Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Days left, hospital appt, Weekly Training Update and HAIRCUT!!

62 Days to go!!
Went to the Family Birth Centre for my ante natal appt on Thursday before we left for holiday.
All good, bloods came back fine, Glucose challenge test all good, baby is head down already and his back laying in a great place (not against mine!!) BP still low, no swelling etc I also love hearing bubba boy on the heart rate doppler at each appt.
Midwife even looked at me and said 'hi, you look well!' with a surprised tone in her voice!!
What is it, are you supposed to look and feel like shite when your pregnant???
My other 2 pregnancies weren't as good as this one but if I feel good now I will not hide it nor will I look for something to be wrong, feel crap or even succumb to some symptom the 'book' states you should/might be feeling for the sake of it.
All is well, bubba boy and I are healthy and doing great so far, so I'm gonna enjoy it while it lasts :)

Week 30-31 Preggers (Tuesday 15th Dec – Monday 21st Dec )
Tuesday – Bodyvive
Wednesday – 30 min Outdoor Walk
Thursday – Rest Day
Friday – Rest Day
Saturday – 40 Mins Outdoor Walk (On Holiday)
Sunday – 35 mins Outdoor Walk (On Holiday)
Monday – 45 Mins Outdoor Walk (On Holiday)

5 days training. Please I kept up on Holiday, would have been easy to not do as weather was hot, flys were pissing me off and I got into chill out mode, but ensured we went early on in the day when cool, brought a fly net and decided chill out mode was an excuse and I’m not prepared to use excuses for anything.

Had a few treats over the 5 days whilst away, a breakkie out, a lunch out, a dinner out (all different days!) and a visit to the Margaret River Chocolate factory :) felt a bit off after eating certain foods and I find this very interesting to see how my body responds now.
Ate mindfully and am please with my progress in this area.
Back to eating ‘normally’ today, my new normal that is, remember whats normal for one isn't for another.
The next time I 'indulge' will be Christmas day. Again, indulging for one is different to indulging for another, but this year indulging for me is having a bit of what I fancy when I fancy it, not fighting it to try and be 'perfect' and not binging to the point im sick cause 'I'm starting again' on New years day.

Feeling / Emotions
A bit sad we arn’t with our family in the UK for Christmas but this is a sacrifice we make to live here and have our kids live the life they do. Not long til I see my mumma anyway, she arrives the day before my due date!! 8 weeks 6 days til I pick her up from the airport.

Other stuff
- Christmas shopping done, food shopping done, last day of work before Christmas tomorrow so can’t wait to get that done.
- Maddi and Bryce had a great time on holiday at the beach, swimmng and having family time playing games watching a film or two (was better to be in air con in a few points!)
- We all saw a dolphin swimming past the bay
- Maddi and Bryce are excited about Christmas, surprise, surprise.

I'm getting my hair chopped!! Yep I have had super long hair for about 5 years, then about 5 months ago I went to about 4-5 inches below my shoulders and today I am getting it chopped, into a bob, high at the back, graduated down to just below my chin or might just tell her to do something funky.
I'm sooooooo fed up with putting it back for classes, also I just do it out of habit all other times. I will still have to clip/tie back the fringe/front section so I can see when sweaty!! but the back can be left.
Since I dropped BA and dropped from 12 plus classes to 6-8 I have found there are days when I could do something else with it but don't. sso in honour of my new stage in life, my new approach to everything, my new schedule and the new year I am taking the plunge with a haircut.(...........wow normally its a new "kill myself' diet plan I start the new year with!!)
If I like it I'll post a pic, if I don't I'll be crying!!! :)


Hilary said...

Great to hear that you are looking and feeling so awesome Shar! Sounds like you had a lovely holiday too, mmmm Chocolate Factory sounds divine!!

Hilary xx

PS - nope, no movement from our bump yet!

Frankie said...

Hey Shar, hope you and the family have a wonderful Christmas and I can't wait to meet your new bundle in the New Year!!

Lia Halsall said...

I'd love to see a pic of the new "do". ;o) xxx