Saturday, June 25, 2011

Accepting, Taking Responsibility and moving on

So the title says it all really, in relation to where I was at with my self esteem, body image, weight and fitness level.

You first have to be open to accepting where you are at. Whats the point in fighting it, it only causes more inner turmoil.
Paul has a saying that he uses a lot - 'we/you are where you are, what can we/you do to make better or improve the situation', I have been trying to adopt that.
I accept my body, my lumps and bumps, my aches and pains.
It has carried and birthed 4 beautiful children, that process alone, never mind what else we do day in day out, is such a precious & amazing thing.
Having the last two very close together put a lot of stress on my body, physical stress that I haven't felt before and emotional and mental stress too.

I then have taken responsibility for how I got to where I am. No-one stopped me from doing exercise, no-one made the choices for me or put food into my mouth.
My choices, my decisions, my responsibility.

Moving on - learn from the past, don't repeat things that cause you pain, adopt a positive outlook on every situation (this is still a work in progress for me) and try and be in the now.
Now is all we have, we have to enjoy every moment, there may not be a tomorrow.

Have a great 'Right NOW'


Magda said...

I like Paul's saying. No judgement, no self pity, no excuses. Just a positive way of looking forward. There is no point wallowing in the past and hanging on to bad feelings. (Like you, I'm trying to live this way now).


Michelle said...

Love it!

Shar said...

Magda,, i have spent most of my life on what ifs, i could have, should have etc and up until i made the decision to just accept it everything that has past and then take responsibility, i was just in constant turmoil. Im stIll a work in progress but better each day :)

Thanks michelle xx

Inspector Clouseau said...

Nice discussion of personal responsibility. So few take the attitudinal approach you are taking.

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