Friday, December 11, 2009

Can I ??????.............

.............start counting down in days???
Is it to early? there's 74 days to go to due date.

I am soooooooo excited, I have no apprehension at all this time, I am feeling so blessed and am really really really looking forward to finding what I believe is my true purpose for me right now and thats being the best mumma to my 3 bubs full time and being the best wife to Paul I can be.

Of course I do my best everyday for my kids now but having worked through (part time) with them, I can see now what will enhance my family and I and I'm hoping to embrace it with all I have and enhance what we already have.

So, hell yeah I'm gonna countdown however I want, when I want and carry on enjoying this fab journey that is pregnancy (whilst I'm still feeling good), so you know what....................

Days to go!!!!

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Trudi said...

I just love the progress pics Shar! I swear your hair is getting more shine to it each pic. Looking fabulous, glamorous and so healthy. Trudsxx