Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Latest Belly Pic / Weekly Training Update

Some growth has occured!!!! Wow this is showing a defo change in bubba size!! it has been longer between pics this time, from 21 wks to 29 weeks so 8 weeks and in a stage where growth is quicker.

Week 28-29 Preggers (Tuesday 1st Dec – Monday 7th Dec )

Tuesday – Bodyvive / Bodyattack
Wednesday – Rest Day
Thursday – Rest Day
Friday - Bodyvive
Saturday - Bodyvive
Sunday – 35 min outdoor powerwalk
Monday – Bodyvive
Very cardio based classes and training, although BV has a functional strength section in each classes so lots of bodyweight stuff and resistance tubing used, but need to get back to so training with Paul, just been snowed under with ‘stuff’.
Not going to be too hard on myself, I’m 29 weeks preggers, training 6 times a week at a mod to hi intensity, all making labour easier, the actual birth easier and post birth recovery easier. All good.

A really good week, cals upped a bit, focus on veggies, a small treat everyday, a meal out with Paul and a loss on the scales again???? Go figure, consistency and eating wholesome nutritious baby growing food I guess.

Feeling / Emotions
need to get a bit more sleep which is getting harder and harder but have to keep on top of this for mine and bubbs sake.

Other stuff
- ‘familymoon’ getting closer!! 8 days til we leave!!!

Here's a pic of me and the most wonderful person in the world, my hubby (excuse my cheesy smile and his mouth, he was talkng as Bryce pressed the button!). xx

10 weeks 6 days to go!!!!!!


Lia Halsall said...

You look fabulous Shar. So healthy and glowing. Enjoy your familymoon, I have no doubt you will. ;o) xxx

Michelle said...

You look fantastic Shar!

Dianna Broeren said...

The two of you are just gorgeous! And I'm talking about your man not bubba!

Alicia said...

Nice bump Shar! Enjoy your familymoon...we had a babymoon recently to Port Douglas and loved it! xoxo

Hilary said...

Love the progress pics Shar, isn't it amazing how much your body can change in a relatively short period of time!

Enjoy the holiday!

Hilary xx

Nicole P said...

You look absolutely fab Shar!!I just hope I can keep up my exercise as much as you and I'll be happy :) Enjoy Nicole xx

Miss Tank is a Strong Bitch said...

one word - beautiful x

Raechelle said...

You look great Shar! Love to see fit mummies!

Rebecca said...

Wow Shar, you look fabulous!! And you and hubby look sooo happy :) I am getting excited about the bub now!!

rene said...

Beautiful :)