Friday, November 6, 2009

Saturday Session - Yeah bring it on!!

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, Me and bubba boy go and Bodyattack on a Saturday morning its my old class that someone has now taken on covering for me until I've had bubba boy.
I love this poster...........

Then I will teach my Bodybalance to lengthen and strengthen and to seal the workout.
Have a great Saturday morning all, Shar x


rene said...

God that poster would scare the shite out of me if I was about to do that class Shar! Leg workout hurt me enough without reading that! Lol!

LizN said...

love that too - I'll have to go and check out the corresponding RPM, though I had to fill Step this morning!

Miss Tank is a Strong Bitch said...

Hey sexy mumma LURVE the poster!!!!! Just love how you are continuing to do lots of fitness stuff. When i finally have a bubba of my own one day - I sure hope it comes out with little baby-bells in both hands ;)