Saturday, December 19, 2009

Familymoon and days left

Wow, time is flying! Im on our family holiday and having a great time.

Accomodation is great, spa bath is great :) beach is fab, chillin out is great, the omly thing thats a little dissappointing is that this area has had an influx of flies in the past two weeks and they are freakin everywhere, i HATE them with a passion so am not to happy just walking about at the mo.

Days to go .......... 66 !!!! Although i am very excited to meet bubs and the countdown is on, I am actually loving pregnancy so dont want to rush that. Anyway must dash, updating on my i phone and it takes me a little longer.

Have a great weekend


rene said...

I was sad too when my pregnancy ended Shar! It is a special time :)

Enjoy your holiday and Merry Christmas!

PS When we get back from our holiday I will be putting in a "tanker" order for the cherub and I :)

Miss Tank is a Strong Bitch said...

Hey Shar!

Received the Tanks - thank you heaps! I freaking love em!!!

Enjoy the familymoon even if the flies are pissing you off - i hate them too - you should see me chase them with the spray - i spray until they drop and keep spraying until they are white....bit possessed at times i am! hahaha hate insects

Merry Xmas xxxx

Tanky Pants