Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Over Halfway!!

I'm just over 23 weeks preggers now and the time is flying!!
Feeling great apart from a little lull in energy in the afternoon, but I used to get that anyway!! :)

Baby now weighs a little over 500 grams and measures about 29 centimetres from crown to heel. WOW, nearly as long as a ruler!!
He can hear me so I am singing a sequence of three songs/rhymes daily. I used to sing to the first two kids which used to settle them at sleep time or any time they were upset, also good as Paul and the kids can do that too.

Having a few thoughts about names, a bit stuck, only one has grabbed me and I'm finding I'm a little reserved on using it for a few reasons. I like unusual or not common but not to out there. So got any you like and your done with your kids, throw me a comment and I can run it past the jury! :)

Got some other stuff to update on will try and get back soon, Shar x


Frankie said...

hmmm....yeah we nearly had a bit of an 'out there' name for my girl. We'd chosen a boys name and didn't even think about a girl's name til we were on the way to the hospital!

When we looked back we were really glad she was a girl 'cos everyone rolled their eyes when we told them our 'weird hippy' boy's name LOL. (which was 'River' by the way..which I still like!) but by the time we got to our second we'd changed our minds.

I do like unusual though..unfortunately some of the unusual ones are getting too common!

My sister used unusual for her girls middle name so her names are 'Lane Winter ....' I love Summer too..and Autumn..not Spring so much....

I'm rambling...

I can't think of any boys names.

he he..exciting! xxx

Vicki said...

Ooohhh how exciting, I can't believe how quickly time seems to be going!! It feels like about a month since you announced your news, and you're already halfway (plus a bit) there!!

I like unusual names too, my faves would have to be (and it doesn't look like there are any kids on the horizon so happy to share!!) leaning towards the Biblical ones... Jonah, Elijah. I like a few traditionals like Joshua but that's my exes' name so not much chance of me using it anytime soon lol!!

Gotta add here - I love the idea of singing to bub :)

Vicki x