Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Training and Nutrition Update - Preggers week 24-25

So the week that was - Week 24 - 25 (Tuesday 3rd - Monday 9th)

Tuesday - Bodybalance
Wednesday - Bodyvive / Bodybalance / Bodyvive
Thursday - Rest day
Friday - Incline Treaddie Walk 40 mins
Saturday - Bodyattack / Bodybalance
Sunday - Outdoor Walk 30 mins
Monday - Incline Treaddie Walk 40 mins

Consisted of Organic / Free Range food.
Averaging 3 meals and 2 snacks per day
2.5 - 3 lts water per day
At least 2 fruit and 2 veg serves per day.
(small amount of organic choc each day too!!)

I am still weighing myself, I have a total gain for this pregnancy that I am
hoping to come in under as I gained alot (25 - 30kg) with Maddi (and Bryce for that matter) and do not want that happening again for a number of reasons including health, ease of labour,
recovery after etc.

I am please to say after a quick initial gain around the morning sickness time,
when I couldn't stop eating to stop me feeling sick, my weight stabilised and I have noted small losses for the last 6 weeks.
Both my doctor and the nutritionist I have been working with online (to gain knowledge about types of foods important etc) both confirm this is ok due to the initial gain, belly growth etc etc.

So the above has been the norm for a while, but a definite shift for the better since my energy kicked back in after sickness passed.

Goals / Improvements for next week
- Water to 3 lts every day
- Sleep - ensure I'm getting at least 7.5 hours, aiming for 8 per night.
- Get back into training with Paul 2 x week

Hope everyone has a happy and healthy week, Shar


Vicki said...

Wow Shar - you are such an inspiration, with your training at the moment. I hope if I ever go through pregnancy that I maintain my fitness like you!!
You are doing awesome :)
Vic x

Alicia said...

Sounds like everything is going nicely for you Shar :) I had the quick weight gain at the start too as I had 24/7 morning sickness for the first 8 weeks....all I could keep down was carbs!