Saturday, November 21, 2009

Weekly report.............

A bit late, should have reviewed on Tuesday!! Already 2/3 of the way through this week, oh well here's last weeks Weekly health and Fitness Round up......

Week 25 - 26 Preggers
(Tuesday 10th - Monday 16th November)

Tuesday - Rest day
Wednesday - Bodyvive a.m / Bodyvive p.m
- Rest day
Friday - Rest day
Saturday - Presented for Les Mills - Bodyvive
- Bodyattack
Monday - Rest day

Consisted of Organic / Free Range food.
Averaging 3 meals and 2 snacks per day
2.5 - 3 lts water per day
As an average I got 2 fruits per day but only 1 veg this week

Feelings / Emotions and then some!!!

Was a highly stressful week for me, what with preparing for the Les Mills Presentation and having Paul away.

Dealt with it all better than I would have previously so good to see trying to embrace the positive a bit more is helping.

One major break through for me is that normally I go hell for leather trying to lose as much weight as poss before a LM quarterly workshop (normally starting from the day after one, to the next scheduled date, 12 weeks just enough time right :) ???) but without success and following my lifelong habit of binge/starve/cry and cry for 'failing'/find focus/start gain/binge /starve/cry and cry......................... but I am soooooo excited to say I am finally embracing, (and succeeding) in being what I used to term 'normal' eating/training habits, although I now understand there is no normal, as whats normal for one isn't normal for another.

BUT for me, I am in a place where.....

I no longer fight,
I no longer fail,
I no longer crave,
I no longer cry (about my self image and food relationship)
I no longer punish
I no longer want to eat like others eat,
I no longer judge others for what they eat,
I no longer have good and bad foods (there are of course 'better for you' foods and 'not so good for you' foods) but nothing is right or wrong or banned
I no longer allow food to control me
I no longer binge
I no longer have an all or nothing mentality
I could probably go on and on listing destructive behaviours I have finally rid myself of.
I am also not saying that any of the above are wrong to have as behaviours, some might thrive on having food control them, some might enjoy judging others for what they eat, may really love to binge and you know what thats cool for them and I wouldn't judge but I'm just saying I don't want them in my life anymore, they have caused me to waste time, energy and emotion.

I am also not saying I will not ever have any of the above return, I'm not perfect, old habits die hard but the main thing is that I have been following a journey that feels cleansing, allows me to feel free not trapped and I am learning something everyday, I can ask for nothing more.

This is the place I have wished for, cried for ''I just wish i'' I would think as I mentally abused myself for failing again. FAILING FREAKIN WHAT!!!!!! 'the plan'?, the new diet?, the new approach?, the bust my ass for 8-12 weeks to get to 'happy' place?
You can never fail if you learn something from every situation you go through.

I still want to look great, feel great, by no means does the above mean I don't care anymore, that I don't strive to be a healthy and fit role model for my kids, to be a role model for my members that are trying to achieve an active lifestyle, it means I have found a way to do all of this in a soul nourishing way and that to me is really living it, really enjoying and embracing the process.

OMG!!! This is getting to be way more than I was going to write!!!

Goals / Try to Improve for next week
- Water to 3 lts every day, really need to focus on this a bit more, always at least 2.4 lts but want to edge it up a bit more.
- Sleep - ensure I'm getting at least 7.5 hours, aiming for 8 per night, carried over from last week need to do this sooooo bad.
- didn't achieve my 2 sessions with Paul so thats still on the list for this week.

This week (started on Tuesday) has flown by and is going very well, if anything I need to eat a bit more and also up my sleep, my energy is flagging and because I have come to know my body and its reactions a bit more, thats my judgement call.

Anyway, i'll leave you with another fav Bodyattack poster in honour of the class i did this morning.............................

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KatieP said...

Way to go Shar! Congratulations, you are a legend. I love it ♥