Monday, December 28, 2009

Live everyday being the best you can be.............

Thats my message for 2010. As for 2009, I had a wonderful Christmas with my precious family and bubba in belly.

I love all the round ups that everyone is doing but I'm not going to try not to do a big lengthy one this year. I'm gonna try and keep it short and sweet and sum up as saying - I have had a great year!! lets see how I go.........
Personally - I have had alot of growth from within and cannot wait to continue this.
Professionally - I have exceeded my dreams to be a Les Mills Presenter and was signed off as a Bodyvive trainer, I continue to teach my group Fitness classes which I LOVE and I am looking forward to stepping out of the GFM role I have held for over 3 years now, this path has to change for me to progress and develop further in other aspects.
Family - I am truly blessed to have my husband and have such gorgeous kids. I also cannot put into words what an amazing journey it has been since Paul and I decided to add to our family further and I am sooooooooo thankful to have the opportunity to have another bubba.
What an exciting 2010 for us all.
Health and Fitness - this has been my year of really finding my way nutrition wise, my way to just be and I can honestly say I have, I am at peace with what to eat, how to eat, why we eat, the quality of what to eat. I have been working with someone especially focusing on pregnancy nutrition and also a holistic approach to eating, which has and still is invaluable, it has been so very interesting and stimulating to me and a direction I would love to go in.
With regards to training, I have some goals I want to achieve in 2010 and one of them is to get back to consistent training other than teaching my classes.
Well that kinda got lengthy!! :) anyway I'll finish with some of my Fav pictures of from this year then some Christmas ones (I love the pics everyone else has been posting up so thought I'd follow the lead).

My babies - One starting High School, one starting Pre-Primary!!

Me and My Big Boy

THE most important people in my life

Me and Bump ready to go to our Buffet Breakfast at Kings Park Restaurant, Perth.

Closer look at the 'new do'

Me, Bump and Princess on the beach Christmas day
(stretch marks from previous pregnancy!)

Have a great new year and remember live everyday being the best you can be
Shar x


Anonymous said...

Love the new "do", very sheek. And love all the family shots, you all look so happy and healthy Shar.

Have a happy and safe new year. :o)


KatieP said...

I love love love the hair and so happy that you have had a wonderful year ♥

Nicole said...

What a lovely wrap up and I just LOVE the new hair do!!!! It looks awesome :) Nicole xx