Wednesday, December 30, 2009

55 Days & Weekly Training/Nutrition Update


Week 31-32 Preggers (Tuesday 22nd Dec – Monday 28th Dec )

Tuesday – 40 Mins Outdoor Walk (On Holiday)
Wednesday – Rest day
Thursday – Rest day

Friday – Rest Day
Saturday – 60 mins Outdoor walk (with inclines)
Sunday – 60 mins Outdoor walk

Monday – Bodyvive

4 days training this week, decided to allow the bod to chill and relax over Christmas day and Boxing day also choosing to spend that time with the kids and Paul etc.
Weather has been hot in Perth 32-35 ish over Christmas and a 40 degrees on Monday so pleased I was teaching Bodyvive in a A/C studio!!

Treats over Christmas Day and Boxing day, choccies mainly, I had some Quality Street and Roses from the UK J and before you ask yes they are different and I absolutely enjoyed them, guilt free.

We went for a lovely Christmas breakfast that my dad organised as a treat, then he gets gastro and can’t come with us!! Felt the difference in my body from having a few foods that aren’t a part of my daily nutrition anymore and also ate un-organic food, so a combination of that left me feeling a but groggy/sluggish for a day or so, back to normal now though and feeling good.

Feeling / Emotions
Feeling great from a few days off exercise and am ready to get back to my classes and see the final stages of this pregnancy finish in the best way I can, eating well, exercising, resting and enjoying the whole wonderful process.


Loving all the yearly reviews, the new year reso's, the regular posts and the normal inspirational stuff you can get from others blogs.

I am wondering how Hils is doing?? Anyone know? she is about a week and a bit overdue now, Ive dropped past her blog and left a comment but I bet blogging is the last thing on her mind!

Anyway, must dash, dinner to prepare and cook for when Paul gets home, kids will be chewing their fingers off soon :)


Nicole said...

Shar - are you on facebook? Hilary had a baby girl this morning - Skye Lily Hudson :) I think she was induced yesterday. Nicole xx

Bec said...

Hey Shar,

I just wanted to pop by and say that I hope you have a lovely new years. Bring on 2010. Especially with a new bubba for you :)