Wednesday, November 18, 2009

WOW..........what a whirlwind

Well, I presented Bodyvive for Les Mills on the weekend and all went well.

Of course I have self assessed and received some on the spot feedback from the Master trainer
that heads up the WA team now and we always have stuff we can improve on, but having sat on it for a few days I'm please with how I went.

I still have the video to go to the specific Bodyvive Master Trainer for detailed feedback, then I have to implement that into next Quarterly workshop presentation (and my daily classes!).

Yes, you heard right, I'm on the line up for the first quarter in 2010!! 10 days before bub is due :) I will however have two others here presenting with me and will only be allocated 3 or so tracks, a lot different pressure wise to the whole release of 12 tracks.

Anyway, my GFM job is just coming through a heavy period of completing our 3 month roster, we had to survey members, get rid of classes that are at risk (under 30% capacity), make any timetable changes that improve our GF 'business', then we have to allocate classes to everyone for the next three months making sure we don't clash across the 7 clubs we have here in Perth, take any dates they are away, cover those classes for them, prepare the Christmas roster around opening hours, then complete the roster document to e mail out to each one, get it all double checked and then...........its set for 3 months!! PHEW.
+ and - to doing it this way but one major plus is its a heap of work over say a 2 week period then if classes need covering, instructors go away or are sick etc, they are responsible for sorting a cover for their class etc.

For me right now it is great, I pretty much just done my last roster (depending on when I decide to finish up GFM as I'm thinking of hanging on a few more weeks to get extra pay and some more holiday allocation) so I can sit back, relax and enjoy the next 3 months, which happens to be all I have left of pregnancy and it includes Maddis birthday, a 'Familymoon' holiday, the kids school holidays, new year, Bryce's birthday........... busy but great time ahead.

Paul is back from educating himself AGAIN!! all good as it can only enhance the business but I hate him being away! :)

I have had a great week of results from nutrition and training and am getting heaps of comments when people see me, with most saying I'm 'glowing', I really don't think I went through this stage with my other two and I must say it is down to nutrition, exercise and 'thoughts'.
I will do my weekly round up again later on tomorrow but already know my focuses for this week that started Tuesday.

Have a good one, Shar x

OH YEAH - FERN - Thanks for asking and I would love to read your blog please comment me your e mail so I can send you mine. xx


LizN said...

Nice work Shar - those videos and assessments are stress - I have another one in two week's time. I'm so glad I'm taking these steps even if I don't make it. I am loving my teaching at the moment.


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