Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Weekly Training / Nutrition Update

Week 27-28 Preggers (Tuesday 24th-Monday 30th Nov)

Tuesday – 35 min incline treadmill walk / Bodybalance
Wednesday – Bodyvive / Bodybalance / Bodyvive
Thursday - Bodyvive
Friday - Rest day
Saturday - Bodyattack
Sunday - Rest day
Monday – Bodyvive

Just incase you were wondering (probably not one bit!! but) I am burning approx 400 cals in Bodyvive with max hr of 160 ish and average of 145 ish.

Bodyattack is a bit more at 500 cals, max of 170ish and average of 150ish.

I don’t wear it for BB although all the up and down, bending, folding, standing strength poses from yoga is starting to get challenging and I do find myself breathless in parts.

My 30 min incline treadmill walks get me to about 200-250 cals, max hr of about 135, average about 120-125.

Just loving where I’m at for the first time in my life. Very consistent, very focused on feeding bubs good, wholesome food, eating a very balanced diet.
Of course I’m real, not everyday is rosy, I still crave certain foods and if I allowed them to be, certain foods could trigger me, but I’m so much more aware now.

Feeling / Emotions
Feeling great in general, tired in the afternoon which can make me feel emotional but overall doing well considering my activity level is at the higher end for someone that’s in 3rd tri of pregnancy and the fact that sleep is starting to get difficult!!

Other stuff
- little girls birthday was great, she said she had the best day ever, don’t you love kids!!
- Launched Bodyattack on Saturday and Tuesday, the more I do the new one the more I love it. Lay’s me out afterwards though!!
- I am SOOOOOO looking forward to our ‘familymoon’ that we are having before bubs arrives, 14 days to go.


Dianna Broeren said...

I body attacked to the new launch last night! Great fun indeed!

You sound wonderful, very balanced - love to hear that!

Rebecca said...

I hope that your familymoon comes quickly for you all :) You will hopefully get to have a well deserved break.

I am glad your fitness and nutrition are going so well in this pregnancy. xox