara said...

Shar the difference between you this season compared to the other shots I had seen of you competing are fantastic!! you have gained a lot of muscle and should be so proud of yourself!

Love the new look blog too :o)

Tara xx

Dianna Broeren said...

Love the changes to your blog! It looks awesome.

The pleasure was all mine working with you for your comp prep. You are an incredibly focussed woman when you set your sights on a goal. It is so easy to see why Paul is so in love with you.


( . )( . ) said...

Would love to watch you compete, hopefully you will doing something in Perth soon

Amy said...

You looked fabulous. From your last comp photos you have gained a lot of muscle and looking hot!!
Well done!!

Magda said...

Hi Shar,

I was glad that I got to meet you in Melbourne and congratulate you in person but I must just say again: OMG WHAT AN AMAZING IMPROVEMENT. Very close for 1st and 2nd I would have thought.
You are an inspiration girl!!